Unfairly Fair
2 A powerful student!
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Unfairly Fair
Author :yizreel_jez
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2 A powerful student!

A woman whose hair is golden was running hastily towards a school

She scrutinizes the time on her watch "It's already 7:24 AM" and she gulped as she contemplated to herself "Okay Greta, relax, today is gonna be a grand day! you are entering the most distinguished high school around the world you must think of passing the entrance exam right now."

She later realized as she shook her head "Wa-wait WHAT !! aww shoot! I gotta run faster to arrive at school on time today is the first day of me being a freshman at that prestigious high school, if I pass that entrance exam which is, a mystery" Greta said while running.

As she checked the time again "It's already 7:28? Aww, right I am near!!"

She saw loads of students are arriving towards the school gate and they all are not in their uniform as her.

She ran swiftly and successfully entered the academy on time.

She held a slight sigh while she sweeps the sweat on her face with her hands as she asserted "all right! I am inside, YES! I am inside the prestigious academy everyone dreamt about! Pa, Ma, I am already here! I am already at EHAL High school, I will make you proud!" Greta exclaimed and look around as her eyes shone because of the green scenery and palace looking school that she observed.

And she heard a creaking sound of the gates closing as she realized that it's already 7:30 AM, the time for the entrance exam.

She saw all other students are still in awe of how big the academy is.

Later they overhear an announcement coming out from the school's PA system (speaker) as they loudly heard "CONGRATULATIONS all of you! Congratulations on making it to the school, everyone who crossed the gate on time passed the entrance exam because all of you here are freshmen!"

Greta marveled "HUH?" as she painted an enormous smile on her face and a warm glow expanding throughout her body as she slightly jumped and softly screams.

She heard chatterings as she looks around.

Guy 1: "What? So that means all other students who did not make it on time failed?"

Female 1: "Daddy, Thank you for waking me up early"

Guy 2: "What the heck! I made it on time! WOHOOO! "

Female 2: "Oh my gosh! I nearly failed!"

Guy 3: "As I heard, this school is super strict, but it makes it even more exceptional"

Guy 4: "Thank God I passed!"

Guy 3 again said: "What? No one can be late here? Ahh, W-well I guess I know the reason why nothing really will be late now because I heard that we will live in a dorm here inside"

Greta smiled as she again looked around her and thought, WOW! There are loads of students around me! And I feel that they are all strong!" she lightly slaps her face as she ruminated "no, don't be daunted Greta, you're also strong as they are!"

As she was contemplating a chilly wind passed through all of them as they look at the sky, suddenly a man appeared.

She saw the man's young-looking skin as it startled everyone, and their chattering stopped. As the man spoke with greatness in a deep voice.

"A pleasant and wonderful morning to every one of you, I, as the director of this school, am here to welcome every one of you to this prestigious academy! EHAL high school for Elms, haffles, Ave, and Lesse class, the all-class school!"

Greta's eyes wandered around as she hears chattering once more.

A boastful guy said, "Ohhh! So that means that not all of us are Ave? there are even lower than us? Hahahha, and WOW! the director sure is great!"

Greta discerned a guy behind the boastful guy as the boy glowed his eyes and she heard that he asserted "This school is amazing! As I heard from my father that this school really is for all, I will enhance my ability here" Greta smiled as she saw the burning determination from the boy

"Nothing to be thrilled! You Lesse class! Hmmph" an arrogant Ave said to the boy as Greta renounced her sight.


A powerful wind again passed through all the students, and some students have vanished through the thin air.

The chattering stopped, and all of them trembled, including Greta.

The director then spoke "Guy's all of you who're here yet, are still a freshman, and no need to be deterred because the students who vanished, I put them in their designated class already, because they are already your sophomores and seniors they just came here so they can see me, hehe....," he smirked

The trembling stopped and all of them sighed as Greta contemplated "The director sure is still looking young" and she nods her head.

