Unfairly Fair
8 Behind my name
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Unfairly Fair
Author :yizreel_jez
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8 Behind my name

Peering around his newfound friends as Quint was smiling the entire time while he was about to eat the scrumptious tiramisu with them.

He took a bite as his eyes went shimmering; the taste was so amazing, it is new to his tastebuds that makes his tongue go in roller coasters; the delightful taste of the coffee combined with the sugar and the whipped mixture of eggs complement with each other. He takes another bite as the creamy texture of the mascarpone cheese touch the buds of his palette, the flavor was delicious as the cocoa flavoring coats his mouth with such satisfaction.

His eyes glimmered, enjoying every bit of the tiramisu he tasted for the first time.

Looking fairly at Quint as Fritz asked "Umm, Quint? is this by your first time eating this dessert?"

"Yea, it was so tasty!" Quint responded while he held a smile

"Ah, okay enjoy then haha" Fritz answered in a well-mannered voice as he also enjoys his food.

Shaking his head as he remembered, "Oh yes, guys let us continue!, so where are we?"

Fred responded, " Genos' story haha, and dude thanks for this tiramisu!"; Den also nodded his head while keeping his head slow savoring the tiramisu.

"It's a pleasure man!" Fritz asserted as he looked at Genos beside him.

Eating as he is appreciating the dessert, Genos sensed that all eyes of his friends were looking at him.

"Errr, oh, yes, it's my turn to share my life haha!" He asserted.

"Okay we'll be listening while slowly eating this yummy dessert" Den responded as he quite eats his tiramisu.

"Firstly well, as you have heard in my introduction, I have a sister. She was so caring and wonderful, until one day, that great Klay whom I also hated like Mr. King; That Klay went into our house and he is the reason why my sister died" The four depicted a gloomy face as they heard those words, as they hearken Genos continuing.

"He copied her time manipulation and sliced my sister's body to different times, I was at my room when that happened, I heard the shouting voice of my sister and hurriedly went to her room, that Klay disappeared already but my sister explained everything while she was slowly vanishing, her tears dropped and I felt the pain! before she vanished I haven't noticed that she gave me a part of her ability, not the whole one, I just knew it when I accidentally dropped a cup in our house then reversed the time by my desire of not wanting to break it,"

Frowned his brows as Fritz retorted " Ohh, such a pain, our deepest condolence Genos, and where are your parents that time? you should have also used that ability to save your sister."

Smiled a little inasmuch Genos replied " Well, Nah, It's okay,I admit I was painfully hurt remembering that event but it's been ages since she died so it's okay, also I am sharing this to you because I trust every one of you here; well, my parents also died when My sister disappeared, I don't know why but I'm certain that Klay's henchmen did it, also I cannot reverse the time back then because I cannot control it"

"Perhaps, I could help to restore your sister, why would Klay do it then,? I could help to fight hehe" Quint suddenly asserted

"Really? Oh yes, you're an aether manipulator so you can restore life and...That Klay? well he murdered my sister for an unknown reason, my sister was so kind and I do not know why she must suffer such thing like that and also we cannot defeat him knowing his an aura manipulator which can copy any abilities even your ability Quint." Genos responded.

Fred and Den painted a sad image on their face knowing what happened to Genos' sister

"We will help too, we will make forces of anti-klay so that we could change the mindset of all who believes in that bastard, killing someone who has no-fault." Den asserted those words as his eyes were burning with passion and a desire to help.

Eyes were twinkling when Genos heard those words from Den; Quint recured his head towards Den then he smiled with such great happiness knowing that he is not the only one who is disgusted by the works of Klay.

Suddenly, a glow appeared the four have sighted as they realize it was Fritz who did that, "okay then, let us make that anti-Klay army to defeat that Klay hahaha, and also I would like to hear the story of Fred before anything else".

"That's all I could share for now? I just shared a part of my life hahaha, Okay then I'll just continue it in the Dorms after class hahaha" Genos responded

Fritz looked towards Quint, "Now, for the very special guy here, we just want to hear some, well part of your life hehe"

Eating the last bite of tiramisu as Quint asserted "Okay, It's a pleasure to share a part of my life with you guys" he looked at everyone also done with their dessert looking at him inasmuch he knows they were listening carefully of what he will say.

their faces were full of curiosity as they hear him "What I want to share with you guys today is, what's behind my long name haha"

Fred then asserted 'Oh yes, I literally forgot it because it was so long, the only name I remember is Quint and that's all I retain in my mind haha" Quint laughed as the others also chuckled by what Fred said.

"Ye, literally, even I also have trouble keeping my name on my mind, but it's been 16 years since I had this name so I am expert in saying it now haha" Quint smiled as he retorted that.

