Unfairly Fair
6 The New Royalties of EHAL
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Unfairly Fair
Author :yizreel_jez
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6 The New Royalties of EHAL

-Inside Class A's room-

Cricket sound was present inasmuch as Quint hears no noise because his classmates are so quietly waiting for their teacher to arrive.

He up folded his sleeves as he checked the time on his wrist where his golden-silver watch is placed.

"8:34 AM--Mr. King is late for 4 minutes...where has he gone to..." He ruminated then placed his hands on his face as he looked towards the door which is still closed.

Tilting his head as he waits for another minute, Mr. king hasn't arrived yet.

He deliberately scratched his head as he contemplated, " Why is he not here yet? We're all bored—wait! Did something happen to Mr.King?—but I do not feel any—," He heard a squeaking noise of the door opening.

His eyes looked around, as he saw his classmates still silent, so he looked towards the door and he saw Mr. King walking through it.

He sighed in relief as he asked, "Mr. King, where have you gone? Did you know that you arrived late? Should I report this to my grandpa?"

He renounced his sight as all his classmates stare at him and he frowned.

Mr.King clears his throat as he responded "Umm....ah..well I'm so-so-so sorry Mr. Azelus but–" he turned back–"How should I explain this?–" he said silently as he again turned around and faced his students as he explained "Umm..well..hehe–" his students look at each other and frowned–"I guess,..well..hahaha..My stomach ached after I ate burger and fries,' he sighed as he continued, "so I went to the CR and you know...I went there to defecate..hehehe" as he slightly blushed in front of his students.

He saw his students covered their mouths with their hands and giggled silently, then he looked towards Quint.

Quint heard his explanation, then sighed and also chuckled.

He controlled his laughter at the time he saw Mr.King's face so red. He deeply sighed and stood up, then shouted, "Guysssss! Stop those giggling and chuckling," He looked around as they are all startled then he took his seat and crossed his arms, " Well, I guess I need to include myself to stop, he is our teacher so we must respect him"

All students stopped the noisy laughter as they all nodded.

He again heard Mr.King clearing his throat as he looked towards him and heard " Well...I guess I need to apologize for coming late, and please Mr. Azelus don't tell this to Mr. Caeli because I do not want to suffer from his wind's wrath, plus I did not want this to happen"

He hearkened Mr.King's explanation and asserted, " No worries sir, I won't tell him, but I do not know you are so afraid of my grandpa when he does not hurt anyone loyal to his reign even if they cannot appease him, he won't hurt anyone unless it's from the forces of th-,...well you know who I am talking to, plus why would you be afraid when you're just late for five minutes, sir"

He renounced his sight from Mr.King as he saw around him that his classmates stared at him once more.

Heard a familiar voice who asked, "What are you talking about Quint who is the guy who you are referring to, from the forces of?" he looked beside him and it was Fritz who asked

He smiled as he asserted "Ahhh, It's nothing". Fritz then nods his head.

Mr.King gulped, and he said, " Thank you Mr. Quint, and," he clears his throat, "Guys, don't worry about what you heard earlier, what you need to worry is about the guys who got into trouble"

Quint's eyes widened as he responded "Sir!, How did you know?" As he saw Mr. King shook his head.

Then he heard Mr.King say, "Well, I watched your battle with that Kenneth or alias Ace of EHAL through my dreams, and congrats for making it alive plus defeating the ace,"

Quint released a shaky smile and asserted "Hehe, No worries now sir! But sir, who might really that man be? Is he really the ace? As Hale mentioned earlier to us, and what really is the system here in this school? I don't know since It's my first time to attend school"

"Yes Mr. Azelus, In fact, I already told Hale that I will explain the hierarchy system here, so–" Mr. King looked around seriously–" Okay, all attentions here in front students because I shall explain what is the hierarchy system here in this academy"

Students focused their attention in front as they hearken what Mr. King was about to say

Fred murmured "Well, I guess I need to listen–" Den heard Fred's mumbling, so he silently said to Fred "Yea, I think their system here is unlike others" as they both looked toward the front.

