Unfairly Fair
7 Friends with troublemakers
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Unfairly Fair
Author :yizreel_jez
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7 Friends with troublemakers

As they are still in their euphoria, Genos, and Fritz's heart flutters more while talking with their other classmates.

They are in front at that time; they saw how happy Quint was talking with the two, Den and Fred, they then decided to go beside Quint and the others too.

Stopping the questions, compliments, and stares of their other classmates, they bowed their heads as a sign of humbleness and gratitude. They did an opening to get out of the 10 people around them; successfully, they had a chance to get out of it as they went beside Quint to formally bid gratefulness.

At the moment they went near Quint, they noticed that their other classmates went back to their seats, knowing each other as if nothing happened earlier.

"Yo" a welcoming voice coming out from the mouth of Fred as they saw him raised his hands towards them.

They saw Quint still so happy talking to the two guys, they went near him; Fritz took his seat beside Quint (he is on the right side of the desk, last lane from the right and second row from their front.), Genos stood beside the desk of Fritz because the position of the two other guys was at the seats of Hale and Greta, they are faced towards Quint.

Greta and Hale whom the two did not observe earlier are near the door standing also talking with each other.

Genos in a cool and humble manner asserted to Quint " Thank you Quint!, It is always my dream to be a royalty in my whole school life!" He saw Fred and Den nodding their head knowing that they agree.

The hate of an enemy that he once felt from them suddenly changed into a friendly vibe.

Fritz also gave thanks to Quint as he asserted "Pal, you shocked me right when you said I am gonna be the new ace, I take the position gratefully just because of you"

Nodding their head once again as Fritz saw Den and Fred's anger to him suddenly dropped.

They saw the cherishing smile of Quint, the smile of a convincing, potent, and welcoming from their brethren.

They talked about their life the five of them while the others just casually knowing each other.

"You know I was a King before, well as I have mentioned earlier haha, I can give you tips Genos!" the once boastful attitude of Fred became a person down to earth as he asserted those things.

"Ye! Sure, It's okay as long as you won't attack me again haha" laughing in a pleasing manner as Genos asserted that.

Chuckling with a laugh as five of them happily sharing their life stories with each other consolidating their friendships.

"Well, not to boast this but I once became an Ace, I don't remember what year but I am certain hahahaha" alike Fred, Den's arrogant attitude became humble; meeker than any aggressive bull as he asserted those things.

Every bit of golden moment, from the bottom of Quint's heart, he enjoys every single piece of conversations depicting a large simper on his face. Giggling with his friends, sharing their lives with each other, even though it's still the first time he talked to someone.

"I had experience becoming an Ace too, well, I remember it was in my second to third year in middle school, I think I was still 3.2 that time so that I replaced the former ace which has a water--oh it's you Den I remember, the former ace of Ytter middle school, but soon transferred to Baum.!" Fritz asserted.

Replying in a shocked face as Den asserted "Oh yes, I remember now!, so you're the King before that defeat me? Your now strong WOW! I admit it. How could I not recognize you?, "

Crossing his arms as Fritz answered and the four were listening carefully "I think because I am the Alias Thor of the real world before, because I used that name that I soon regret using it, the second part of my name, so here, I am now called Fritz to change."

Curiosity hit the four as Fred asked "What happened before? why? And from what I know, Baum middle school hasn't heard the news from Ytter after Thor of the real world disappeared, we thought of you that you were killed or kidnapped by someone because we heard that you are the strongest strong ace of your school with 4.9 power scale which in that time I am in third- year as the King with 3.7 and I know now, that it was Den who transferred in our school that we never really meet, just know his name because he was the Jack of our school that time, also because I am busy of doing all the paperwork from the office of the director."

Fred looked beside him where Den is sitting, apologizing " With my head's turned back to reality, I am sorry that I attacked the former Ace of Ytter middle school"

Den then said " No, I am the one to apologize, the King of our former Baum school that I recognized and disrespected, I humbly sorry"

Clearing his throat as Fritz retorted while Genos and Quint remain placid as stagnant as the most peaceful lakes, " I shall answer the question of Fred, well, the reason I want to change is, I Killed my own father which is my only family left because he called me the name Fritz before which I hated to be called before, but soon when I realize that I killed him, my conscience went to the ground as if hell is pulling me to go beneath the earth, So to punish myself, I promised to myself that I shall be called Fritz now and not thor, now its kinda Irony that when someone calls me Thor which I loved to be called before, I become aggressive when I hear that name, reminiscing the death of my father with my own two hands, haha."

the four Frowned their eyebrow as they also laughed unsurely.

"Well, hehe, good thing I controlled your emotions back then" Quint Responded.

Nodding his head as Fritz asked, "Oh yes, it's your turn Genos, what would you share?"

Answering while still standing, Genos then responded,"Umm---" he paused as all of them were startled for the school bell suddenly tinkled as if it was an urgent marriage bell ringing.

Quint checked the time on his watch, "huh? its already 12:00 PM? time passed really fast"

"Ye, we didn't notice it while we are talking with each other," Genos asserted as he looks around; observed that they were the only ones left inside their room. "Well, our classmates did not seem to tell us its already lunch break, we're so focused that we haven't notice the time."

