Unfairly Fair
10 Cousin-mate
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Unfairly Fair
Author :yizreel_jez
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10 Cousin-mate

It was a deep and starry night when the boys are still on their sleep. The sky is full of starlights as the moonlight hit the faces of the boys while they are in their slumber.

The room was so quiet that their snores could be heard, they were in their lovely rest..

As the dawn comes, the sun rises on the east, it was 5:50 when one of them woke up.

Quint was yawned but later stood up from his bed...shaking his still sleepy head whilst he scratches his now messy hair, he walked into the bathroom and went there to pee.

Afterward, he did his personal hygiene...

When he got out of the bathroom he was stunningly fresh and his messy hair already is fixed, he also has brushed his teeth and his drowsiness hath stopped.

He was now full of energy, he was jumping and stretching while the other two guys still are in their rest.

after he stretches his hands, his body relaxed, he later decided to cook for their breakfast.

He opened the refrigerator on the dorms kitchen, he saw eggs, milk, maple syrup, butter, and many others, he also looked on the pantry and there he found loaves of bread, sugar, cinnamon, and other types of spices and herbs.

He then decided to cook for a cinnamon french toast. (well not to mention, he also can cook)

Meanwhile...the other two who were still in their dreams sniffled the fresh aroma coming out from the butter and the sweet cinnamon.

It was so pleasant, the smell, that it made their eyes open, their bodies just stood up by itself as they shook their heads and they saw Quint cooking for their breakfast.

Genos then said "Go-good morning QUint!" as the two also did their personal hygienes

afterward, the food is prepared as the three also is ready to eat their morning breakfast. It was 7:00 when they ate.

They took their first bites as all of them said "Yum" for it was so delicate to their taste buds because the toast just melts down in their mouths, they tasted the sweet and buttery texture of the french toast and smelled the sweet and spicy aroma coming out of it.

Fritz praised Quint as he asserted "Your a good cook Quint!" , and right when Quint heard that, he smiled and said, "Thanks" as a reply.

When they are done eating, they prepared themselves, put on their uniforms and went down to go to their class.

It was exactly 7:25 when they arrived outside their classroom when they opened the door they saw all their other classmates had already arrived.

and from the back seat, a "Yo!" coming out from Fred and a bright smile displayed on Den's young face.

The three then smiled back at them while they went to their proper seats.

7:30 AM when their teacher arrived..

"Good morning class," said Mr. King

They all stood up and also greeted their teacher, " Good morning sir!"

They then sat down as they noticed someone is outside the door.

Mr. King then said, "Okay class, before we start, A transfer student from Ytter high school is outside, so lets now welcome him.

chattering began,

Quint heard certain voices,

:What? a boy?

:Ohh, interesting another good student, and strong I guess

Before the chattering goes louder, their teacher stopped them, "Stop! Now, let's welcome him!"

Quint was sitting quietly as he still feels suspicious about the girls in front of him, but when the door opened...

He saw a silver-colored hair, and pale looking skin, A guy who has 6'1 height as he heard his female classmates, "Handsome as Quint"

Quint then looked around as he saw the guy's eye was staring at him.

as he heard a playful, cheerful voice from the man while he saw the him wave his hands "Yo, Quint watsup, I don't know we're going to be in the same class!"

HE then saw his classmates look at him as Fritz asked "Do you know him?"

He contemplated for a bit then he later recognized the boy..as he remembered...

"Yes, I know him, he was my best pal, MY COUSIN", as he smiled and the whole class heard it as their eyes enlarged.

"WHAT!" their teacher shouted as the boy just merrily introduced himself

"Yes, I am, I am Quint's best pal, and Cousin, by the way, I am Azelus, Aste, 16, an Earth manipulator with a power scale of 7.9,"

Quint had a cousin, he became his comrade, best friend, and Quint treated him as his brother for they were really close.

Well, when he recognized it was his cousin, his heart fluttered as euphoria hit him. He was happy that his cousin who he treated as his own brother is now his classmate and he now presumed and perceived that he will be one of his great companions.

Aste sat beside Genos who is alone in the back.

The class then continued after Aste introduced himself, well it was just one lesson for a day and their teacher doesn't change for they only have one subject, and that is Manipulating.

Their teacher discusses how to control their abilities that will be soon tested on their exam, it will help them to control their power so that they will improve on using it in their daily lifestyle.

12:00 Pm...KriiiiiiiiIIIng when their discussion ended and lunch to start.

All Quint's other classmates except for his buddies, Fritz, Fred, Genos, Den plus his cousin stayed a little bit more inside their room.

They talked with Aste as Quint also have a question,

"Aste! why did you come here?" Quint asked

And a reply from Aste is " Umm.. your father sent me here, I was already enrolled at Ytter but your father talked with grandpa Caeli when he heard the news, He sent me here so that I could protect you, and also learn to cultivate my ability too"

Nodding his head as Quint smiled " Ahh, Okay haha, Father is always so overprotective of me, Now Aste welcome to the group!" said Quint happily.

The four engaged and consolidated themselves to Aste, curiously asking him, knowing his family and etc.

They talked to each other and Quint just see the cheerful and enthusiastic smile displayed from his cousin's face.

They were happy knowing each other again along with Aste as they also have decided to eat lunch.

Aste then decided to join the gang as he was enjoying his first day at his school with Quint, as he also decided to help Quint's desire and passion.


Character attributes:

Name: Aste Azelus

Alias: Ace of Earth control (former at Ytter HS first day!)

Age: 16

Ability: Earth Manipulation

Class: Haffles

Power scale: 7.9


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