Unfairly Fair
3 A trouble in the corridors
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Unfairly Fair
Author :yizreel_jez
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3 A trouble in the corridors

" Ahem! O-okay class…" Quint heard Mr.King as his classmates are looking at him suspiciously except the woman in front of him who he talked to earlier (referring to Greta).

Again he heard Mr.King Imploring while standing in the middle front, "AHEM! Listen, class! I know that you are still amazed at what you witnessed because his power was stunning that even I got perplexed, but please remain focused because I don't even know who all of you are yet".

All the students in class A behaved and prioritized how to present themselves due to their teacher's request.

Quint smiled, he was enjoying every bit of these moments of his first time going to school as he heard Mr. King added "Well, additional information, the chair is not broken, it can scan your class and power scale with perfection so it is not a lie that Quint really is an outstanding kid—" he silently said—"O-Okay this is not the time to be fascinated," laughs silently.

Students frowned their eyes seeing that their teacher laughs by himself, He on the other hand just nod his head but deep inside he is chuckling in spite of the weirdness of their teacher, as he hears again Mr. King added,

"Oh right!, let us now proceed! , the sum of you who are in class A is 15, so you will each introduce yourselves one by one in front, okay? And another announcement, today is only an introduction day, because this is the first day literally, so no lessons yet"

Quint saw Fred at the corner desk nodding his head, Den who was the seatmate of Fred just crossed his arms.

Suddenly He saw at the back desk a man raised his hands who has brown hair, plump pink lips, Eyes were as brown as the hazel's trunk, and skin was as pale as his, he has an average height for a teenager, then Quint heard from him,

"Mr.King, so what will be the order of our introduction, sir? " Lance asked from the back.

Mr. King responded "Okay, please be settled, the order begins from the back seat to the front seat following the chair lanes from right to left, so that means we will start with, You, Mr. Brown hair! "

Yelped a little bit as Lance widened his eyes at the back. Quint saw his nervousness as if he also feels a knot in his stomach.

He observed all other students are doing their own businesses, and Lance who got shocked.

Lance's stomach tightly being in knots, his face depicts as of an emotionless creature as he also overhears his classmates chattering deafeningly about him while he was walking to the front.

But suddenly he heard Mr. King's voice,

"Class, please be quiet, I know you are all anxious about how to introduce yourselves, but please have respect to the person in front who courageously went first, ...I should say should be really first, so please remain silent"

He saw Mr. King approaching near him then heard him whispered in his ears "Do not let your uneasy feeling conquer you Mr. Brown hair, relax, if possible Inhale and exhale"

As he nods his head, Lance then did what Mr. King said. He inhaled as if it was the last breath of his life while his eyes closed, he later exhaled relaxing the joints of his body that made him calm which made his reflexes better.

Then without hesitation, he stated, " H-Hello, I am Lac, Lance, 16 years old, and my ability is sword creation...,"

He heard his classmates "OoHhhh", he felt a bit of spark in his heart as he gained his confidence more.

He then continues "I can create swords or sharp things using any material I can use to construct it, but I kinda cannot control it yet, the thing is I am a Lesse class"

Hering from the man named Den shouted "Yuck! Lo--" he saw him paused as he also noticed that Mr. King glared at that guy.

Mr. King then uttered to him "Okay, then please sit here on this hi-tech chair to identify what class you are and how powerful you are, and as for the next student, after you say some info's about yourself, please immediately sit on this chair to make our day faster, okay? "

Lance then sat down on the chair, and it started scanning…

chair typing... "Class- Lesse…. Power scale: 1.8 .....scan completed!"

Fred in his mind while he frowned "Ewww weak as Den said his like YUCK!!"

Lance heard Mr. King concluded, "Thank you, Mr. Lance, well then, let us proceed!"

He smiled as he went back to his seat with confidence even upon hearing the YUCK from his classmate Den, it did not offend him because he knows he can improve.

He sat down as his seatmate who looks fully confident about himself is about to go in front.

The guy who has blue hair, eyes were as of a beautifully frozen pond, his skin tone was of the whitest milk that is seductive to touch because it looks so smooth as if he was a pudding shouting to be eaten.

