Unfairly Fair
5 The King of Controlling
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Unfairly Fair
Author :yizreel_jez
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5 The King of Controlling

A wind crossed in the middle of freshmen's class A corridor. While Genos is walking in a silent mood, he shivered as the wind passed before him, he renounced his sight at his back and found Fritz's wobbled and depleted body descending on the floor out of the thin air; he held a small gasp as He rushed towards Fritz's falling body to stop it from tumbling down.

"Fritz! W-what happened to you bro!?" as he repeatedly rubbing at his face. He carried him on his back because it was his decision, unexpectedly, he heard a sudden familiar voice "Why would you carry him when you can use your ability?" Quint then appeared through thin air in front of Genos.

He gulped, released a shaky smile, and stayed where he is, stopping his walk " Oh, hehe, It was you Quint! I was surprised! Plus, you have a point dude, I did not think of that hehe, and…, did you successfully defeat him, that fatso? He asked as he lowers his body to let go Fritz's weakened body from his back

Quint went beside him and responded "Yea, he's quite strong though, but I don't think he used his full power yet, and, is that Fritz?" he asked then looked around as if someone is watching over them because of heavy dark energy that gives him chills.

"Yes! " Genos exclaimed while he frowns as he saw that Quint is agitated and he leaned on the wall with his arms on behind his head.

A strained smile was painted on Quint's face as he again asked. "Where did the others go, the guys who got involved in the fight?"

Genos stood back lively knowing that his friend is just worried about the others then he retorted "No worry bro!, I already have managed to heal them, through reversing the time on them, and I used up half of my power already, and they are all safe and sound now, they all went to their classrooms already, I- I also controlled their consciousness to forget what happened to them using my Intelligence manipulation" he stooped his posture as he complied "..and guess bro, I am all exhausted"

Quint tapped Genos' back "Eh, It is your plan to help Genos, remember? But thanks for the effort bro! You are great, you saved everyone!" He opined with a big smile as he looked around the hallway once again…

As Genos responded "I'm flattered bro, but you're really the one who saved everyone from that fatso and…what makes you feel uneasy, bro? I observed that you continuously look around as if, there is a person watching over us" he then shook his head as he later felt a heavy atmosphere "What is this uneasy aura?"

Quint shrugs and retorted "I don't know either, but it felt like something was so dark," they both think deeply as their hands touch their chin.

Suddenly they heard a complaining sound on the floor "What's the matter with your chit-chats! I am like dying here already! " Fritz spoke in a flat voice.

Genos suddenly dragged Quint nigh him as both of them divert their attention to Fritz.

Quint saw Fritz's depleted body inasmuch he sympathetically apologized "Oh well man, sorry, It's just… something isn't right on the atmosphere at this corridor"

Genos, on the other hand, was still dread with stiff posture and subsequently demurred "Fritz you feel different…" as he nods his head.

And when he stated that he heard a deafening laugh unleashed from the quavered mouth of Fritz like a daredevil. He saw Fritz awfully stand up, at that time he was freaked out and his feet began trembling and agonized in horror inasmuch, he again saw that Fritz's eyes began changing to black from its hazel-brown color.

A cold hail yielded as Quint hastily went beside Fritz and asserted "Huh? As I know, I already have stopped that Hypnotism". Without jittering, he established his relaxed hands on Fritz's head.

Fritz began to quiver his head impulsively to abolish the hands of Quint and a constant vociferously laugh blurt out from his puny mouth.

All students in class A heard that boisterous laugh, a reason for them to check what is happening outside their classroom.

As they all went out, Class A students saw their classmate acting delirious as they also saw Genos on his feet, and, Quint laying his hands on Fritz.

They all shuddered their head as they misconceived the situation.

Fred misunderstood the situation as he shouted "As I felt, that man Is dangerous! See, He even managed to make the most intelligent guy in our class to his Feet, and it's a shame that He also forsake his only so-called friend! and You know what, I can't stand a guy who hurts his friends!" and as his heart rate increases his fist began to blaze.

Students from class A were trembled about what they have witnessed for a very cold atmosphere breezed out from within as they all in the corridor shivered because of the freezing frostiness.

Den shouted with a trembling voice "A FREAK!" and grumbled.

"MONSTER!" Lance's teeth are gritting as he said it.

"BETRAYER!" Gary exclaimed as he wraps his arms around him.

Some females in the class all glared at Quint while their stuttering and they misunderstood that the cold atmosphere was from him.