Fred then answered "Huh? how about this bag here on this desk?"

"Man, look around," Den answered; Fred looked around as he saw bags of his classmates are still in their seats, realizing that its only lunch break.

Standing from his seat, Fritz asserted "Well then, let us have our lunch, Let's continue our wonderful conversation there at the lunch counter while we're eating lots of delightful and scrumptious dish made by a special renowned chef of this school"

"Sounds Yum!" Quint responded out of his curiosity about the lunch counter

Quint and the others then stood up except Genos who is already standing; they drag their pockets as they five went to eat lunch.

Walking into the corridor leading to the Lunch counter, which is very near from their classroom, just 50 steps and they'll reach the lunch area.

Without talking to each other while walking because of their hungriness, they arrived at the lunch counter, They five took their first step through the double-door and saw crowds of students all over, lines were not formed as the place is like a high-end restaurant, that a student just sits and waiters will hand in the menu; the rectangular tables are too many that it can occupy all students each in the EHAL Academy, the lunch counter was so spacious, it is quite large compared to other school lunch areas, it is really big that it can occupy all the 14,310 students of Ehal it's like 3 soccer fields combined in one structure.

The rectangular tables were set fairly for six students in one table. The counter was amazing and also big, a lot of staff is what they observed, the mood is like a fancy high-class or 5-star restaurants and not of a normal school's diner nor lunch counter. It's very classy and worth it because the students may order the food he/she wants for free without paying; money is not needed here in this world, because the ability, the power scale matters more; a special scanner will scan a student's hand for his/her power scale, a set of the menu a certain student can order then displayed on the top of their table where the scanner is beneath it; Every table, in the middle of it has this special scanner.

Every table also has its own waiter, imagine 2385 tables, has its own staff. The cooks are also massive as they also are the same number as the staff so that they can cook more easily in the huge kitchen.

Gulped as they five went inside, they ordered the food they want as they all went in a table beside a door, it was little to no noise inside.

They sat down leaving one chair because they only are five.

Fritz then placed his hands in the middle as a long menu popped up. He's so hungry that he just ordered wanton and an orange juice without thinking.

The waiter on their table went to take their orders speedily

Genos has a higher power scale than Fritz so the list of the menu he got is longer than of fritz's, he requested high-quality beef Wagu steak.

Fred's list is an Ave's menu then he ordered Chinese dumplings and shrimp tempura;

Den has the same set of menus as Fred's so he ordered the same as him.

Quint, on the other hand, cannot order because of the Large Menu popped up, there was no end as if it was endless as the limitless space.

The waiter who is standing behind him got shocked for it is the first time he saw such a long menu in all parts of his life; teachers have their own lunch counter so the waiter is surprised when he saw such a potent student.

Genos helped Quint picked as he saw him uneased and confused. "Quint, choose this, I recommend it, you will love it!"

"Okay" Quint smiled as he picked what Genos pointed, it was a seafood paella, specifically a crab paella. He chose his own beverage, an apple juice!.

Hungry as the starving blue whale in the vast oceans. The five remained silent while waiting for their orders. They were smiling as they are enduring their famishes, cannot talk as they look at each other.

Smiling at everyone, Quint still enjoys every moment that he considers the time as the hardest diamonds.

After a few minutes of waiting; their orders have come to their tables.

"Enjoy eating students! especially Mr. White hair!" Seeing a smile on the waiter's face, they all cannot stop the dripping the salivas' coming out from their hungry mouths along with their growling stomachs.

"Thank you for the food!" as the four munched their foods like cannibals because of their hunger.

Quint, on the other hand, ate one spoonful at a time appreciating his friend's recommendation, He Loved the dish! so much that he slowly not noticing that he also chomps his food like the others.

They were joyous as they are eating as if it was the last time to eat.

Scrunched the shrimp tempura as Den asserted while food still is in his mouth "Guys, you said we're gonna continue sharing here but, the food's really yummy!"

Enjoying the delightful soup of the wanton, Fritz stated "Nah!, let's just continue sharing while eating desserts, I am certain that the sugars will control our hyper-eating so.." continues sipping the pleasant soup.

Slurped and burped as Fritz is done, looking around his pal's, they also already are done eating their lunch.

He drank his orange juice inasmuch observed that Quint is glowing his serious eyes.

Fritz displayed a smile on his face as he was drinking; after he drank it all, He again placed his hands in the midst of the table to order dessert.

His menu popped up, he ordered tiramisu as the waiter again went near them.

He ordered three of it so that others would also enjoy it, knowing that Fred and Den has only a 3.0+ power scale Menu which doesn't serve tiramisu

Genos and Quint ordered the same as the waiter then again take their orders.

Smiling and laughing at the same time, they were enjoying every bit of moments to be with each other for the first day of school.

Greta and Hale, on the other hand, is sitting beside the table of the five along with Gaea, Hemea, Gary, and Lance.

After a few moments rather just seconds, the waiter put the Tiramisus on the table of the five enjoying boys.


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