Then without hesitation, the guy introduced himself.

"A pleasant morning to everyone, I, I am the magnificent hot and cold, Frost, Gary...," Lifts his right hand to fix his bluish hair.

He heard the girls in front "Is he insane" as he observed that they got cringed, but he did not pay attention to it so he continued

"...I am 17 years old, and willing to be every woman's knight and shining armor in this class" he flexes his well-built arms but he noticed that the girls just looked away

A girl in front ruminated while not looking at him "He is indeed handsome because his lips were also beguiling like his white skin, his lips are screaming to be kissed on its pinkish coat—but why do I get cringed? is it because of his overwhelming presence?"

Gary then continues, "My ability is Cyrostasis which I can freeze any objects and even awful guys that harm every woman here in this class" he knelt then posed his hands on his face.

"He is a total weirdo!" the man sitting beside the woman uttered.

As he heard the guy's criticism, he did not care rather he immediately sat on the technology as their teacher requested.

Quint, on the other hand, stays relaxed and enjoys every moment.

Chair typing… Class- Ave..... Power scale: 3.7.....scan completed..

Gary then smiled as he also heard "Wow! he is strong though" from a woman whose hair is blonde (Pertaining to Hale).

He went back to his seat while looking around at the girls as he is nodding his head, he was proud of himself.

He noticed the student right next to him sits alone in the room's back corner desk. His hair was of a pitch-black like an empty space, Eyes were whitish-grey like a glittering silver coin. He was in a brown-colored suit that makes him spectacular to look, he has a beautiful thin red lip that matches his fair skin tone.

Gary noticed him that the guy also immediately went in front without skepticism.

The fellow who went in front saw Mr. King sat on a chair beside the door because literally he was standing the entire time.

The guy then spoke with confidence, "A delightful morning to everyone!, It is a privilege to speak and introduce myself in front, I am Recc, Genos, age, 16, and my ability is Intelligence manipulation, and I also have a secondary ability...,"

He heard the class uttered, "Ohhhhh..."

In the corner beside the door,"What would that be? Hmmm...Interesting...." Mr. King contemplated.

Genos then continued, "...that second ability is what my sister bestowed upon me when she passed away and I have no choice but to take it and that ability is Time manipulation, though, I still cannot control it yet, and, as what I have observed, I shall say that this two ability combined, the estimated result on that chair…,the scale of both of my powers is 3.0 and 1.5 that makes it 4.5 to make me qualify as an Ave."

The brown suit that enhances his look caught the attention of all the females in class except the two who are attracted to Quint.

As he heard "WHOOOoo!" from the man named Den then later heard him shouted "how can you tell? You even did not sit on that chair, an-n-nd I bet you're just lying!".

He frowned then stated "Huh?"

He heard Mr. King respond to the arrogant Den "Let us see Mr. troublesome, don't underestimate an Intelligence manipulator" he heard his teacher later added, "I believe you Mr. Genos, but to prove them you are accurate, please sit on that technology."

Genos face released a small smile as he is meekly sitting on the Hi-tech chair.

Chair typing…Class-Ave….Power scale: 4.5, dual ability estimation: ability 1 : 3.0… Ability 2 : 1.5...…. Scan completed!

Nodding his head as again he heard "WOW!" from the entire class.

Greta in her mind said, "He is right!"

"He got it precisely" Hale uttered as Genos heard it.

Looking at the arrogant guy's chair he saw him mumbling about something "Umm, well he got it lucky this time" Den murmured.

He then went back to his seat and the student in front of him which is Den immediately went in front while staring at Him. He leered back because he cannot get enough about the arrogant attitude of that guy; his gaze was more malicious than of Den's stare as if he was about to do something.

Den flinched and renounced his sight focusing to go in front.

In Den's mind while walking, "I'll prove that bastard he has a place he—" His thinking paused as someone locked his mind from doing so; He looked back towards Genos and saw him smirking.

A second passed , he forswore his look at Genos, because he again flinched gazing at his malicious eyes. He then continued to walk, then reaches the front as he contemplated "That nasty bastard using his ability on me—" His thoughts were interrupted by Mr.King as he heard, "Please introduce yourself now Mr. Troublemaker no.2 ".