Quint saw his classmates and stopped laying hands on Fritz knowing that they misinterpreted the situation, and began explaining "Wait, guys! Don't---"

He saw an approaching fireball that is hurled at him by Fred's ability, he then blocked it swiftly by forming a water shield using his right arm then the Fire dissipated, as the water penetrated he later slithered his hands as the shield disseminates.

Fred gulped and began forming another fireball and asserted "Do you think we'll believe yo---" he stopped speaking as Hale went in front of him.

She opened her arms wide open in order to block the attack as she exclaimed "LISTEN FIRST! YOU DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE SITUATION! UNGRATEFUL FRED!"

Still forming a massive fire, Fred shouted "Who're you to stop me! How dare you stop me! I don't even know who you are yet" as he cannot control his anger, the fire was lobbed at her as he screamed in frustration "ARRGH!" knowing that he harmed an innocent lady.

He saw that the fire successfully hit her, but he yelped as his mouth opened widely witnessing that Hale countered his fire with Dark Fire, he disbelievingly then said "WHAT!? You're a dark fire manipulator, lady?" as his frustration went back to a good mood.

Greta's eyes brightly shone and cheerfully jumped knowing that her friend is potent.

Other students began looking at each other as their eyes began glittering because of Hale's power.

Hale then looked at Fred and asserted "Yea, so boastful Fred, Don't just attack anyone if you don't know who really they are" She glared at Him and he lowered his head and began feeling embarrassment.

Fred should not have attacked her, but his anger controlled him out of wrath and excitement, Fred eschewed then decided to go back to their classroom alone, feeling so down with wistfulness and regret., he clenches his fist as he walks towards their room.

Hale then added "All of you here! Stop staring at each other, ATTENTION! I shall explain what really happened here, back inside our classroom because we only have 10 minutes left before the break time is up, so Quint Use your ability now to restore your friends, I saw that Genos was still shocked, you can slap him if you want so that he will return back to his consciousness, and that guy, Fritz, You can restore him right?" as she saw and heard Fritz continuous laughing.

"Yea, your powerful though" Quint opined and Hale in her thoughts flew on the clouds because it was the first time that she heard someone praised her.

Quint then points his finger towards Genos.

Genos invigorated as pleasant temperature tranquilize his whole body, He opened his eyes to reality as he saw lights surround his body and he was dignified so he stood up immediately and stimulated.

"Thanks, bro!" Genos bowed as a sign of gratefulness towards Quint

Students saw it so they all went "WHAT?" as they all are still focused on Quint to attack him, but they were all frightened because of the power discrepancy, and they all are ashamed of themselves.

"Genos! You can help restore the mind of Fritz right" Quint asked and smiled

"Leave it to me, bro!" Genos replied as students are watching them and again exclaimed "WHAT, THEY ARE FRIENDS!" a bit of euphoria hit them knowing that Quint did not attack Genos.

Genos went near Fritz in a confident posture, He closed his eyes and he began to connect with Fritz's consciousness.

In Fritz's mind, Genos saw him, locked in a dark matter that continues to control Fritz, he began to shiver as he saw that dark matter, stealing the consciousness of his friend.

He deeply sighed as he pondered, "I need to stop that thing, but how?, with my ability?, I cannot stop that!"

Fritz consciousness saw Genos and felt a bit of jubilation knowing that someone might save him from the dark energy "H-HELP ME GENOS!" he weakly said as the dark matter bit by bit gobble him.

Uneased, Genos saw that horrifying scene and heard the weak voice of Fritz that like a sword was stabbed at him so he opened his eyes and hurriedly told Quint because he felt that he cannot fight or stop that dark matter alone.

Held a little bit of gasp as Quint asserted "A dark matter huh? maybe because of that fatso."

Genos shrugs then said "I don't know, but it felt so powerless for a nether manipulator, so it's not, my guess is.....someone is controlling Fritz with a MENTAL PLANE MANIPULATION ABILITY"

"Huh? if so, why would he control Fritz if he has nothing to do with him" Quint retorted as he still keeps an eye around.

"I could say that maybe, that person is seeking an act of vengeful revenge for the ace of this school that you recently defeated" Genos replied as he crossed his arms

Quint turned back as he asserted "I will first restore the consciousness of Fritz before I get stressed with this situation here, let's just solve that after we heal Fritz." he went nigh Fritz then laid his hands again on Fritz's head.

But Fritz contended, so Quint cannot focus as he also heard something on his mind "stop, loser!" continuously and he got distracted and puts his hands on his face.

