True Martial God
7 Immortal Demon Body
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True Martial God
Author :SilverSwordDemon
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7 Immortal Demon Body

"I have passed! Yan Chen started laughing and excited.

Yan Chen strolled forward as the instructions given by the Demon God.

Right at the moment

Rumble! Rumble!

Yan Chen noticed that the entire land crumbled, and an enormous stone door appeared before his eyes.

Presently, The Stone door was slowly rising from the ground.

Bang! Bang!

An loud bang sounded out, and the stone door had completely risen.


The Stone door opened, a passageway was revealed behind the stone door.

The passageway couldn't be considered too long or too short, and he stood on the spot, Yan Chen was able see a light at the other side.

"The Demon God's Inheritance!" Yan Chen took a deep breath. At this moment, his heart was pounding madly.

Without a slightest bit of hesitation, Yan Chen flashed towards the passageway.

Now, to inherit Demon God's inheritance was every Cultivators Dream, but he a chance to get the inheritance of One Strongest Cultivator from the Ancient Times, and he naturally was extremely excited.

After passing through the passageway, Yan Chen saw a huge luxurious palace, where a Skeleton whore white clothes of unknown material with a golden light swirling around it sat on the throne, even after many years, it actually didn't decay in the slightest.


Suddenly, A figure wearing white plane robe appeared right before him. It was none other than the same figure who healed him after the fight with the Demon Puppet.

A moment later, he looked up and smiled at the Yan Chen and said, " I was surprised that with your age, you could pass the trials left by me and break into this place".

"I was lucky to defeat the Demon Puppet Senior".Yan Chen replied.

The Demon God started laughing before stating meaningfully, "Though I was in a deep sleep, I knew everything you have done, So it's not having luck, You used your own strength to come here, Or else I would not have acknowledged you".

In his laughter, there was sense of appreciation. Apparently Yan patted his chest, He had a joyful expression on his face.

"Senior, Are you alive?"Yan Chen asked.

"No, this is my Spiritual form, the real me is already dead, so after you inherit my inheritance I'll disappear from here" The demon God replied.

After hearing that Yan Chen did not reply.

Seeing the situation,The Demon God waved his sleeve. A this moment, the Skeleton which sat on the throne started to move before arriving infront of Yan Chen.

"Boy, I can not give you any Martial cultivation techniques, but this Skeleton is calling 'Immortal Demon Body', It is the Strongest body ever existed, it can withstand attacks of an Martial Lord with it's current situation and it will become grow stronger as you become stronger." He said.

After a while, The Golden light started to shine around it, before it fully appeared in front of him, he couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

This thing was The same height as him, the Golden skeleton had no eyes, but he felt like it looked like his own.

The Skeleton flew out towards him and embedded itself on his chest.

The Skeleton smashed into his chest, he cried out and then the skeleton started to emitt a fluorescent light and penetrated deep into his body.

Suddenly pain exploded all over his body, but the pain was not an ordinary pain, but the pain was from the depths of his bones, He breathed painfully, his body bent like a shrimp, with waves of cramps.

When he heard the Demon God's voice" Endure boy".

His whole body's bones shattered in that moment, and he couldn't even lift a finger, for he had no strength.This was not an illusion, if one could see his body, then you can see his bones being crushed, and next to each crushed bone, there was a layer of gold light wrapped around his body. Continuously repairing the broken bones, but far slow than the damaged speed.

Yan Chen knew that right now he should not loose his consciousness or else he may die. If in the past, he would have given up but now he will not. Even if it hurts like hell, he will endure.

Over time, Yan Chen was surprised to find that the intolerable pain was slowly reducing, help lift his spirits and fill him full of energy.

The Numerous crushed bones started to strengthen. With his bones becoming stronger and stronger, the pain thus naturally alleviated.

The unbearable pain slowly became bearable. Transforming into light tickles, then becoming like splashes of cold water, This feeling was like applying Cream on wounds.

The pain inside his body was completely gone. A sigh could be heard, a sigh full of comfort and trace of great relief.

Waiting until his heart stopped beating, he found himself somewhat different from before. But now he cleaned perceived that his bones were full of vitality.

He was feeling as unblemished as newborn baby!

Rubbing the places that previously held wounds, dead skin fell, This revealed the new tender skin underneath.

"Kekeke.. Boy you have successfully fused the Demon body with your body" Yan Chen heard a hoarse voice from behind.

Yan Chen turned his head to see the Demon God standing with behind him with his hands behind his back.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly, A small object in object covered with Golden light appeared on top of the throne and flashed infront of Yan Chen before circled around Yan Chen's little finger, before settling in his little finger.

"What the hell?"Yan Chen saw a small simple ring fitted on his finger

" Ah, It is a spatial ring" Demon God told Yan Chen.

" What is a spatial ring?" Yan Looked at him with a questioning look.

" A Spatial ring is a object where you can store anything in it." He replied

Swoosh! Swoosh!

"it seems my time is up, boy the ring in yours is not simple, so work hard the fate of the future depends on you" As he said his body started to disappear.

Yan Chen was startled when he heard those words, before he could say anything the Demon God had completely Disappeared.

"Rest well senior, I did not understand what you said, but I promise that I'll not let anyone destroyed our world" Yan Bowed before walking out the stone door.


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