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Why Can’t I Just be Ordinary
Author :AppleSlices
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10 The Look

"Hong," she said, as she approached him once again, but before she could say anything, he dumped yet another pile of clothes into her arms and strode off purposefully.

Sighing, she knew she wouldn't get his attention anytime soon. Resigned, she knew her fate for the day would simply be following him around all day, acting as a shopping cart. Four hours later, her arms and legs were aching.

Hong finally seemed to be done. When he snapped out of it and realized how long they'd been shopping for, he smiled sheepishly before patting her on the shoulder. "Sorry, I didn't mean for that to drag on so long. I just got so excited shopping for this whole new look of yours. I mean, none of your old clothes really go with it, so you'll need a whole new wardrobe; hence, that," he said, pointing at the huge rack of clothes near the fitting rooms, "is just what you need."

Jinghe smiled and thanked him. After that, she went through all the clothes, running her hands over the top-quality material and marveling at the look he'd put together. It was mostly androgynous, with some more masculine and some more fitted, feminine clothing.

It was perfect.

She quickly entered the fitting room before proceeding to spend another few hours trying all the items on.

They all fit perfectly, and as she spun around in the 3 way mirror outside of the fitting room, she couldn't help but beam.

She was... she didn't know how to describe it. Handsome? Hot? Sexy? Beautiful?

Hong smiled smugly as he watched her make her way down the mini walkway before stopping in front of the mirror. This was one of the more casual outfits that he'd chosen. The black combat boots. The ripped skinny classic blue jeans. The plain white tee. The faded red checkered flannel draped over her shoulders.

Hong had done great work, and Jinghe was super grateful.

As she stared at herself critically in the mirror, she realized how much more comfortable these kinds of clothes were. Plus, one had to admit, she looked super hot. Not just in a feminine or a masculine way. This was like, universal hotness.

Jinghe burst out laughing at herself once she realized how ridiculous her inner monologue was.

"What's so funny?" Hong asked, breaking out into a smile once he saw her light-hearted joy.

"I was just thinking... I would actually date me, if I were someone else. Does that make sense?"

Hong grinned. "Jingjing, someone would have to be blind not to want to date this," he said, gesturing at her.

Running her fingers through her cropped hair, Jingjing was happy about the fact that her figure was more slender now. She'd always kinda wished for more curves, but she felt super confident in this outfit, in a way that she hadn't really ever felt before. She felt really good.

Jinghe called the kind saleslady over and gestured at all of the clothing on the rack which Hong had chosen for her. "I'll take it all. Could you get that delivered for me tomorrow? I live about an hour from here and I don't think I can carry this all back myself."

Beaming with joy at the huge purchase, the saleslady nodded quickly and said, "Of course we can! You can just write your address down for me when we're ringing this all up. How would you like to pay today?"

"Credit, please." Jinghe pulled out her sleek black wallet and handed the young woman a silver card. Lan had insisted on another wallet, one that was covered in lace and flowers, but she'd secretly bought this one anyways since she liked it so much. Thinking back on it now, there really had been so many signs that-- No, she chastised herself. I won't keep thinking about it.

Looking back up at Hong, she smiled happily.

After giving her address to the lady and putting her card back in her wallet, they walked out of the store.


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