When I Saw You
5 Epilogue
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When I Saw You
Author :My_Day
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5 Epilogue

We walked under the blossoming cherries, only the sounds of birds filled the air. The carpet of petals muted the slow steps that I savored.

She leaned against my shoulder, quietly admiring the blossoms. Not a single murmur sounded from the other couples walking the 'Road of Life." Even families that brought their children along were quiet, afraid to ruin the ethereal beauty.

We passed an artist that was painting the cherry blossoms, her lap covered in stray petals. The petals seemed to gravitate towards her, like they wanted to see why her painting looked so similar to them.
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A glance of her face made me feel a sense of familiarity and a slight throb in my chest. There was a nagging feeling in the back of my head, like she was important to me at one point. Who was she again? I'm sure I met her....somewhere. Perhaps one of the stories my friend told me, about my past or something. When I fell in love with a girl who drew by the edge of the lake. Love at first site he told me, he said I fell in love at the first sight. But we all knew that wasn't true, there is no such thing as love at first sight. We all know that true love can only develop over time. For oddest reasons however, he gave me that disappointed look. He never talked about that girl ever since.

None of that matters however, for my memories before the car crash are washed away like when you erase the chalk from a chalkboard. But then, even if you erase it it still leaves a few marks. I'm only regaining my memories, but it's been more 5 years, I don't think I'll be able to remember everything.

But those thoughts soon flew to the back of my mind my girlfriend tugged at me arm and we continued our stroll.

As we turned a corner, a rock caught my eye for on it said, "Even if we rewind time, we will undoubtedly arrive at the same ending."


The quote on the rock was inspired by the song If we can Meet Again, by day6.


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