"Okay then, I shall start..First I know that many of you here know what the hierarchy system is and how it works, but for Quint, I still shall explain all the details regarding the system. So, Quint in schools, almost all of them has Hierarchy systems, its purpose is that the royalties which are the honored students and powerful students can help the director of their school. Those special students have an alias according to their potential. An ACE–" He looked towards Quint and explained–

"Well, An ace which you can defeat easily Quint is the strongest and are on the top with the Joker, the Joker is the same level as the Ace but he is not predictable whether they attack or stay chill. The King is the second strongest in the hierarchy, he can control those who are below him, but in fact, they have the most to-do work for the director unlike the Ace and Joker, but they are the kindest among the other royalties, so they remain undefeated"

Quint asked "well sir If that's the case I also have met the King here in Ehal and already kicked his ass because he attacked us"

Mr. King's eyes widened as he yelps. Students also heard Quint as it shocked them all.

Fritz then asserted "So, that means that Mental Plane Manipulator guy who attacked us is the KING?"

"Yea, he said it to me, face to face" Quint answered and Mr. King asked

"Then, you took down two royalties one at a time? You're like the joker here, already, He also is like that Kenneth which is a pain in the head royalties" as he held an unsure laugh.

Quint then retorted "oh!, that is what he said to me too sir! he also said that I'm like the joker here, but–"

Mr. King sat on his desk and looked towards everyone then asserted "Mr. Azelus, you're really the savior here! I thank Mr. Caeli for sending you here to fix this broken system." As his eyes were greatly shimmering.

Quint sighed, then shook his head. And Mr.King continued what he is explaining.

"Okay then I shall continue, where are we? O! I remember, The king has all the work to do including paperwork from the director and keeping the academy in order, he also helps training his juniors and protecting the school along with the other royalties, the Queen which is also the second in rank can help the King if it's her choice to give hands, but she is the one who does all the errands, The Jack is the last royalty and is the weakest among them but they are surely stronger than the regulars, and his duty is to help all other royalties," Fred raised his hands

"Sir, nothing is Unique here! It's the same as other schools, from ace to jack, that also is their duty."

"I think I did not have explained it all yet Mr. Igniz, So for continuation, I shall explain what is different here in this system to other schools. So other schools system is when a regular student defeats an Ace if that particular student is stronger than the ace in terms of the scale in powers then He gets the position and the ace will be demoted as the King and the former king/queen who will be in the Jack position but if that particular student is inferior to the ace then he remains as a regular student, am I right? Plus, they also can steal each other's ability and teachers can also interfere with a student's fight," Fred and Hale nod their head as a sign of agreement, and Mr. King added.

"Well, as for here in this academy, No teachers can interfere with a student's Fight," Lance then said, "But–" Mr. King glared at him.

" no buts please... I'll explain, because Mr. KLAY whom I know you already knew, the great KLAY wants to–" walks side to side–" Use powerful students to rule this academy, I am certain that All Ace in other schools are Kind, good and lovable Kids, but as for here, that fat Kenneth abuses his power for his own pleasures so it is becoming unfair to those students who cannot fight, plus he is not helping our director in the order of this school and made other royalties his servant which is not a thing to be, but all teachers including me cannot interfere because that is what Klay wants us to do- to shut up."

"So are you saying that all the things happening here are that great Klay's scheme?" Quint stood up as his eyes began changing.

"Ahh, please calm down Quint, Now we know who is the evil guy here" Fritz stood up as he is mending Quint while tapping on his back.

Quint sighed and as he felt the touch of Fritz, he calmed and stopped his anger then sat.

"I-I shall continue," Mr. King frowns as he saw his students terrified when Quint stood up, "Well, Quint please stay calm, and all of you here relax, and please do not tell this to others and keep this as our secret, because it is forbidden to us teachers to tell such bad things against the great Klay and our conversation today is privy because I asked Mr. Caeli to give us protection from snoopers who are Klay's servants because if he will know it, I'm instantly dead, It's a good thing Mr. Caeli oppose to that bluh-bluh not so great Klay "

"Yes, Sir!" they all said as they smiled because they realized and all ruminated that Klay is the evil guy.

"I'm hating that great Klay, he poisoned our minds, our belief, our trust to him just for his own pleasures" Greta mumbled.