He looked around; he saw Greta and the others behind their table, turning his look back to his buddies; closed his eyes a he was making an invisible soundproof barrier using the wind.

He looked towards his buddies again forasmuch he saw their faces depicting a more curious presence as he continued as he cleared his throat "Literally my surname is Azelus and I know you know my great-grandpa who is the director of this school"

still in curiosity, as curious as a spy as Fred asked " Oh yeah, come to think of it he is powerful as you, he is just amazing"

"Yea, that's my great-grandpa, he is one of the strongest Azelus with a PS (Power scale) of 9.0 but not as powerful as that infamous Klay; umm, also the Klay family is what Azelus hates so much, so I also hated it knowing their bad schemes. Our family is an Elemental family which makes them strong haha" Quint added as he heard from Genos,

"Yes, Yes! as I calculated when I entered this academy, your Grandpa was very strong, and also the Recc family has a grudge towards that Klay because he defeated no, he murdered the strongest of our family, my sister with a PS of also 9.0, I wish we could revive her hehe, plus we hated him because of the influence of Baum who also hated him"

Quint replied pleasingly, "We can revive her, but at the right time, I kinda cannot use my Life restoring ability yet, one day I could help to restore her when we become stronger, and the Baum family is actually the best friend of Azelus, actually Mr. King is my godfather but he acts like he is not because my parents told him to."

Widened his eyes as Fritz said, " Really? Amazing! no wonder you were at class A with Mr.King there your parents made assured your safe"

"Yea, and that's kinda secret, so please just keep it just the five of us hehe, plus I made sure no one hears us by creating an unnoticeable barrier that allows us to talk in secret"

on the other hand Greta looked towards the table of Quint, she saw them just talking but she hears no sound at all so she recured her sight as she continues gulping the lobster soup she ordered.


"Back to my name, they named me according to the ancestry of the four Male Azelus who controls the major elements with all PS of 9.0, knowing that they called me the prodigy because they sensed the power within me as they said, firstly my great-great-grandpa who's name is Ignis Azelus, who has Fire manipulation ability who trained me to control the power within me, he still lives, he is immortal because of the great control of his fire, So that's where my first name came from; My great-grandpa Caeli Azelus who is the director of this school, has the power of wind, he helped me know the basics and the one who pushed me to enter this academy, he looks young like grandpa Ignis who has aged already, the reason for his young skin is his power, his a wind manipulator so he can establish his life, that's where my second name is from"

The five were filled with wonder and astonishment as they hear those; Fred praised Quint, "So that's why you can control your ability well, and I think you're far beyond everyone here, man you were trained by Mr. Ignis whom my father said that he was the greatest Fire manipulator of all times. Your great dude!"

"Thanks, man, but the one thing I cannot control well yet, is my real power, the Aether who manipulates life and death, umm, the death is only what I have learned yet, from the training with my Grandpa, Aquila Azelus, who manipulates water, I do not know but he helped me used how to make bad people vanish, well, no doubt he is a sarcastic person and loves to punish bad people using his great control of waters and that's where my third name is from hehe" Quint responded as scratched his head inasmuch he chuckled a little.

Scratching his head as Den asked " Aquila Azelus? Man! he is the one who trained my father to control his water better which my father told me to look for him so that I could learn from Mr. Aquila his great master" Den's eyes were glittering like the stars in the starry night sky; Quint smiled as the other three remains astonished and were speechless, Quint then asserted,

"Yea, My grandpa told me so that if I ever met an Aqui I'll befriend him, first when I saw you I was a little disappointed when you were arrogantly introducing yourself, but those presumptions were erased right when you said we would be friends and if you notice I am nice to everybody and so easily trusting, that's what my father taught me before I went here, His name is a part of my name Terrance, his ability is Earth manipulation, well, like the earth he nurtured me to be a good boy. Lastly, the Quint is just the only name who is original to me because they believed I'll be the fifth strongest Azelus so they named me Fifth derived from Latin Quint, and also it's kind of a coincidence when they new I have the fifth and most powerful major element the Aether. so that's all hehehe" Quint beamed as he saw his friends in awe

"Wow! it's like you were a mix of the four strong Azelus haha, and Like you Father also taught me to be kind with each every one I meet" Fritz asserted

Fred suddenly added " Full, respect sir! haha"; Den retorted " Yea, Quint, I sort of kinda notice your good attitude and sorry for my arrogance that time, I was just being peer pressured because of the strong guys around me, but you gave another light on me that I must also be kind with everyone"

Quint Smiled. Genos remains silent, he was so amazed and he understands Quint more.

The sharing of their life was effective on the five of them as it helped them to deeper know and understand each other more, it helps their friendship have depth as they consolidate it.

They were done eating their lunch; at the time they stood up, Quint removed the soundproof barrier he created earlier, as they went back to their room.


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