Unfairly Fair
9 Dorms
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Unfairly Fair
Author :yizreel_jez
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9 Dorms

After eating their lunch the five boys then went back to their rooms.

Upon arriving, they again scented the fragrant aroma coming out from the lavender meadow outside the window of their room, it was soothing to their smell that made them relaxed. They saw their classmates already are in their sits except for Greta and her group who still is eating. The Five then went back to their proper seats.

As usual, Fritz sits beside Quint, afar from them was Genos sitting on the back alone and Fred and Den in front of him. They were smiling at each other while they patiently are waiting for their other classmates and Teacher to arrive.

The mood again was so quiet, no noise to hear; proves that they are really class A.

Quint stretches his arms like rubber, cracked some bones on his finger to ease the boredom he feels-- Suddenly he thought of talking to Fritz his seatmate who also is deeply sighing.

The room was as Quiet as the soundless vast space, it was boring for Quint forasmuch he noticed all his classmates were really A-Class by not making a sound just waiting for their teacher to arrive but apart from it he still enjoys every a bit of moment for he is on a real academy.

Suddenly beside him, he heard a familiar voice as Fritz talked " Quint, are you feeling uneased?"

"Yea, dude, I am quite bored, is this really what school is? just silent until night crickets sound?" Quint responded

Fritz chucked a bit then later responded "Haha, I don't know cause even I am confused, the real question is is this really what class A looks like? haha, I don't know cause I am just on Class b and c before, so I don't know the answer Quint haha"

Also giggled as Quint replied "Okay, I understand haha--

Quint paused as the door opened, he felt a strong power coming out from Hale and Greta's group when they opened it. The feeling was so heavy and dark, but, Quint did not pay attention to it, instead, he smiled towards them, a welcoming and pleasing smile.

Right when Greta and Hale saw his smile, their eyes shimmered as their pounding hearts were deliberately hit by cupid's arrow. They weakly went back to their seats in front Quint unleashing a little smile faced towards him, their simper was full of euphoria and love. Their faces blushed as crimson as the reddest blood, they renounced their sight off him and looked in front but still on their amorous dreams.

Their other buddies which are Gary, Gaea, Lance, and Hemea also went back to their seats.

Cricket sounds were present once more in their room as no noise can be heard.

Some are doing their own kinds of stuff silently, some are just reading books, including Genos, some are daydreaming like Hale and Greta and some are just looking at their fingertips out of their boredom, some were also just looking at the window peacefully like Den and Fred, and as for Fritz and Quint, they were just looking at the door waiting for it to open.

The aura Quint sensed earlier have not yet subsided as it became strong when Hale and Greta sat in front of him. He ruminated that It could be either one of them who holds the dark aura, pitch-black as the shallowest darkness.

He still ruminates as he suspects both of them have a dark plan and have a ghastly, perilous power-scale like him.

He presumed to his mined "It could be--

His thinking paused as the door opened once more, this time he felt warmthness when it opened, fervent gusts embraces him as he espied and observed that it was his Grandpa.

The whole class was shocked, their hearts fluttered and their eyes were enlarged, for they saw the Director of Ehal appeared inside their room through strands of winds. They all felt that Fervent gust touch the edge of their epidermis.

The smooth-young skin they saw in the ceremony once again appeared, they all stood up as a sign of respect and greeted,

"GOOD MORNING MR. CAELI!" they all asserted, including Quint who was also surprised, thinking that, "What would he do here?"

The greatness of Caeli's Voice again they heard, " Good afternoon, students! I am here right now just to announce that today is just a half-day of class, so you all can go now to your respective dorms which you get to choose your roommates up to four, also the dorms are separated as usual for boys and Girls."

They were still standing as Quint asked "Grandpa!...No, Sir is class really over?"

Caeli heard his grandson as he replied "Yes son, now, for you as my grandchild, along with the new King and New Ace, please stay here yet for I have something to tell ya, and for the others here, you go and check your dorms now."

The whole class except the three who are mentioned then took their bags and go check out their dorms.