Mr. King then concluded, "The last thing I need to say is that you know already hat it is prohibited here to steal other's ability. So ANYONE CAN BE A ROYALTY HERE AS LONG AS THEY DEFEAT A ROYALTY, AND THAT ROYALTY WILL NOT BE DEMOTED BUT BE REMOVED FROM THE SYSTEM, so Kenneth and Junno are no longer royalties because the New Ace, as well as the King, is now Quint but it's up for him to choose if he wants the position or not, also one is only available for each student. so Mr. Azelus what is your decision?"

"Well, I dislike those things, paperwork, errands, I hate it, so I won't accept those positions, plus i did not come here to get positions, I came here to train and enhance my ability so that I CAN DEFEAT THAT SO-CALLED GREAT KLAY WHEN THE RIGHT TIME COMES"

"Such determination, well okay, then who will be The ace and King, you can decide if you want" Mr. King asked.

Quint heard Mr. King as he looked up. He recurred his head towards Mr. King, "Hmmm, I guess I know those two guys who are fit for those positions, I will make Fritz as the Ace and Genos as the king of Ehal I guess if they want to"

Yelped, Fritz Looked beside him where Quint is present smiling. His eyes shone and painted a massive smile on his face because he accepted the offer, tears dropped by his eyes as he bows deliberately to Quint.

Mr.King smiled as Fred and Den leered on Fritz.

Genos cannot believe of what he heard, so he remained silent as deep inside him, warmth covered his heart as his face displayed an enormous smile and looked towards Quint as he also has accepted the offer.

Mr.King sighed as he contemplated, "as expected from an Azelus lineage, he really still has humiliation despite his immense power and prowess."

He stood up and declared 'Okay, as Class A students are witness, I declare that as the highest-ranking teacher here in this school hereby announce that the new ace is Mr. Recc, Genos and The new King will be Mr. Slash, Fritzthor! congratulations! may you come in front just to congratulate the both of you!"

The two hurried went in front as if they are claiming another prize; Mr. King shakes hand with them as he complimented them.

With Mr. King's authority, the two are now declared as the new Ace and King in Ehal soon to be posted on the bulletin board.

Genos was highly thankful to Quint because it was his first time to have a royalty status in his school life, the same for Fritz.

"Okay, it's already 10:00 AM, you can use your remaining time for knowing each other until the lunch break, while I will go to the director's office and tell the Good news to Mr. Caeli"

"Ay-aye Sir!" All students shouted.

Mr. King then went to the director's office and told Mr. Caeli that Quint decided the new royals, As Caeli heard that, he was very proud of Quint as he smiled, He then used his power to post the good news to everyone via wind letters to Ehal's bulletin board.

All students outside their rooms and near the bulletin all saw that the boastful Ace and the hateful King have been defeated by the First years and became royalty as they all are joyous.

"Hmmm, well, I guess they still cannot defeat me, they're just freshmen after all, and a pleasurable thing that Kenneth and that Junno's reign has come to an end" A smirked painted on a mysterious guy as he asserted those things while passing by.

-On Quint's class-

He sighed as he heard his classmates murmuring about how apt they are when Genos and Fritz became instant royals and they all went near the two in front.

Fred went beside him, as he heard "Hey Aether guy, I despised you at first but you proved that you are strong and selfless, how about we become friends?" He saw Fred's hands reached out to him as he accepted it.

They Shaked hands, establishing their friendship and Quint smiled.

"Even I, did not like you at first, but you are nice, I even wanted to choose you as the King because you also deserve it but just wait, all of us here will be on the top 15 strongest students list when we enhance our ability" Quint asserted those words towards Fred his new friend.

He saw Den approaching towards them, "Okay, if your friends with our former King in middle school then I'll also be your friend, is it alright?"

"Of course, my goal here is to be friends with everyone including my desire to enhance my abilities to the full extent to defeat awful guys who use their abilities for their own pleasure" Quint responded.

The two agreed with his passion and both want to help Quint with it when they enhance their abilities.

In a cherishing smile, Quint saw Fritz and Genos happily staring at him and he nodded his head.

He looked around and he smiled so bright as he contemplated that he will help his other classmates become stronger like him to defend themselves with guys, who abuse their powers to hurt others.

Greta and Hale recurred their heads as they saw Quint looking up at the ceiling, with his whitish hair, blue-cyan colored eyes, White, pale smooth looking skin, a Fit body, and..his fragrant smell,...they displayed a smile on their faces at the time their heart's beat like a drum and their eyes sparkled when they again realized the greatness of Quint.


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