She then looks up as she heard the director continue his speech "...NOW! for you first years, I, Azelus Caeli, the director of this school, warmly welcome you!. and this already is an opening ceremony, well, some sort of an informal ceremony, *student's chatter* Now! I will proceed *Student chattering stopped*, all of you who passed the entrance exam, this school will train you how to become stronger, and help you enhance your ability, it will help you stand against ability thieves, well, umm yea, all of you can steal each other's ability, so that is why to fight this bad deed, this academy's only rule will not tolerate stealing each other's ability, so please behave and not steal an ability that is not yours!, IF YOU TRY TO STEAL, YOUR ABILITY VANISHES HERE IN THIS SCHOOL, I SURELY WILL USE MY POWER AGAINST YOU! SO BEHAVE!,

Arrogant and boastful students began trembling

The director then added "And lastly as so you know, all the teachers here are from Lesse and after training for years, they reached the superior class, Elms, and like them, I want you all to grow as a fair and strong human that uses their power to help each other, knowing the equality of humanity, SO, SOAR HIGH, INTENSIFY, AND CHERISH THE ABILITY WITHIN YOU BECAUSE THIS IS THE RIGHT SCHOOL FOR YOU TO MAXIMIZE THE POTENTIAL OF YOUR ABILITIES! I as the director of this school hereby congratulate all of you freshmen for joining this school! "

After the lengthy speech of the director's opening ceremony, he then vanishes through a mist.


All the students held a small gasp and began walking to enter classrooms. Yet they still don't know where they are going.

*Wooosh*, the director intercepted All first years as they cannot move their bodies

He returned and said "Well, I kinda sort of forgot something first years, please stay where you are right now…,"

* the freshmen murmured*

"How can we not move? Unless we have a choice, duh! and we already are not moving!" said some guy.

The director continued, " I will put all of you now to your designated classrooms according to your grades in middle school"

*Whoosh* As the director swung his hands it transported all the freshmen in their designated room's door, as he vanishes.

Greta peruse what is on the top of the door as she read "Class- A"

"W-wh-what? I am in class A?" she shook her head and screams silently.

"THIS IS AMAZING!, my father would be more proud of me!" Greta exclaimed

"Is this really happening? I don't know I am in class A" A girl next to Greta held a small gasp.

All students who are standing in front of the door were still in their stiff posture until the boastful student opened the door and said, " Are you all going to stand in there? You must enter the door now! LOSERS!"

They then all went in and as for Greta, she went to look for a seat.

She then settled to look for a seatmate, a quiet seatmate, and as she looks around the room, she found a girl who wondered earlier and then took her seat beside that cute girl.

And as she sat on the chair, she heard gossiping.

"Did you hear the incident this early morning? Tha-that the skilled thief Aron of Klay's force was defeated by a teenager guy?" Lance said (Guy 1 from before)

She saw students went near Lance, even her seatmate, but she remained in her seat because she still is shy.

"Aww, that? Y-es my father said that it's real because he was working early near the place of the incident" Hale said (Female 2 from before and the seatmate of Greta)

Greta is eavesdropping and acts like she is opening her bag.

"Who might that man be? He sure is strong, if we meet, I might not stand against him, He sure in my imagination looks strong" Fritz responded (Guy 3 from before)

"I became a fan of him!" Gaea (Female 1 from before)

"If I meet him, I bet my ability to use water hand blast isn't that strong enough to pick up a fight with him, because he defeated one servant of the great Klay" Den retorted ( the arrogant guy from before)

Then a guy from the back suddenly said, "Pfft, You all are impressed? You said that he is a teenager like us? Pffft! No teenager guy is stronger than me! UNDERSTAND! I am the burning prodigy and the king of melting things during my middle school reign, so no one is stronger than me, he's just fake! HE will melt and kneel before me if I ever meet him!" Fred boastfully said (The boastful guy from before) as he walks in front where the gossip started.

"Who are you? You won't even stand a chance against me and him!" Den grumbled.

Fred replied, "Huh? Me? Can't stand a chance against a weak water manipulator? you wanna pick up a fight against the king of melting? Be sure to defeat me if you ca-"

They all hear a creaking sound of a door as air passed behind it.

As Greta's ears, continues to get bigger she saw a man walked through the door.

"Sorry guys to disturb your business!" she heard as the man asserted that.

As she looks towards where Den and Fred are, she covered her ears as they both wrathfully shouted, " WHO THE HECK ARE YOU TO DISTURB US?!"

Other students remained silent including her

The man said "Guys be please be sitte-" *whoosh*

Greta saw a fireball hurled near the man's face and it melted the board as she gulped

"NOW I AM PISSED OFF!!, WHO THE HECK ATTACKED ME?" The man angrily shouted and added "Aww, You two who're fighting, stop right now, It is like that you don't even know that this is a school and not a battleground! I AM YOUR TEACHER SO STOP!"

