True Martial God
6 Inheritance 2
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True Martial God
Author :SilverSwordDemon
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6 Inheritance 2


Right at the moment when Yan Chen was extremely worried, the Demon Gate suddenly trembled. The Demon Gate resembled the same time as when the Humanoid figures had appeared. But the Pressure released by the Trembling Gate was stronger than the Humanoid figures.

Seeing the current situation, Yan Chen's heart sunk. He felt that the situation was extremely bad. However the did not cower, he did not wish to give up the opportunity now.

As situation stood, he no longer possessed any chance of victory. However he was determined to fight.

"Rumble, Rumble~~~"

However, the next moment, a scene brought enormous joy for Yan Chen. The Trembling Demon Gate slowly started to open.

When the Demon Gate opened, Yan Chen felt a peculiar sensation. The sensation he felt that he was standing at the edge of a bottomless cliff, there was a immense power pushing him forward. However, at the moment, a path suddenly appeared on the cliff.

The path was floating in mid air, it caused Yan Chen to get excited, but the excitement only lasted for a few moments. The reason for that was because Yan Chen waas uncertain as to whether or not he would be able to obtain Demon God's Inheritance, or if he'd be met by another trial inside the Demon Gate.


At the moment, a dazzling light blossomed from the Demon Gate. Soon the light covered all the surroundings.

When the light gradually disappeared, Yan Chen discovered that he was standing in a different world.

This place was no longer the place like outside. The sky was clear red above him. all he could see was land covered by blood and skeletons.

As a cold breeze brushed past him, Yan Chen could hear howling sounds and smell of freshly spilled blood. It was filled with Ancient Death Qi.

"It seems that I have been extremely unfortunate".

At that moment, Yan Chen revealed a tense smile on his face. His heart was filled with worry.

Most importantly, there was a figure in the distance, walking towards him with his hands behind his back.

That man was wearing plane cotton clothes. The clothes were made of ordinary materials. Rather, it was the aura that he emitted.

A strong sense of oppressive aura emanated from that figure and gradually filled the whole area.

"I have been waiting for thousands of years, and finally, the next generation have come..."

A hoarse and ancient voice resounded in his ears. The figure arrived infront of him with a distance of fifty feet, before stopping.

"Junior Yan Chen pays respects to senior Demon God". He Clasped his fist towards the man infront of him.

"Regardless who you are, regardless how you discovered this place, since you've managed to reach this place, it means that you possess extraordinary talent".

"This will be your final test, You should defeat the Peak origin Realm Demon puppet left by me! And the Inheritance left by me will be yours". The ancient voice resounded again.

"The Demon puppet? Peak of Martial Origin Realm?" Yan Chen's eyes pupils constricted, before his landed on the figure standing fifty feet from him from the beginning.


Right at the moment, Yan Chen felt the ground beneath his feet started to shake.

He raised his head and noticed the entire land was shaking as strands of earthen black energy of the area gushed out to linger in the sky.

Subsequently, the black energy poured into the Demon puppet, causing it to release a Immense amount of power.

Presently, the Demon puppet possessed an earthen black body, and the energy of the earth on its body condensed to form a formidable defence.


Right at this moment, the ground shattered as cracks that were like a spiders web spread out in all directions.


Instantly The Demon puppets eyes flickered with strands of black lights, Seeing this Yan Chen felt a chill on his spine.

"Peak of Martial Origin Realm, it's able exert such a powerful pressure! It surpasses my full strength."Yan Chen felt a heavy pressure.

"Moreover, this places condition is perfectly suitable for the Demon puppet... I'm at disadvantage this time". Yan Chen laughed bitterly.

For a time, Yan Chen felt like suffocating.

"That Stupid Demon God is really cheating, I'm only at Qi Formation Realm, yet he wants me to fight this monster". Yan Chen couldn't help curse the Demon puppet left by the Ancient Demon God.


The Demon puppet moved, before arriving right infront of Yan Chen in a blink of an eye.

The Demon puppet struck out a punch, the punch was accompanied by a wave of ear piercing sounds as it blasted towards Yan Chen.

Yan Chen didn't dare to be neglect, his body barley dodged the Demon puppets Punch.


A large Cracks appeared on the ground behind him, It caused the ground around him to shake.

Yan Chen's eyes went cold, and the Spiritual Qi Gathered around his hand, before he abruptly attacked.


His attack flashed out like a bolt of lightning and touched the body of Demon puppet.


A wave of noise sounded out, causing Yan Chen who thought that he would be able to injure the Demon puppet from this strike to be completely dumbstruck.

Yan Chen's face flushed red, and he couldn't help curse. " Fuck! This idiots defence is more stronger than I thought".

"In other words, I have to use "Silent Destruction Fist" to its full ability, then I would be able to defeat this Demon puppet, But this would be a gamble".Yan Chen Thought.

Presently, he was suppressed by the Demon puppet.

The Demon puppet kept a close watch on his attack, it suddenly attacked him, causing him to be taken by surprise and was unable to defend it.

The violent attack gushed into Yan Chen's body and blasted him flying.

Yan Chen's was like a arrow released from the bow before violently falling on the ground.

"Pu!" Yan Chen couldn't help from spitting out mouthful of blood, causing his countenance to turn ghastly pale.

"Then I'll make the gamble!"Yan Chen's heart shook as he his eyes became bloodshot.

Subsequently, the Spiritual Qi madly surged inside his body.

Along the way, it destroyed many of his meridians.

At this moment, Yan Chen felt extreme pain in his body, because of his injuries he sustained from the last attack of the Demon puppet.


"It's time to finish it" Yan Chen's current situation was like a Bloodthirsty demon, before he charged towards the Demon puppet.

"Silent Destruction Fist" Yan Chen shouted, as the Attack was directed towards it's head.


Right at this moment, The Demon puppet stopped moving, then its body trembled before exploding and turned into a pile of dust.

"Thousands of years later, and that Demon puppet is finally destroyed.." A Figure appeared right before him, before telling in hoarse voice.

"Senior..." Before he reply his body fell on the ground and struggled to lift his body from upwards, he had used all his Spiritual Qi in his Dantian, So he did not have a single ounce of strength.

The figure laughed, then lifted his palm and pressed it slightly on Yan Chen's head.

A White Fog binded Yan Chen's body, All the injuries on his body started to recover at a insane speed and his face which was pale started to gain some colour.

"As the First Person to pass my test, you've obtained my lifelong inheritance! Walk forward you will see a stone door opened and you'll able to arrive at the place where you'll find the inheritance." The figure sounded out once more, before it disappeared.


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