Den and Fred on the other hand bid goodbye to Quint and the other two as Fred asserted,

"Man, I wish we could be roommates the five of us but well, We'll just look for a dorm first, perhaps our friendship will still stay even if we are not roommates"

"Nah, I also wish so dude!" Quint responded as he smiled looking at his friends' back as they go out waving their hands.

The three of them went in front where Mr. Caeli is, suddenly a wind hushed all over the place.

"I installed a soundproof barrier, cause I have a revelation to tell" Mr. Caeli asserted

The three frowned their brows as Genos asked "What is it Mr.Caeli?"

"It is a piece of bad news, for just so now while looking at each student's form back in my office, I suddenly sensed a Dark aura coming out from a student's form, , I don't clearly remember but that person is a female and as I remember, her name has letter E on it, I just can't really remember it because as long as I looked closer to see what's written on the form, it suddenly burned into ashes," Caeli responded

"Grandpa even I also have felt a dark aura coming from the two girls in our room, one of them might be of them." Quint asserted

Fritz on the other hand just crossed his arms as he was still curious.

"Really? no, she's in class A?, who are those ladies you suspect?" Genos asked

Quint looked towards Genos and said, "It's Hale and the other girl who sits in front of me, the aura was dark in front even I think, when the introduction started, I just ignored that dark aura back then because I enjoy being a real student haha"

"Really????? Why does it have to be them?" Fritz suddenly retorted.

Caeli sat on the teacher's table, as he asserted " As I expected, someone is interested to kill you, Quint! and I know why now, you are the second strongest man who is born here on this world, well that Dark Klay is the first obviously. The aura I felt earlier, yes, I also sensed it here and that same aura was like of Klay's, probably he enrolled his Daughter here so that he can spy on the one who is prophesied to defeat him and that is you, Quint! who can really defeat that awful creature"

Quint was shocked for what he heard as he saw Fritz asked " Sir, I don't know Klay has a daughter"

"Yes, in fact, he has two; one from the RECC family and one from the SHUN family" Caeli responded

Right when nGenos heard RECC, he instantly asked " SIR! did you say Recc? th-th-at means, my sis-ter is a KLAY's blood? now I know the reason why she has been killed!" Genos clenched his fist

His anger and grudge to Klay went more extreme as he was just like a volcano to erupt because of the burning desire to revenge his sister. Genos then looked towards Mr. Caeli as he hear the director continue.

Caeli told him the truth that Genos' sister is his stepsister and the reason why she got murdered is that she disobeyed her father's command to also use her powers to help his schemes.

Quint looked on Genos as he saw his friend's eyes filled with anger, he sensed a vengeful aura coming from him as he sees that Genos hardly clenches his fists.

Fritz's eyes enlarged as he then held a hand to Genos in order to calm the raging bull wanting to unleash from his friend.

With compassion and also a desire to help his friend, Quint tapped Genos' back as they both saw the raging face of Genos went back to peace.

Asserting while Genos depicted a smile, "Thanks, bro. I nearly got gobbled up by my wrath"

Crossed his arms as Fritz replied "No worry dude!"; Quint also sighed a bit while he smiled along with his friends.

Caeli cleared his throat as he cut their conversations. He then told their mission to find who really is the woman, the daughter of Klay.

"For you two, new royalties. I shall say and state your duties," the two (Fritz and Genos) paid respect as they bowed

"Your duty will be not of the document things but to protect the people here, all students who resides here at this academy while you try to find out the truth." Caeli asserted; He looked on quint as he added, "Well, to you son, I think you can help them"

They all bowed their heads as they saw Caeli vanished through a wind, they sniffled the fresh aroma coming out of the lavenders at the window and it refreshed them. They became all fired-up to do their duties and find the truth behind Hale or Greta's background"

Their journey to save the world from its unfairness, chaos, and destruction is about to set as the three all went outside along with their bags.

Genos wore his brown suit as the two praised him.

"Your quite good-looking there dude" chuckled but pleasing as Fritz said.

