loving you always
1 I saw you
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loving you always
Author :Prananjay
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1 I saw you

It was mild Saturday evening after school. Students were running around their school buses, parents or even their bicycles.

I walked my way to the nearest bakery with my classmates to eat some snacks before leaving. My friends were discussing tommorow's plans which movie was in which theatre and what time would be best.

I smiled and nodded to as mind thought about the tution I was attending later. The teacher had asked me to complete an assignment I had forgotten about it.

I looked at the other guy who was attending with me and it looked like he didn't even remember. As I glanced at the clock at the bakery my eyes widened in shock. I was going to be late plus I didn't do my homework, I had to run.

I grabbed the other guy's shoulder and shook him.

"What" he asked.

" We're late" I replied.

" Ma'am called our parents last time."

"I know grab your bag"

" I forget the notebook"

" Use the back of science notebook"


We ran and jumped into the nearest bus. The conductor ask us to pay for the tickets as we made our way inside.

After 20 minutes of bus travel plus 5 minutes of running we were outside the door. l reached first and grabbed the semi- open door to get in. When I felt it for the first time in my life I felt electricity coursing through my palms as my eyes landed on the door there was a hand underneath mine and my mind went blank as I robotically made my way in and took a seat my eyes never leaving the face of the girl whose hand I had touched. Even as the teacher came in and scolded us for our tardiness my eyes never left her for she had become the first girl I had ever fell in love with.

During the two hours I was there my eyes would stray back to her wishing someone or the teacher to say her name.

Different from me she never looked at me but had a slight smile on her face her head lowered doing maths problems as I ignored my work, as her ponytail swished from left to right. I realized that I would never forget her.

And only when she left for the day did I realize that I had fallen in love with her.

As my time ended there I was only thinking about her my hands caressing each other as I tried to remember the feeling I felt.

Sunday passed and Monday arrived I skipped snacks with my friends for a chance to know her as I waited for her in the tution center. As I asked around about her some said she came at a different time only was there because she skipped a lesson yet it was my heart that had skipped a beat as the days went by I tried going to the center at different timings just to see her again yet all my efforts were for naught as I never saw her again or so I thought.


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