Unfairly Fair
4 The ACE defeated?
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Unfairly Fair
Author :yizreel_jez
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4 The ACE defeated?

On the Senior's Hallway where Fred, Den, Greta, two other students, and the fat guy are.

The fat guy told Fred "hehehe!, Your useless huh? Freak! You cannot be my toy "

He tosses Fred heavily to the wall but he saw a black-haired guy (Fritz) caught Fred using Clouds, thunderous clouds sparked that nearly hit his thick skin. He dodged it swiftly by using a soil shield.

He then asked, "Who are you!", Observing the reaction of the guy, he smirked because the guy trembled as if he was in a horror maze while carrying his friend.

Laughing arduously "Hahahahahaha, you won't answer? then be one of my toys!" he said as if he was a victor against thousands of people; he positioned his hands pointing at the guy forming dark energy to hurl it to him.

He chuckled as he fired the negative energy to the boy, but a white-haired guy suddenly again appeared beside his target as that guy blocked his energy ball easily also using a soil barrier.

He frowned and twitched his eyebrow as he asked "Huh! Another guy? Well, he looks weak," in his mind "how is he able to block that attack with ease? That boulder also should have cracked so easily. I can't accept it, I am stronger than anyone here!"

His thoughts were abruptly interrupted as he heard the white-haired guy spoke "Please be nice to your juniors, but, since you attacked us, well, you even ambushed the people who're already on the ground who are innocent, I'll fight back you useless pig! using your ability for your own pleasures!"

Quint discerns Greta and Den lying on the floor behind the big body of the fatso, their eyes were lifeless, their skin was wrinkly and disgusting to look at. Right when he saw then, it made him more wrathful as if blazing fire covers him.

The fat guy saw his perilous presence and said 'Who're you calling PIG?, ME? bastard! you make me laugh! don't joke around, it doesn't mean you block my attack you already are strong! dude, oh! I should say a small fry! Wake up! I am the ACE here in this academy so pay respect to me! and, since you're first years, I should humbly introduce my STRONG SELF because of your ignorance, I am Black, Kenneth, 21, power scale 7.8- Haffles and a Nether Manipulator!"

Quint was somewhat shocked by what Kenneth said, his skin tingled as if a bee stung on it, a knot was formed inside his belly as he is shaking his head slowly for he cannot believe that there is a nether manipulator inside the campus, for he is aware that it is the opposite of his ability and is also perilous compared to his life-saving power.

Kenneth laughs vigorously as he saw the white-haired guy clenching his fists, He then boastfully said "HAHAHAHAHA surprised? No one can cope up with my ability, so…I guess you'll all be my servants here right no—"

He paused as he saw the guy swiftly teleported in front of him through specks of dust. He was shocked because he again sensed a stronger power coming out from the guy's presence.

Mr. King was watching them in his dreams (definitely using his powers)

Quint said "Nether Manipulator you said, senior? I also should Introduce myself, after, I defeat you!" Vanishing through turquoise spring water, he teleported on Kenneth's back.

It shocked the Fatso for he did not notice Quint that he was so fast like lighting hitting the ground; Kenneth sensed Quint from the back, without looking back he positioned his arms on his back to protect his head from the fire slash he sensed which the kid will use at him; He successfully blocked it using dark water that was formed on his arm.

He realizes that right when he blocked the attack, he sensed that the guy vanished once more into thin air as he recurred his head.

Stating in an arrogant tone, "Hmppf, Even if you teleport behind me and hide, I still can sense you, dummy! so you have guts because you are an elemental manipulator, huh! But that kind of power will not defeat my superior ability! Because I also can use it duh! Think before you—"

He paused as he blocked an attack, rather, an electric Zap from the other guy (Fritz) He blocked it, using a soil shield.

He again boastfully asserted, "Thunder? That doesn't affect me, it didn't even electrocute me! Hmm, wait where is the Elemental manipulator guy? Is he hiding? But I can't sense him, did he run away? He is useless! hahaha see it electric guy? he left you for his own safety,---"

He heard the kid shouted "SHUT UP!" and saw him tried to electrocute him again…but he blocked it using again his boulder shield.

'OH little poor guy, you wanna fight? Huh? He asserted.

In Fritz's mind "What is taking Quint so long?"

A few minutes earlier...,

Fritz and Quint were eating in the corridor leading to their classroom.. they suddenly heard a shout from their back as if it was really urgent.

Hale hurriedly shouted "Quint!" as she has found him just as Mr. King asked

They then saw Her huffing, so he and Fritz went where she is,

"What happened?" Quint asked as he is helping her for she looks exhausted.

She then told what happened…..

"Oh so, that's what happened why you are running," Fritz said as she heard it with a comforting voice

She then heard Quint retorted " Okay, I'll go because of the teacher's request, well.., you said that Den and the two other students get wrinkly and got suffocated?"

She hurriedly replied as if anytime she'll get a heart attack "Yes, I saw it with my own two eyes!"

