domination game
3 The monster prayer
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domination game
Author :xray16
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3 The monster prayer

After an unknown amount of time Aima awoke, the previously dark room was now bright even if there was no light source but he can see clearly as if there was a gentle sun in the room but something puzzled Aima.

"It is me or the bed became big and was yesterday a dream ?" thought Aima

*Sorry to break host dream but I am still here and host has become small and eternally young*

"argh So this was real and when you said eternally young what do you mean."

*Host will be eternally ten year old but you will be able to shape shift with your bloodline*

"Wait how do I look like now ?"

*For the first and last time the system will give a starter gift there will be "a mirror" and "a starter pack" for you to enjoy*

*Picking a starter pack for host .......starter pack picked :

-Starter gun (+15 bullet)

-Basic ration (food and water included)

-Basic medicine (to deal with light injury)

-Basic destruction skill (will work on level 1 organism)*

"System what is a level 1 organism ?"

*A level 1 organism is a being that has not started to strengthen themselves an example is this world the human here has not begun to strengthen so they are all level 1*

"System what is my level ?" said Aima with a hopeful expression on his face.

*Host do not have a level because of your bloodline*

"This is really cool" said Aima with a satisfied grin

*Starter gift delivered*

After this announcement a bag and a handheld mirror suddenly appeared on the floor of the room. Aima approached the mirror first to see how he look like but when he saw himself he was stunned. He saw a cute little boy with a tender face, silver hair and blood red eyes and his insanely sharp teeth after confirming his face (and teeth??). He is a little stunned but after 3 sec he go check what is in the bag. After opening it he saw a pack of cookies entitled "Delicious cookies *author was here*", a gourd, a gun with ammo and a book entitled "the monster prayer"

*The monster prayer : this prayer was created when a monster wished friend . He started learning human language and after that he started to sing a song to the human it was a song full of love and friendship but was distorted by the monster voice and it was transformed into a song full of terror and insanity . The prayer is capable of transforming human into monster with a corrupted mind and a grotesque body.

Caution : the transformed monster is level 2


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