Fighting continues as if they did not hear their teacher.

Greta quietly sits on her desk as she saw all other students in the class went back to their seats except the two who are fighting

She witnessed the Water and Fire fight, Other students in the class remained silent as she hears a grumbling sound from their teacher.

"You two! You won't stop?! Then I will force you to stop!" as he lifted his hands Den and Fred appeared to doze as both of their bodies fell down to the floor.

In Den and Fred's dream, they both opened their eyes as they are in the shadows " Where the heck are we?" as both of them quivers.

And as they walk through the dark in the middle of nowhere holding each other's back, they found their bodies dead in the shadows as they both screamed and went to their knees. With no choice, they stood up while their bodies still are trembling and began running as they continuously hear and discerned strange things and the two were gritting their teeth as chills went down to their spines.

Greta saw how the two suffer in their sleep. She stood up and asked the teacher " Sir, please stop, they look like they are fatigued and heavily tortured in their sleep,"

While she took sight again on the two at the moment, they are uncomfortably sleeping on the floor.

The teacher responded "Well as you say, my dear student, please take your seat now" Greta then nods her head as she took her seat.

She then saw the teacher held his hands on both of them as their painful sleep went to peace.

Den and Fred then woke up, stood up, shook their heads, and hurriedly went back to their seats while it lowers their heads as they both blushed behind every one

"Well, good morning to both of you!" the teacher greeted

Greta heard her classmates Giggle and chuckle as she remained quiet.

The two were hiding their face behind their hands as they keep blushing.

"Now, I'll introduce myself, I am Baum King Demeanor, 26, Elms class, and I will be your homeroom teacher, so please respect me, and do not be like those two, who fought in front of me especially Mr. burning things who started the fight and melted the board! If anyone dares to attack me or fight in front of me again, I will surely punish you by using my ability, UNDERSTOOD?" Mr. King said.

Everyone in class "YES SIR!"

" I know your Impressions about me already, that I am a harsh teacher, but don't believe your assumptions kids, I am a kind and an outstanding teacher…,". while the teacher is speaking

Greta told her seatmate "He is handsome, right?! ".

Hale then answered, "Well, hehe yea".

*A student raised his hand*

"Yes, Mr. Blue hair?" Mr. King asked.

"What kind of ability do you have, sir! I think you are strong that you even made our middle school's King tremble that no one, even teachers dare to stop him?"

"Aww, Nice question!, well as you saw earlier, I made them sleep, my ability is "Nightmare", and also I am called here at this school the Dream teacher because through this ability, I can manipulate one's dream to nightmare and can also go in there. Also, I learn how to put people to sleep so that is all"

All the students "Ohhh…"

The teacher added, "Any other questions? If none, I will let you introduce yourse--…Oh right! I nearly forgot, before you introduce yourselves, I definitely want to familiarize a special student whose grades exceed Class A, he is waiting outside so long already so…"

"Who might that be? he exceeds grades greater than Class A who is already superior to other classes " Greta ruminated.

As she opened her ears once again, Mr. king added"…Well, class, I welcome the director's only great-grandson who is home-schooled and is the first time to go here at school". A man in a hood opened the door and walks inside the room.

"Sir please introduce yourself," Mr. King said to the boy.

*Students chatter*

"That is the geat-grandson of the director? WOW!" Gary said (Guy 4 from before and he is the blue-haired guy from earlier)

"He looks weak though,.." Den arrogantly muttered beside Fred

*the boy in a hood remains silent*

"No, he definitely is weak, dude, I don't feel any potent power in him," Fred told Den

"WOW SO HANDSOME!" Hale opined as she is talking to Greta

"Yea definitely! He is also the director's great-grandson and powerful too, I as an aura manipulator but errr I cannot control it well feel a powerful aura in him though". Greta responded as she saw Hale's eyes cannot get off the guy.

Mr. King suddenly told the class "ALL students please stop chattering!, please pay respect to your fellow student!, It is a privilege to be with one of the Azelus' family for they are all born haffles or elms so please!" *Chattering stopped*

Mr. King said to the boy, "You may now introduce yourself, sir"

"Good morning everyone, I am Azelus, Ignis Caeli Aquila Terrance Quint,... "

Such a long name" Greta contemplated as she looks at Hale who still cannot get sight of him.