Quint nodded his head inasmuch they looked around and all other students also went to look for their rooms.

They were in the corridor at the time they have realized it was already 7:00 PM,

Fritz suddenly shouted "WHAT? we talked in our room for about," he counts his fingers, " for about 5 hours? wow, time really flies fast"

They just chuckled as they felt their bellies hurt indicating that they are now hungry.

"Quint, before we go check dorms, let us eat first" Genos asserted.

Quint nodded his head inasmuch they went directly to the lunch counter (basically it's also their dinner area)

They went inside, they saw only a few students in the area knowing that those other students including their two other friends were done eating their dinner, they went on a table set with other three male from the first-year class-b eating a curry.

Genos Humbly asked, "Can we sit along with you?"

He saw the three smiled then accepted them, they then put their bags on their stools but he felt from the other guys' gazing on them with discrimination forasmuch he already knew that they don't seem to know them that they were in class A so he said,

"What class are you dudes?" he heard from the boy with black hair said "B, we were too close to go to A but well, you don't need to know it already, perhaps I think you're trash from the C haha"

Fritz glared at them as if he was about to release a thunder from his clenching fist, but Quint tapped his back as he saw Quint placed his hands on the table's mid while asserting, " Umm, Let's see dudes!"

The three guys widened their eyes as they saw the Huge list of Quint's Menu, implying that he is powerful.

The guy with black hair just gulped along with the other two. They were speechless as if an anvil was thrown at them.

Quint looked on first on Genos later on Fritz as he asked "Umm, Genos since you became the new King, and Fritz as the new ACE, I shall treat you whatever dish you like hehe" he did that signifying that he teases the three boastful Guys.

"WHAT? YOUR THE NEW KING OF EHAL which I heard that he defeated the former Junno???? and GREY HAIR WAS NEW ACE??? who defeated the notorious Kenneth?? " The black hair guy asked unbelievingly as the other two guys just stiffed their postures.

"WE ARE SORRY FOR DISRESPECTING YOU!" the three humbly said.

"NAH! It's okay, just don't be arrogant, think before you speak that's all I can say," Genos asserted while he smiled towards them looking at their blushing faces, he then looked on Quint who is hardly picking the foods because of the unending Menu so he said,

"Thanks Quint! I appreciate it I think I would we will just order the same dish, Chicken curry and rice partnered with orange juice, the same as these guys hehe"

"Yes quint! I'm quite hungry now hehe" Fritz responded

The three who boast earlier got more hit by a heavy anvil knowing that the new royalties are kind and friendly; they were done eating and bid goodbye to Quints' group as they hurriedly went to their dorms with such shame.

The waiter took Quints' order; as usual, after a few moments of waiting, their order was placed on their table.

Their stomachs were grumbling inasmuch it went more intense as the sniffled the bursting aroma coming out from the strong spice of the curry that made stimulate their appetites.

They took their bites but as soon as they tasted it, they did not realize that they are already slowly gobbling up the food. They were in their craving as if they were in heaven surrounded by groups of heavenly aromatic spices.

They loved the food that only in minutes they were done eating.

They then stood up, took their bags, and set to look for their dorm.

"YUMM! That curry is such a big hit on my tastebuds!" Quint asserted

"Yea, thanks for treating us Quint haha" Fritz responded as they were walking in the school's huge forest while looking for the building of their dorms.

After a few minutes of walking in the dark forest which they did not get scared, they then reached where the male dorm buildings are.

It was at the end of the forest for a big reason that when they were walking they saw gardens inside the forest, which means that The forest is important and was a part of their Dorm. The dorm was big even bigger than the campus' lunch area. They were awed. The outside was of a Hotel looking Dormitory. It has one sliding door outside and has 750 floors to store up all-male students in Ehal.

They went inside as a guy caretaker welcomed them.

"Good evening students, well, you were the last to get here but don't worry judging from your auras, you all three are strong so you are the highest floor 750, room 749 with four beds, huge kitchen and also a huge bathroom, the nicest room I can give to powerful students like you. But take note that room 750 is where Junno, Kenneth and their roommates are, so be careful."