He heard the Whole class laughed and it made him uneasy.

"Umm.Err, Hello Everyone, I am mr.troubl-..Er Aqui, Triden," he heard the class laughed once more, "Please don't laugh at me!, everyone makes mistake!, I just am troubled, well kinda sort of like that..err…" —Thoughts in his mind, "because of that Genos I am being humiliated, you bastard! Wait until I prove that I am stronger than you!",

He then resumes introduction, "Well just call me Den if you want to be friends with me, even if you are Losers!, I am 16, my ability is what you already saw earlier, Water hand blast. That's all and I will prove that I am strong, more powerful than that Aether guy, Fire bully, and Wise man".

He saw his seatmate Fred heard it as it crunches his ears as overheard him shouted "Who're you calling Fire bully? is it me, is IT ME! LOSER!"

He just smirked looking towards Fred whose face is pissed controlling his temper.

Looking at Quint and Genos' position, he observed that they remained placid, and the attention of Genos changed as if nothing happened earlier, rather he saw him just staring at the window full of lavender flowers.

He smirked then sat on the hi-tech chair….typing...Class- Ave…Power scale: 3.6…Scan completed!

Enlarged his eyes as he was shocked by what he saw when he stood up "What? My power is just 3.6?!"

Hearing from the corner of the room, Mr.King answered "Just accept the fact Mr. Trouble--- should I say, Mr. Den"

He heard the class chuckled as he put his hand on his face dashing back to his seat and he cannot look at Fred who is his seatmate.

Fred's temper returned to a good mood knowing that he is superior to Den

Stating in boastful but comforting tone "Loser! But you know let's be friends, I like you!"

He saw Den still cannot take his hands off his face but he noticed that Den smiled a little, through the little space in his hands.

Smiling as he ambled in front.

"I will introduce myself! I am Igniz, Fred Fier the guy who melted this board," slams his hand on the melted board, "I am a strong Ave with a power scale in the middle school of 3.7, so everyone must kneel before me, well, Mr. King is an exception as a respect, but all of you here in class A must recognize your King!" Lays his hands on the teacher's table.

It hurts his ears as he heard his classmates "BOooooh! ARROGANT!"

He added, "Pfft, You will descry your king when you see how powerful I became after cultivating my ability because I know that I am stronger than that Aether manipulator guy!, " he stared where Quint is sitting but Quint did not pay attention," W-well, Umm... I am 17!, and my ability is Burn Manipulation."

He then sat on the chair confidently as if he was sitting on a King's throne; chair typing...Class-Ave s ….Power scale: 3.8… ..Scan completed.

Right, when he stood up and saw the result, his eyes enlarged and his pride got hurt like someone just suddenly stabbed his heart.

Stating with a heavy tone, "I just improved by one? after cultivating my ability at home!??" , he lowered his head after he said that, his heart pulsates more when he heard his classmates laugh at him. His arrogance went down to an end as again he heard from Genos

"Where is your confidence now!?" , He had no reaction as if it was the end of his boastful life; he ashamedly returned to his seat hating himself.

The woman in the next chair (left chair) went in front instantly. She has a light-green hair like the grass in a peaceful meadow, her eyes were as beautiful as the Jade. Her skin was as white as the fluffiest clouds. Her lips were shining because of its seductive rosy pinkish color.

Gary who was in the back saw the beautiful lady, his eyes glimmered and his heart is pounding fastly as if he was about to have a heart attack because of the beautiful woman he spotted.

Stating her name, " I am Leaf, Gaea, 16, the ability is plant manipulation but I cannot control it really well yet, Umm you know, I am just a Lesse during my middle school."

She then sat on the chair scanner…typing...Class- Ave….Power scale: 2.0…Scan completed."

"Okay, at least I have someone who is like me, but she is stronger than me though" Lance contemplated while nodding his head, he turned his head towards his seatmate, he saw glowing lights coming out from Gary and his eyes are shining like the brightest stars at night.

He forswore his sight off him because he was the harshest man you'll ever meet, bitter than of the bitterest gourd. He saw Gaea returned to her seat, and her seatmate is next. He noticed the woman's pinkish- hair like the flesh of a freshly picked grapefruit. Her eyes were scarlet and her lips were crimson as if she drank blood before entering the room.