He continues "I am 16 years old, and I entered this school because my great grandpa told me to, also please do not worry about my long name, just call me Quint in short, and It's so thrilling to meet every one of you and I hope that we all become friends," Quint said then smiled.

"Now Quint you can go to your seat, behind Miss beautiful with golden hair (pertaining to Greta) as she yelped, and Hale beside her was quietly screaming.

Quint went to sit behind Greta as she heard.....He said "Hello" to his seatmate Fritz

"Oh hi, Nice to meet you, I am Slash, Fritz and It's a privilege to sit beside you Quint, and my grandpa knows who Mr. Azelus the director of this school so he enrolled me here"

"It's wonderful meeting you too, and your nice compared to those guys in the corner though," Quint said

Fritz responded "Of course, my grandpa taught me to be nice with other people"

Quint then asked, " Well, umm then wanna be friends?"

"Of course dude, I want to be friends with you" Fritz replied

As they all hear a familiar voice whom they forgot that Mr. King still is there then said, 'Oh right!, time to introduce yourselves! you will introduce yourselves in front, you will say your names, your age, what kind of ability you have, and afterward you will know your class and power scale from this technology here beside me although you already know it when you're in middle school, you know maybe you became stronger because you already are in first-year".

Den Stood up as he asked "Umm sir, you said the kind of ability we have but, Quint did not say his ability and also your power scale sir"

"Oh yes, I forgot to tell him to mention his ability, ..Well umm my power scale is 8.7. Okay, then this technology, class identifier, and power scaler will firstly identify Quint." Mr. King replied.

And Quint walked in front as Den smirked, "Let's see what you got freak! and weak!"

Quint then spoke "I am an Aether Manipulator" as he lookup in the ceiling and sighed

The entire class was astonished, even the two arrogant guys.

Hale asked Mr. King," Sir! Aether is the strongest element, isn't it?"

Mr. King answered, "Yes miss cute girl, aether is the strongest element, and I even was astounded that Quint is an aether manipulator because it is so wide! And hard to master, well no doubt that he truly is the great-grandson of the director."

Fred mumbled "hmmph, I bet he cannot control it though"

Den arrogantly said, "Yea, such dominant power, and a weak-looking guy can manipulate it? Such a joke and I bet his power scale is just 1.4, and it decides his class hahaha!"

Greta, Hale, Fritz, and other students remained astonished.

"Okay then let us measure your power and identify your class," Mr. King said and Quint went to sit at the technology….(It's basically a chair with a TV on top that can sense power and can identify which class who sits on it.)

The chair scanned Quint. After a few seconds…

The TV on the chair wrote, Class- Haffles…, *Students were more amazed even the two bastards* and as the chair type the power scale of Quint.

"This can't be!" The teacher said while his eyes widened.

….Class-ELMS….Power scale 8.0…. Scan completed, and the chair's business is now completed. At that moment, Quint went back to his seat, looking around as if nothing happened.

"WHAT IS THIS?? IS THE CHAIR DAMAGED!" The two bastards shouted at the back

Mr. King held a small gasp as he asserted, "Huh? T-Th-This child is powerful! In his age he already is in Haffles class, I trained hard here for over 11 years just to be in Elms class but this kid is a prodigy!"

"WHAT??!" All in the class disbelievingly shouted while they look at each other.

Quint hears all their chattering while he positioned his fist on his face.

"That guy is already in Haffles class, ?" Den shouted as Quint's ears hurt.

"I will respect that guy from now on, I am just a lowly Lesse, and what more can he do if he trains his ability and enhance?" Lance humbly said as Quint smiled and slowly nodding his head.

"He is great as I have felt," Greta said and he heard it and puts his hands on his chest and looks up as he sighed.

"I'm glad that I made you my friend, and you sure look innocent" Fritz contemplated while looking at Quint as he paints a smile on his face.

Quint stretches his arms and relaxing his body as all the students shook their heads as they all deeply sighed.

"T-That means he can control his power well? I am just an Ave, no! , half of us are Ave and others are Lesse while that guy nearly reached to become Elms, just one point left, he will be in the superior's class!" Fred ruminated as he lowered his head.

On a rigid muscle and stiff posture and a tingling sensation on his skin, Mr. King became more inspired to teach Quint as he was all powered-up to teach a powerful student and depicts a massive smile on his face.



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