Why Can’t I Just be Ordinary
9 Shopping Time!
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Why Can’t I Just be Ordinary
Author :AppleSlices
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9 Shopping Time!

On the road, Jinghe suddenly remembered the rest of the items on her to-do list for the day that she'd compiled the day before.

1. Get a haircut

Done, and with pride.

2. Delete my SkyPage

Oh, she had forgotten about that. She quickly pulled up the app on her phone. Staring at it for a few seconds longer than she should've, she glanced through all the photos on her feed. Decisively, she pressed delete before she had any more wavering thoughts. Done.

3. Meet up with Xiayu about the café

She had also somehow forgotten about that. Sighing, she quickly texted Xiayu a text message:

Hey Xiayu, I wanted to meet up to talk about the café with u soon, would tmrw work? I have something important to discuss. I can drop by sometime in the morning and we can discuss over brunch at the store. Does that work for u?

Hitting send, she slouched back down in the seat and put her phone away.

As they pulled into the underground parking lot of one of the biggest shopping centers in the city, she started having second thoughts.


She was cut off by his impatient voice as he hopped out of the drivers seat and pulled open her door, looking down at her sternly.

"No way, you are not backing down now. We need to find a whole new wardrobe for you, okay Jingjing? I was thinking, maybe something with leather..."

Jinghe reluctantly allowed herself to be pulled out of the car and they walked together towards the elevator. They were on the 4th floor, and the fashion floor was on the 7th fjavascript:;loor.

Pushing on the up button, Hong made sure it lit up before returning to Jinghe's side, standing in a comfortable, laid-back stance that seemed to ooze confidence.


The elevator doors slowly slid open, and they strode into the softly lit elevator.

Jinghe glanced around at the tasteful design of the elevator, exuding a sense of quiet elegance.

Soon after, they arrived on the floor and Hong immediately pulled her towards the middle section, in which the less feminine clothes were placed. Walking purposefully over, or more like an elegant form of sprinting, Hong started perusing the various articles of clothing displayed on the floor.

He pulled out several basic tees, in white, two shades of grey, and black, then absent-mindedly placed them in Jinghe's arms. Struggling to balance them all, she finally had them all draped over her arm in a somewhat neat fashion. She looked up, but Hong had already traveled over to a rack nearby, and had started pulling out even more tops.

Everything he chose looked simple, clean and effortless. They definitely weren't what she would've chosen herself, but at that point, she really didn't know what she would've chosen. How would her tastes have been, if she hadn't been influenced by that idiot? She didn't even think her own style was her own anymore.

Looking down, she admired everything that he'd pulled out. She was once again amazed by how talented he was, as both a hair stylist and a beautician overall.

Finally, he moved onto bottoms, and she was slightly relieved. Her arms were already growing sore from just holding the tops, and she was glad he wasn't adding any more.

Quickly calling over a sales assistant, she motioned towards the clothes in her arms and asked sheepishly, "Excuse me, sorry to bother you, but is there any way to have these placed somewhere for me to try on after I've picked out some more clothing? I would really appreciate it."

"Of course, no problem. There's a cabinet near the dressing rooms, where I can place your selections. May I have a name to place it under?" The sales assistant smiled politely.

"Zhang Jinghe. Thanks again," Jinghe said, feeling relieved at the sight of the assistant walking away, her arms full of various tees, flannels, long-sleeved shirts, and some other weird clothes which she couldn't quite identify.

Turning back to the shop, she glanced around for Hong. He had his arms full, as he tried to pull of yet another pair of jeans from off the shelf. She thought they looked identical to the ones lying on the top of the pile he was already carrying, but she wasn't the expert here, so she quickly hurried over to help him. After all, he was choosing them for her, and doing her a big favor. He had an uncanny instinct for finding what was the most flattering, yet didn't look over the top.


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