As she walks in front, Greta felt a powerful aura then ruminated " I think she is strong, but, not as powerful as I have felt when Quint and Mr. King entered this room.

The girl then introduced herself "I am Globin, Hemea, 17, And I have an ability called blood transformation… an ability which I use my blood and others' blood to form a weapon I like," presents a creepy smile

It startled all females in the class while half of the guys in the class said "CUTE!!!

She proceeds to the chair scanner. chair typing..Class-Ave…Power scale: 4.5..Scan completed.. and she went back to her seat still displaying her eerie smile as if she was a ghoul in her past life.

Crossed his arms as Fritz told Quint, "She is strong like that intelligent man! Right!?"

"Well yea, sorta..but you should be preparing because you are next Fritz since I already am done introducing " Quint retorted

Held small gasp then asserted, "HUH? Th-thanks for reminding me bro, hehe, well I'll get going now" Fritz replied and hastily went in front.

His face was shimmering because he has a pleasant appearance which is lovable, His hair was gray like the clouds wanting to unleash a heavy thunderstorm, his body is perfect and he is tall, his eyes were blue as the deep ocean, his face was poreless that makes him more attractive to look, The Rose Lips of him is what makes his appearance good-looking.

He introduced "I am Slash, Fritzthor, 16, and I am a Weather Manipulator....,"

Quint in the back smiled happily as he saw it and also depicts a smile on his face.

He heard "WOW!" from the entire class.

Fritz then sat on the chair scanner…

typing…Class- Haffle …Power scale: 5.1...Scan completed!

observing at his classmates' reaction, their eyes widened like the fiery look of a tarsier. He then heard "OHHHH!" from his classmates as they were more astounded. He beamed alike to the ray of the sunshine.

Meanwhile, Fred is so down, disappointment swallowed his entire body as his throbbing heart hurts knowing that there are students who're more potent than him.

Fritz then returns to his seat and asked Quint " Is my introduction okay?"

"Ye, and you never told me, you are that powerful Thor!" Quint retorted and smiled.

He gasped when he heard Thor then asserted "You did not ask me bro, and please just call me Fritz, because it is like ya know when people call me that name, I get aggressive because it gives me power, but right when you called me on that name, I didn't feel a hostile feeling".

"Oh sorry bro, I did not mean to...well, to be honest, I sensed it already, so I controlled it for the meantime, and don't worry I will not call you that name again, because we're friends now. " Quint replied as he smiled again.

"A-okay bro, you're amazing!" He responded and displayed a joyous simper on his face.

Hale who is in front of Fritz stood up because she is next.. but they all heard the school's bell tinkled


Mr. King then stood up from his chair, went in the middle front, and stated, "Oh!, okay class, Introduction interruption, I will say this, that, It is now break time!"

he heard his student's merrily shouted."Yohoooooooo"

"Well, well, let us continue this after an hour of recess don't forget to know each other kids!, and be friends with your seatmates this first day of class! And I admonish you to not just wander around because there are also bullies here, and their special target is you, first-years, So!, I'll get going now to eat, please stay with your seatmates to be safer. I'll be back after the hour break time." He then opened the door and went to buy his snacks.

"It is now recess!" Greta said, turned her look on her seatmate and asked, "umm, Hi!, I am Greta, How about you?"

Hale gleefully replied, "Oh, hello, I am Hale, nice to meet you!, well, want to be friends!?"

"Great, I would love to," Greta happily said; her eyes gleamed again when he saw Quint passed beside her, she discerned a smile on his face while he was walking along with Fritz to go outside.

Hale and she stood up to also go buy some snacks. While they both follow the delightful fragrant of Quint.

All in the class went out already with their seatmates but Genos who has no seatmate was left alone in the room.

He removed his brown tuxedo, left it in the back of his chair because he calculated that it will be hotter outside. Right, when he shed his suit, his fit body was revealed, he was left in his white polo and a black necktie; he pulled his necktie to remove it from his collar, he undid the top button on his polo, and he's ready to go. It was really hot but when he went outside their room, it became hotter as crowds are in the corridors.