Without noticing at their back, Genos suddenly spoke behind them and heard him said "Well then, I know his ability now, He also can take one's life huh? I bet he is a Nether manipulator"

It surprised them as they gasped, they recured their heads while they are standing, as she heard Fritz said "Genos?, you shocked us, why are you here? And what are you saying?"

"Oh, I was just passing by, literally I am returning to our room right now, but I overheard your conversation so I butt in since I, once again heard a dangerous ability after Quint's," She heard Genos' answer forasmuch she saw him smiled.

At Quint's mind " Nether? the opposite of my power?" ; he then asked"Nether manipulation? Oh, yea I heard about that, It's the opposite of my ability right? it's like the dark side of my power".

"Ye, definitely, and if you plan to take him down now without a plan, the results are 50-50 because he is also powerful as you" he heard a confident answer from Genos.

"So how can we beat him, Mr. King also told me he is the ACE of this school," He was shocked, No, The boys were shocked for what Hale said.

Fritz yelped as if it was a scream inside a horror house as he asserted, "ACE?" The highest royal? then why is he bullying?"

Nodding her head as Hale responded, "I don't know too, but Mr.King said that he would explain things later; Genos is there a way to beat him? we'll rely on you since you are the most intelligent in class"

Thinking of a way, Genos scratches his head; enlarged his eyes as he had an idea,"There is a way, but please stay here for your safety Hale because he is really powerful" He sincerely said

"W-well but Greta is there too, and how'd you know my name I haven't introduced myself yet," Hale said in wonder

She then heard Fritz asked "Hale? Hale is your name? nice to meet you hehe"

"Ye nice to meet you," She heard the welcoming voice of Quint as she was holding her romantic excitement deep inside her mind and heart. She just nodded her head while a bit of pinkish blush is displayed on her porcelain-toned cheeks.

Cutting her fantasizing as she heard the explanation of Genos, "Hale, I knew all your names in class A all along, because after we were sent on our classrooms, I quietly am researching on my desk while all of you are busy gossiping about a guy in a hood who defeated a great thief"

Quint suddenly smiled as he heard the explanation of Genos.

He heard Hale retorting "Well, I understa—speaking of which," Hale and the two looked at him as if he was a murderer or somewhat a hero as he again heard from Hale, " b-by any chance, Quint are you the guy who defeated that great thief?

At that time an awkward atmosphere was present in the corridors forasmuch he was smirking without replying; The three were looking at each other since they did not hear a response from Him.

Shaking her head as Hale added in an awkward manner, "W-well You are in a Hood, your power is really strong and I don't sense any fear in yo—"

He cut what Hale was saying as he asserted, "Yes I am, well, hehe, it was 3 AM when he attacked me, I was walking towards the school for a long time because I was from the farthest city, he attacked me suddenly then I defended myself, I became so harsh knowing that he destroyed," pointing at his back, "this hoodie mom gave to me, but don't worry it's all fixed now! "

He then heard Fritz astoundingly said as he saw his eyes widened, " So then, WOW!, well, you have a chance to defeat that fat guy…because you even managed to defeat one of Klay's henchman."

"Yes, definitely then, even without our plan, you can still manage to defeat the fatso," Genos responded in a respectful manner knowing that He is inferior to Quint.

Silent as the soundless space, Fritz and Genos were astonished for what they have heard that made their feeling, comfortable; Also amazed as she shook her head inasmuch Hale shouted "OH RIGHT!, FOCUS! WE FORGOT OUR MISSION GUYS, SO WHAT IS THE PLAN!!"

"Right we nearly forgot the plan" Genos and Fritz both said as their focus returned on the plan they are making.

Quint on the other hand just nodded his head while they all remain standing in a circular way like a group meeting.

He then asserted, "Okay, what is the plan? I am certain of my ability but I'm not a guy who boasts his powers, so, what is the plan?"

Genos then answered while looking at the ceiling " Okay, while Hale is going to stay here," Hale glared at him, but he did not react as he continues, "We three are going to that hallway where we can save Den and Fred Okay?" Hale still stares at him as he heard her shouted, "Greta also!"

He nodded as he added "Okay, let's also save, Greta then, so, this is the plan, I will use my time manipulation ability, b-but I kinda cannot control it yet, but I can use it for a few seconds though so I'll still use it. While you fritz will distract that fatso, Quint and I will go and rescue the others back here using my time ability and Quint's Air, soil, Fire and water manipulation because I am certain that Aether manipulators can control elements, and after no one is there except you two, Fritz distract him and Quint will send you here while that fat guy is getting perplexed. I and Fritz then will heal the guys who got involved while Quint fights the fatso.

"Great plan!" hearing from the excitement coming out from Fritz's mouth.

Hale sighed as she asserted, "Remember act faster because you only have 30 minutes left until the continuation of our lesso--,umm, Introduction In our room I should say".

"Okay!, then, it is settled," Quint retorted as he tapped Genos' back; Running hastily as the three boys were leading to the fatso,

Left in boredness, Hale then returned to their classroom and contemplated as she was walking towards the door, " Why would I be left here?, Greta is there and I should've come with them, but, well, I am confident they will defeat that awful fatso."