Den felt a sudden movement in him as he attacked Quint behind using his water hand blast manipulation but Genos blocked it with his body causing him to get the attack, as the punch touch him, he felt burning sensation in his back because the water is extremely hot that made him toppled.

"HEYYYY! WHY DID YOU ATTACK!!" Hale wrathfully shouted as she saw Genos' scalded back.

"I don't know, my body just moved by itself" Den retorted as he is disappointed to himself and headed back to the room hurriedly along with the others because they shunned.

As Genos' back hurts, he cannot move his body because of the scalding, Hale went beside him and At that time Gaea looked back and went near them voluntarily to heal the wound of Genos because she felt so bad of not doing anything when everyone is getting perplexed.

Quint took sight as Gaea is healing Genos and saw his condition..."Thanks, Gae---" right when he said thanks, he saw Gaea trembling in fear as he again looks at Genos' body, Roots of Plants stabbed it, and he began shaking his head.

"I'm so----sorry, I did not mean to, my body just started to move by itself, I just wanna help" with teary eyes Gaea explained

"What did you do!" He difficulty heard Gaea's explanation as he gazed at her because he was so anxious about Genos.

His angered self wants to be unleashed but he managed to dominate it by controlling his wrath as he deeply sighed.

He again points his finger to Genos and thought of using soil to heal his friend, and he covers the body of Genos with soil.

Intense heat sedate Genos' body once again, He opened his eyes as he saw that his wounds are healing by soil, he perceives greatly like he was in the land of healers. He stayed lying down on the floor because of the soothing pleasure as his clothes also recover.

Knowing that Genos was delighted, Quint glanced at his back, sensing where the dark aura is but he can not track it.

He saw Fritz's body still is wacky, so he blocked who governed his friend's body by using his sacred ability, SOUL PURIFICATION, and points his finger towards the position of Fritz.

The dark matter nearly swallows Fritz's consciousness, his body is exhausted but still enduring the dark matter from seizing his body but he wants to surrender now, and as soon as he gives up, shining light came near his consciousness as he saw that the dark matter is getting eliminated by that powerful light.

In an aerified soul, clouds surrounded his drained body and hysteria went off his mind as his body fervors, he opened his eyes as it turned back to its original color, and saw the enthusiastic face of his friends and painted a big smile on his face.

He raised his body as Quint helps him to stand. "Thanks, man, I hardly breathe when that dark energy went in my body, plus, I know that you already expunged that fatso's hypnotism but right when I stepped on this corridor through your ability, I suddenly felt something is throbbing in my heart and attacked my mind, and I am not certain who did that." He stated as he stand.

Quint retorted, "Genos, go back to the classroom now with Gaea and Hale, and please carry Fritz on your shoulders yet for his body is not yet fully recovered. I'll find who did this to Fritz since it's five minutes left before the break time is up, and on that time, I'll assure you that I found the culprit, so Go back to the classroom now and please explain what really happened, because our classmates seem to not like me anymore."

As he heard Quint's voice, Genos immediately stood up and asserted "But Quint, won't you get scolded? Today is the first day of class" he frowned his eyes as he asked that

"Nah, Don't worry, Don't you remember, I am the grandson of the director, so I can do whatever I want, plus I did not really come here to learn, I came here to enhance my ability to defeat guys who abuse their ability for their own satisfaction" Quint responded as he turns back.

"Well, I would gladly be grateful, but..*stopped speaking for a moment*...well, I understand, it's a pleasure Bro! don't worry when I get stronger, I'll help you wipe up those bastards who don't know how to use their ability well" Fritz said as he bowed his head

"So do we!" the other three shouted as Quint began walking.

They then headed inside their classroom and Hale, Genos, and Fritz explained what really happened using the remaining break time while Gaea went back to her seat inasmuch the students' chatter with their seatmate.

Hale then started "Guys! just be grateful that we have a classmate like Quint, he is potent, fighting skills are great and furthermore HANDSOME! and nice, a guy that needs to be a role model for the other mutts here" as she puts her hands on her chest and her face was amorously displayed.

The whole class "EH!?" and the other two in front stared at her and Genos tapped her on the back.

Genos then said "It's not the time to think about romanticism, wake up! we must explain what happened to us remember?" Hale lightly hit her face to go back to reality, and Genos started speaking as the whole class look on each other.

"Guys, as so you know, I'm an intelligence manipulator. I shall start, Den and Fred went to a senior's hallway and got ambushed by a fat guy whom they call the Ace here in this school, right Hale?, you can't remember anything now Fred, Den, and Greta who got involved because I erased that part of your memory" Genos asserted as he looked towards the seat of both Fred and Den.