"Ohh, that was such a hard introduction and the heavy atmosphere is so awkward!, now I can relax", stretching his arms. "They all left like nothing happened" He then sighed while he is walking in the crowded hallway.

Female students from the other class saw him. Their eyes enlarge when they noticed him because they perceived that he was hotter than the hottest summer in the most isolated desert; Genos walks as if he neglects the eyes that are focused on him, but deep inside him was butterflies in his stomach.

On the other hallway.

Den took Fred on another hallway as they started knowing each other and began to be friends while they are wandering in a sophomore's corridor to buy some snacks in that place.

Den said, "Fred, have you heard about the yummy Ham and cheeseburger here?

He noticed that Fred looked low.

"Don't be so down dude, you said you are king, but what happened? You even are stronger than me, what's up with your low spirit lately? we just became friends but what is your problem now?" He asked in worriedness like he was about to give a piece of advice.

He again observed that his friend still low in spirit so he added,"Well then, what if..uumm.. oh yeah, what if we combine our power? so that it would be equivalent to 7.7 a Haffle class power, and we can use it fo—"

He heard Fred suddenly answered, "You know that we cannot use our abilities for bullying Den!, I know myself, an arrogant want to be treated king, but I don't use my ability to whom I know can't fight with it, plus I am like this because I am shattered knowing that our other classmates outclass us."

"Huh? Well, what about when you attacked Mr.King?, he surely can fight you but you even attacked him, and don't worry, they are our classmates, we still can cope up with them " He retorted as he scratches his head.

Fred then replied while they are walking, "Ummm, have you ever heard about dual attitude? well, I have it, because If I am in a pleasant mood, I also attack anyone if I'm fighting with others, but in a grim mood or in low spirits, I cannot fight nor respond, and—"

Fred bumped a fat senior guy as he hears his grumbling, "Heyy kid! Watch where you're going!" he saw the fatso glared at him.

He then answered, "Well, um sorry about that but I am not in the mood right no—" he saw the fatso's hand lift him up as fast as the bullet train.

He looked around as he saw other students in the hallway have no confidence to intervene.

He then heard Den shouted "Put him down! You are our senior! but what are you doing?"

" This guy I will put him down? Doesn't he even know who he bumped?" the fat guy retorted

Fred looked down as he cannot fight back because his power just won't come out as it hurts his pride because of his foul mood.

He again heard Den shouting "Who the heck are you! well!, do you even know who you lifted up? Burning king of Melting! SO PUT him Do—" He saw the fat guy slapped Den and see him fall on the ground.

Even if he wants to save his friend, he cannot do anything because of his poor mood that makes him weak, very weak like a wilting plant to fight back.

He looked around again as the situation startled the students in the hallway to meddle in the fight so they went to their classrooms, while there are other two first-year students approached to help Den stand up from the ground..

The grip from the fatso tightened but not enough to make him faint and not breathe.

He heard Den humbly said "T-th-thanks".

As it gives leisure to his ears when he again heard the two guys asserting.

"hey, fat guy! Stop bullying! Are you nuts!"

"I agree, you don't deserve to be a senior"

The fat guy leered on the three of them while still holding Fred....

The three all felt a crippling of their knees as they went on the floor, their face wrinkled whilst they cannot do anything and they blackened out.

Fred saw his friend Den on the floor, as it made his mood more worst that makes him more worthless, his eyes widened; desiring to push the grip of the fatso from his neck but he is not strong enough to remove it so he cannot do anything.

Seeing the face of the fatso smirked as he heard him asserting, "Don't shout on me kids!, Don't you know who I am?"

As Hale and Greta were hanging with each other…talikng about the wonderful and handsome boy, Quint, they are passing by as they glanced the situation.

They both released the grip on their food as Greta sensed that the fatso is dangerous even looking at his back because of his Perilous Aura like what he discerned with Quint so she told Hale to look for Mr. King to stop the fight.

Hale nodded her head as she hastily went to look for Mr.King as if she was playing hide n' seek in a rush.