She opened the door, upon opening it, she saw the calming scenery on the window full of lavender and different flowers as from afar the sun is shining gloriously.

Walking towards her seat as her classmates were doing their own businesses; she sat quietly waiting for the three to come back with her friend and the two troublemakers.

-Present time-

Kenneth said to Fritz "Hey! scared? don't worry, I will be your master from now on okay?" He pointed his forefinger to Fritz, the boy then hypnotized as Fred whom he carries suddenly vanished through thin air.

"Y-yes master!" Fritz said as he was hypnotized.

Talking to the air as Kenneth asserted, "BWAHAHAHA, you think you can trick me? Do you think I haven't realized why the students I defeated who're on the floor suddenly disappear? You just can use elements you bastard who is hiding! but from now on I will use your friend huwahahahah!" Kenneth evilly laughed like a devil torturing people.

Quint saw all the things because he was at Kenneth's back all the time using wind invisibility, he is also the reason why Fred vanished in order to teleport him to where Genos is.

He then suddenly appeared and tried to slash Kenneth's back with his rock sword, but he saw that the fatso blocked it using a steel barrier.

Hearing an arrogant tone from the fatso, " You think you can outclass me? I am clearly superior than you kid!"

Quint then snarled like a ferocious beast who wants to tear every flesh as his eyes turned into purple.

His eyes glanced and sensed that Kenneth teleported behind him as he also sensed and felt that the fatso forms a dark ice needle attacking him and once again heard him arrogantly said "Hey kid! Watch your ba---"

Gripping the ice needle with such strong force without looking at his back, Quint then said "Yea, I always am watching my back,"

Kenneth grumbled and said "Fool! I can freeze yo--" The fatso paused as he saw his needle broke from the strong grip of the kid and he was astounded because even Quint cannot see it the kid managed to break his strongest formed ice needle.

He smirked as he teleported in front Quint; he saw the fierce look of the kid that gave him chills, he focused as he asserted "Hmmph!, how bout' battling your friend? Hahahahahah"!

At his back where Fritz is kneeling, Kenneth slowly lifting his arms up as Fritz from his back stood up…

He asserted " Go, attack your friend!", Fritz did not respond to what he said that made him surprised as he looked back where the kid is as he heard from the other kid,

"Umm, I guess not? Because I already have reversed your hypnotization on him because I AM Not just an element manipulator!"

Enlarging his eyes as he saw Fritz vanished through a group of leaves as he again recurred his head towards where Quint is.

He grumbled as he retorted, "YOU BASTARD! Why you!"

An answer was spoken from a confident tone from the boy, "Well I am your sworn enemy, senior, Kenneth!, I am the Aether Manipulator!"

Again his eyes widened like the eyes of a never-sleeping owl for what he had heard as he asked unbelieving, "WHATTT?"

He added, "Don't be full of yourself! I am 8.0 and your senior, I bet your just a lowly 5.0" as he looks him from head to toe.

Responding with such confidence as he heard from the glossing crimson lips of Quint, "Huh? 5.0? no! I already am in 8.0 also HAFFLES like you freak!"

After hearing that, he grumbled cause he cannot believe for what he is hearing and witnessing, his head was forming distorted lines as he cannot accept it.

He then wrathfully said, "Stop joking around ki---" His asserting was cut forasmuch he saw the kid once again disappeared, now with water droplets.

As the kid vanished, he felt his breath leaving from his mouth, drying up his throat; his heart pounded so fast inasmuch as he began to asphyxiate like what he did to the kids; His went into his knees for he cannot control his body from stooping down.

He was wondering as he is hardly sustaining his breath; in his thoughts, "W-why can't I breathe?," breathing heavily like a ship was on his back as he contemplated, "I'll just reverse it using my abili—"

The suffocating became more intense as he coughed, he heard from nowhere "Not a chance Fat boy!"

Asserting in a lowly tone, "H—ow can I not fig-- fight back-?- From nowhere he was getting slap by a heavy hand not to be seen, he tried to sense where the hands come from as it deliberately is whacking his fatty cheeks; he again heard a voice, a voice which he recognized, the voice of the white-haired guy.

"You cannot see me, fat boy, huh!, what happened? You said you are superior than me?"

He was still on his knees as the slapping stopped; he grumbled,"I'll reveng-- " he paused as he cannot restrain his body anymore to fall down as his breath was temporarily removed from his body by the kid's ability.

Quint appeared in front of the fatso who is lying down on the cold floor; stating as his eyes turn back to cyan, "Serves you right! It is for using your abilities against others, and also you for hurting my friends!, But I won't kill or make you vanish yet, you deserve to change!"

He turned back as he used his leaf teleportation to go where Fritz, Genos, and the other kids are, leaving the so-called ACE lying on the floor behind.

Mr.King who is watching in his dreams, smirked as he woke up.


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