"Umm, well the thing is this guy here who is with us", Genos paused as he pulled Quint "He is the one who defeated those bastards haha"

Quint just scratched his head as he softly chuckled along with Fritz

The caretaker just enlarged his eyes and said " Indeed! Wow! I am not wrong for choosing that room for you three, you are all potent, and I think to all students who went here, by far Mr. White hair guy is the strongest I sensed, well, I am an aura reader so I sense it haha, plus I'll say this, you have no fourth roommate yet,"

"ohh, I see" Fritz said.

Later the caretaker took them to their room through a fast-moving elevator controlled by an electric guy who manages it.

After a few minutes, rather, a few seconds, they reached their destination.

The caretaker gave them the key to their room whilst he went back down.

The three who were left on the floor 750 saw the fancy-looking corridor. They started walking as If they were walking in a Palace's hallway.

Floor 750 is consists of room 5 huge rooms facing at each other in a zigzag position in a straight path huge hallway.

They were awed but still, they need to find their room for they were now sleepy.

749 was next to 747.

They opened the door with the use of the rooms' key.

Right, when they opened it, the rooms shining glory was up to their faces as their eyes glowed for what beauty they had seen.

They hurriedly closed the door because they are jumping with joy for their room was so great, they checked every bit of corners in the room.

The room was consists of 4 huge King-sized cushion beds, they were placed next to each other.

They were more awed when they looked at the room's Comfort room which is on the right side of the right bed. It was also huge consists of a Jacuzzi good for four-person, it also has a Shower area, toilet bowl, and sink. It was designed fancy good in the sight and taste of the boys.

When they got out of the toilet, They noticed a whole set of kitchen placed in the wall facing the four large beds. The fridge was complete with breakfast, lunch, and Dinner as well as desserts. It was really a complete kitchen for they also have a dishwasher, sink, and a full set of kitchen utensils, appliances, and kitchenware.

They were like in a hotel, no, a high rating hotel as they again saw a sala set at the left side of the left bed. It has TV's on it, cushion couches and A large glass window, which when they looked outside, they saw the whole landscape of the EHAL High school.

They felt as if they were in a hotel and not just a dorm or apartment.

They were amazed, they were perplexed, so to kill their astonishment. Genos and Quint went to the jacuzzi, Fritz took a shower.

They were all bare naked, their bodies were all fit and as Fritz's shower, he remembered and noticed that Who will be their Fourth roommate so he asked to Genos at the Jacuzzi, "Genos, do you have an idea who might be our fourth roommate is?

"No, I don't know, maybe he'll be just a bit late, becoz' I remember the caretaker said, we don't still have a fourth roommate, well, I don't know hehe?" Genos replied; Quint relaxes as he was feeling the soothing effect of the lathered water.

Fritz then responded as he was soaping his wet and sexy fit body "Ahh, okay hehe"

A few minutes have passed, the two who were in the jacuzzi showered as Fritz was done already.

Another minute passed when the two were done showering. They dried their bodies then later lied on their individual beds.

They all felt the same feeling when they lied on their beds along with the pillows on it, it was as if they were lying on cotton and the fluffy clouds. Without noticing they all dozed as they loved the comforting and relaxing sensation of the bed's cushion.

They were so lucky and blessed for they are on the royalties floor. Well, unlike Fred and Den along with Gary and Lance who was on the floor 177, their room and their floor only offered bunker beds and Comfort room which only has the toilet bowl and sink, their room has no sala and kitchen but furthermore, Fred and his roommates slumbered in peace for also they have cushion pillows and beds which suffices up their comforting sleep.


Character Attributes

Name: Dash Haris ( Black-haired boastful guy)

Age: 15

Alias: none

Ability: Flash Precognition

Class: Ave

Power scale: 3.3


Name: Rua Airel

Age: 42

Alias: Male dorm's caretaker; Living Hi-tech chair scanner

Ability: Aura Reading

Class: Haffles

Power scale: 6.7


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