Unfairly Fair
-1 The four classification of humans, abilities, power scale and stealing of abilities
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Unfairly Fair
Author :yizreel_jez
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-1 The four classification of humans, abilities, power scale and stealing of abilities

There are four classification of Humans, They vary in the strength of their abilities.

*Chronologically arranged from the weakest to strongest class.

1.Lesse (les-sie)- sometimes termed as frail humans but they are called the novice class, because they have the weakest power scale ranging only from 1-1.9. They cannot control their abilities well.

2. Ave (ei-vie)- termed as intermediate class, they have average abilities, their power scale ranges from 2.0-4.9. They can manage to control their abilities and can use it for their daily lifestyle.

3. Haffles (haf-lei)- called as the advanced class because  they can now manipulate their abilities without struggling. Their power scale is so wide and it ranges from 5.0 -8.0, so that is why they are ranked as second strongest.

4. Elms (elms)- the strongest among the other class, they are also termed as superior class, and sometimes excellent class because they already have mastered to manipulate their abilities . Their power scale ranges from 8.1-9.1 (*9.1 is yet the strongest recorded power scale  and is the most powerful human living on earth yet, and his name is "Jethroash Klay" who's ability is aura manipulation, in spite of the great power, he uses it for bad deeds, but he is not stealing others ability, because his aura manipulation ability allows him to copy up to five ability he encounters but soon disappears after being used, and he is satisfied with that, he enjoys watching other people stealing each other's ability).

They are born unfairly fair to balance the power of the earth and universe, ***but they have one thing in common- They only have "ONE ABILITY INDIVIDUALLY". But because of greed, through stealing, they can also learn multiple abilities.** Because a quote once said...

"Once they are born that way, they will live that way, so the only escape of it is to steal others' abilities" Jethroash Klay's quote, whom the world believed and trusted, but some family of good Elms, Haffles, Ave and Lesse oppose to this quote and wants to prove that the quote is wrong that through training and not needing to steal others ability, everyone can be strong., they are the families of Hans , Ytter, Baum and Azelus.

There are two ways to steal ability, first is stealing one's ability by killing, which the ability of the murdered individual automatically transfers to the man who caused his/her death, but if they cannot store the embezzled ability, then the ability vanishes.The other way around is to forcefully make him/her surrender their ability to the thief, but if the thief dies, their abilities will come back to them. Although anyone can steal, the limit in each individual to store the stolen abilities depends on the capacity of their power and strength, but all thieves stored only up to three abilities.


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