Greta yelped as Fred and Den look at each other and both held a small gasp as Fred stated

"How would we believe you?" Fred raised his voice and stood up as he slams his table but Hale glared at Fred, and he gulped as he turned back to his seat.

"Please remain silent! to be quicker without complaints, I shall speak now, First of all, because of those two, I suffered, no!, we suffered from jeopardy, the four of us who planned to save those guys who got involved from that powerful fatso and the thing you saw outside, I was controlled back then by an anonymous dark matter which we don't know who it was, and Quint helped me the best he can do and guys, Quint already defeated the so-called ACE! here in this academy, so right now, as you can see, He again went to look for the culprit who did this to me! so stop the big misunderstanding! okay?" Fritz raised his voice as he frowns.

"So that is why they came back here late, Den and Fred" Gary said and nods his head

"Now I understand!" Lance muttered in the back as he lowers his head

"NAH! Don't worry, we believe in Quint, we already saw how great he is! He healed both of you, He restored both of you, plus he used the remaining time, just to find the culprit who did this to you" Greta exclaimed while she is sitting in a relaxed posture.

"Ye, we believe him" The whole class agreed.

Tilting his head as Fred said, "I'll apologize to him when he gets back".

"Now my assumption to him is wrong" Den retorted as his arms were crossed.


The three in front painted a big smile on their faces as they went back to their seats

They all heard the sound of the door creaking as they glanced towards it, they saw Quint safely arrived.

"Did you already found him? Did you get the avenge you want?" Genos hurriedly ran in front as he asked that with his eyes shining

"Yea, but I sensed that he is a nice person, just being controlled by that Fatso because of the discrepancy of power, he followed us just to get revenge for his master, oh, what a nice guy, and I slightly purified his soul, so I'm hoping to see him change his perspective in life, not ensuing what that fatso is gonna order him from now on." He responded while they're going back to their respective seats as students in class A who oppose to him earlier lowered their heads to their desks.

Fred In the back vehemently shouted "IM SORRY!" as he blushes out of embarrassment and he saw Quint nod his head while smiling.

*5 minutes earlier*

When Quint walked towards the corridor, he stretches his arms beside him, knowing that someone followed him"Who are you?!" he asked coldly as his eyes turned purple while he gripped the hair of the guy.

The guy wheezes as his head hurt because of the grip of Quint and stated "I--i am Junno Menta" he breathes heavily as he suffers while he cannot look back at Quint because his glare is so diminishing and he added while catching his breath "I- am the King of Contr--lling, bu- why can'-t I -control yo-"

Quint releases his grip to him and he was tossed in the wall and broke his shoulder bones because it hit the wall heavily.

Quint asserted and loudly raised his voice "If you don't wanna die, speak right now! why did you attack my FRIEND!!"

Menta's body went shivering as fear besiege him and gulped as he retorted " I- I came here fo-r revenge, for my Mas-ter, when I saw him that he is on the floor, I cannot believe of what I saw because, In the two years, I am with him no one has ever defeated or tried to challenge the Ace of this school, Neither do I, his disciple err...servant I should say, The King of this school with an ability of Mental plane manipulation, but right now he was defeated by a first-year guy! I saw it all, so I carried him to the clinic and decided to get revenge by using your friend, but- you manage to defeat two royalties one at a time, YOU ARE STRONG! I shall admit it! it's like that you are the Joker, but na-h, it's impossible because the Joker is already as strong as you! but he never socialize with others so you consider yourself lucky right now, but when he---" Menta's heart throbs as his bones ached so he cannot move as his eyes deliberately close and he saw a blurry image of light rays as he saw the eyes of Quint turned back to its cyan color then he blacked out.

The scent of the alcohol came through his nose as he opened his eyes, he found himself teleported in the school clinic, as he looked around, the nurse slowly puts a bandage on his chest and arms.

He gulped and muttered "Hmmpf, Thank you, potent guy!" he noticed that he was rejuvenated after reminiscing what occurred earlier before passing out then smiled as he lightly sighed....and sensed the exhausted body of his master through the curtain next to him.

He then perceived that he no longer wants to be a servant but to be just himself.


Character Attributes:

Name: Junno Menta

Age: 19

Alias: King of Controlling; King of Ehal High school

Ability: Mental Plane Manipulation

Class: Haffles

Power scale: 5.2


Name: Frea Hale

Age: 17

Alias: Queen of Hellfire (Former)

Ability: Dark Fire

Class: Ave

Power scale: 4.0


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