Unfairly Fair
1 Prologue
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Unfairly Fair
Author :yizreel_jez
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1 Prologue

3:00 AM

As the street lights are dimly launching, A teen guy in a white hoodie is walking alongside the street, and he deeply sighed. He hears no sound, nor barking dogs inasmuch as he was walking silently.

The back of his finger touch his chin as he contemplated "What should I give her in return to this cool hoo--- *stab*

Without noticing at his back, someone suddenly stabbed him, and he made a painful sound "aawRRghhh"

HAHAHAHA!!! He heard a devilish laugh burst out from the man who stabbed him and heard an arrogant tone from him, "Give me your ability or else I will pierce your back! hahahahhaha!"

As he recurred his head, he angrily grumbled and shouted "How dare you to stab me!! you awful deadbea-" *Slap!*

The guy's heavy hand touched his face as it stings from the impact while he heard the guy wrathfully asserting "You dare talk back to me kid! you're just a mere kid! show respect to me! Understand!?"

He did not react and lowered his head.

He again heard the guy say "Now, kid!, give me your ability, or else I'll kill you on the spot! give me!! and even if you try to escape from me, I still can follow you through my teleportation!!" it crunches his ears as he once again heard a devilish laugh from the guy "Wahahahhahahaha, now hand it over to me kid or DIE! because this knife, I put poison on it!! Wahahahahah!! You have no choice but die then I'll stea-*swoosh*.

All of a sudden, He vanished into thin air as the guy marveled "HUH! Where'd that bastard go!!'?"


A sudden quietness occurred while the guy quivered as cold breeze touch his skin, and,...without knowing the kid appeared on his back through a freezing mist as his body shivered once more.

Then he heard the kid's gripe "MISTER!!HOW dare you ruin MY HOODIE! , NOW I'M IN A BAD MOOD YOU ARROGANT CREATURE!!! he saw the kid's eyes slowly turning into purple from its cyan color, and he again realized that the kid's index finger was pointed at him.

His face began wrinkling as he can not control his knees from descending and his throat began drying and made an arduous sound "Arrrrgghhh!". As he coughs, he still ponders why the kid is so powerful when he looks puny as he stated "Kid! *coughs* what did you do to me! *coughs* I cannot believe a mutt like you can defeat me *coughs* but you won't last because of the poisoning in the knife that I put---*severely coughing*

He began to taste blood in his mouth as he coughed vigorously, and he laid his hands on the floor at the time that he paroled blood out of his trembling mouth.

He looked up and saw the kid's eyes wanting to abolish him, his posture stiffed, as he heard the kid fiercely say "Wanna know? well, pay for your sins first". He saw the kid creating an energy ball, and he gulped on account of sensing that it will be a powerful attack.

He shook his head then boastfully said "How DARE you!!! you have no respect and mercy!* coughs continually* don't you know who I am!? I- I am the great thi--- *Woooosh*

He saw the boy remorselessly hurled that powerful attack at him, and it blasted him out from the force. Through soil, he noticed his body slowly dissipating as he felt his soul burning torridly while he smelled a stinking aroma out of his body. Tears began dropping bit by bit from his blurry eyes, whilst he espied a fuzzy image of the boy smirking, and he vanished in his wonder.

The rain started to fall as leaves scattered around the area, the ground cracked inasmuch lava flowed from the fissures. The boy then asserted. "It's too late mister!, and FYI, I show no respect nor mercy to people who suddenly assault me behind my back!! *while talking to the air*.

He opened his palm towards the fissure and the lava went back beneath the ground as the cracks restore and the rain stopped. He clenched his fist as he said "I will eliminate anyone who's using their ability for violence, greed, and bad schemes, although I know that you can't fight me, WEAK! *talking to the air*, what I do is unfairly fair because of my ability, but no matter what happens, I will bring this world back to its good shape!" and he continued walking as his wounds are mending by itself, while his hood restores and it shows that he is indeed immune to poison.

and he deeply sighed then returned to his pleasant mood as his eyes turned back to its original color.

*Prologue Done*


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