After a few minutes of seconds of running and looking Hale then found the campus' garden, It was full of blooming flowers, the ray of the sunlight perfectly hit the leaves of the bed of roses, It was so beautiful, that anyone who passes through it gets relaxed upon seeing the sight. It was a pretty garden which in the middle of it was a round table with six chairs around it. Hale saw Mr. King there sitting on the table while looking at the elegant sky that he was so focused on it; He was eating fries while staring at the sky.

Hale doesn't want to interrupt but because of the plead of Greta and for her classmates, he approached Mr. King.


Greta went near silently to help the three first-year students, but she saw their wrinkling face that their young skin went aging, they were awful to look, they are lifeless, in fact they are not breathing anymore, but they needed help, so she put them sitting on the wall then,

She looked at the back of the fatso and shouted "Hey!"' the fat guy looked as if he was ready to punish another person while still holding the neck of Fred; Greta flinched but later asserted, " w-well umm, please let go of my friend and...why do the looks of those three become like this?"

"Hmmph, stay right there beautiful princess, you have nothing to do with this" The fat guy responded

Greta runs toward the guy but she suddenly felt a drying of her throat as she stopped breathing and fell on the ground like what happened to the others.

" I said to stay right there, but you did not listen! I would have not done this to you if you did not assault me from behind" The fat guy evilly said

he wrathfully said "I have business with this bastard!"

Meanwhile… the school's garden

Hale came near Mr.king to tell the situation "Mr.King this is urgent!, A fat guy in senior's corridor attacked Fred and Den and other students please be there to stop them.

She saw the startled face of Mr. King as if he was horrified. After a while..

Mr. King retorted" Calm down Ms. Blue eyes, " Munches burger, "I know it's urgent because you came here just to tell this, but the problem is....us teachers cannot interfere with student's fight, we are just here to tea—"

"SIR! I saw that awful fat guy making Den and others suffer and why can't you interfere? You are our teacher so it is also your responsibility to stop a student's fight!, I left my friend in there and I don't know if she went to confront that guy but I am also sure that her powers are not enough.." She humbly but angrily said

"Please stay relaxed Ms. Blue eyes, Now, I shall explain why we teachers cannot interfere...the reason is that we have an agreement that any students can do anything they want here in this school ground, Literally, It is to make students independent, to train and enhance their power, so teachers and even the director, cannot intervene to a student's fight and training for they will be instantly discharged and their abilities also vanish, so we have no choice." Mr. King told to Hale.

She then retorted "But sir isn't it unfair? Unfair for us students who are weaker? The thing is the stronger one can use their power to bully us who are inferior to them"

She heard Mr. King responded "Yea it is, I, other teachers and the director also don't like it, but it is an order from that Klay that I bet you already know"

"Huh? I cannot understand sir" she confusingly said as if she was in a circular motioned world.

Mr. King then replied as she heard it, 'Well, I'll explain what really happened, but it is when we return to class for introduction, I will tell it after this break time so that, all in our class will also know the real system of what this school follows ."

"B-but sir..," She paused as suddenly she heard

"No buts ms. Blue eyes, I don't even know your name yet, but I'll tell you some info about the hierarchy of this school, the Ace of this school is what---umm...is who you saw earlier, that fat guy, he is your senior, but his power is also like the same level as Quint," Munches burger and had thought of an Idea,"Oh right! I have an Idea since teachers cannot interfere, please, look for Quint and tell him the situation, because even if teachers cannot interfere, students, on the other hand, meddle with any fight, so that is the answer, Go find Quint because I know he is capable of coping up with that fat guy that even royalties of this school are scared of" Mr. King retorted

She then answered humbly "If that is the case, sir, I will go look for Quint now! and by the way Sir, I am Freya, Hale " she bows and went to look for Quint while running swiftly as if she was about to win track and field.

Mr. King in his thoughts, "Hmm, Hale, go find Quint so that we could see how weak that Kenneth is compared to my student who is already a prodigy, and good thing Mr. Director decided to make his grandson study here, who could possibly fix this ravaged hierarchy system." Munching fries; after eating he went to the grassy area of the garden then lied down on it while looking at the beautiful sky; After a moment he slept purposely to envision what is happening in the corridors.



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