the dreams of a dreamer
1 the childhood friend
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the dreams of a dreamer
Author :Toybits
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1 the childhood friend

I dreamed a sweet dream about a childhood friend ,who has a weak body, whom i promise to be together in front of a still pond as our witness when we grow up but sadly i move to another country with my parents and it has been a long time before i went back to my home country where i forgot the promised we made to each other i came back to my hometown to spend the holiday with my cousins and so we decided to have a get together party for old times sake.

I found out that my childhood friend was really happy when i came back and jokingly asked me if I'm gonna stay for good now but i told her that i came here just to have a holiday and will be her only a month at best which she smiled but did not say anymore and went back to her seat i also found out that while we were having a get together party she keeps taking a glance at me i only thought that she is just her trying to get used to the changes of my face and comparing the time when i was young and to my new and matured look.

Fast forward for a week i tried to spend time with her for old times sake as her childhood friend but she refuses to accept it which is fine because she might have a partner which i dont want to meddle their relationship but i really felt weird that that's not really the reason she's avoiding me.

She avoided me after the party and she refused the times a tried to spend time with her which makes me really think hard that i may be done something to upset her it kept me awake at nights and i asked my other friends about her after i left my hometown to go to other country.

They told me that the week after i left she was really sad and stayed at home for days and only comes out when they invited her to play and when she needs to run an errand or go to school but other than that she stays in her house that made me felt really sad but i got no choice that time as it was my parents decision to move to another country after asking them about her past i went back home still trying to figure out the things i might done.

As i was walking on my way home i found myself walking around the woods and felt like it was really familiar place where there are a big clear field with a still pond on the centre of it I don't know what came from my mind but i suddenly have the urge to stand near the still pond and look around.

As i was getting near the pond i felt like my brain uncovered a memory from a long time ago with my childhood friend "I remember! i remember the promise the promise i made to her when we were young" I thought to myself i felt really stupid and dense for not remembering that important promise i feel like kicking myself for forgetting it.

I rushed to her house and knock on her front door but she was not the one who answered the door but her mother so i asked her where is she and her mother told me that she was coped up in her room after thanking her i went up to stairs and face the door of her room i told myself that this is it and i summoned up the courage to knock on her door.

The door slowly opened and i saw her wearing her cute bunny themed pyjamas everything looks fine apart from her reddish eyes she asked me why I'm here and she tried to tell me to go home as it was getting dark and she feel tired but before she completely closed the door i try to put my legs to block it and i seriously told her to follow me she just look at me straight in the eye after what i felt like a long time she sighed and let the door go i grabbed her hands and went down the stairs after we hastily put our flipflops ,i didn't notice that i was still holding her hands, we went outside the door.

She just followed me silently and just her letting me lead the way and holding her hands soon we reach the woods and the ever so familiar big field with a still pond in the middle i dragged her beside the pond and look at her straight in the eye and she look at me straight in the eye as well without blinking just us looking straight at each other after what it feels like a long time i slowly said that i remember our promise and i apologise for forgetting it.

I saw her eyes went really wide and the look of a shock appeared on her face which i found really adorable and cute her eyes suddenly got tearing and she dived into my chest and cried while hitting my right shoulder weakly i let her cry on my chest and i also tried to hug her which she responded by hugging me back.

After a while her sobbing subsided and she look at me with a teary eye and smiled i looked at her from head to toe and i remember that she was still wearing her adorable bunny themed pyjamas i couldn't help myself laughing out loud she looked at me curiously and look at her clothes she also forgot that she's wearing her pyjamas she gave me a hard hit on the shoulder before laughing at herself after having another fit of laughs we stared at each other again but this time i was the one who broke the contact and gave her a hug and kissed her forehead she didn't resist she just let me do all of it with her eyes closed.

I'm a dreamer who decided to post/publish the stories/scenes that i want to remember if you want to pitch my dream stories/scene go ahead it's all yours for the taking just let me read how you did it so i can or may dream more stories/scenes


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