True Martial God
5 Inheritance 1
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True Martial God
Author :SilverSwordDemon
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5 Inheritance 1

"Ol.....Old man wha..... what are you doing here?" Yan Chen stuttered.

"I live in this place" the old man slowly replied.

Both Yan Chen and Lan Xiao were shocked when they heard that he lived in this Graveyard.

"You must be Yu Tian, The True Guardian of thousand Saint Graveyards"Lan Xiao voice contained amusement.

"Yes, You guessed it right I am the True Guardian of this Graveyard"The old man replied.

"Then, What About Yu Xue?".Yan Chen asked him.

"She is granddaughter, but not by blood, I was entrusted by her brother, who died protecting her from a demonic beast, so I have raised her from then". He replied.

He continued " You Should have been here for a the Inheritance right!".

"Yes" Both of them replied.

"Came with me, I'll take you there".He waved his hand and they disappeared.

They appeared before a plane medium sized gate.

The Old man turned his head towards Yan Chen and seriously said "You Should break that gate to enter inside, To get the inheritance, From now you are in your own, so be careful".

Lan Xiao said with worry" Be careful in there".

Before coming forward and hugging him before their figures disappeared.

Then, Yan Chen arrived before the Demon Gate.

The Demon Gate emitted a bright golden colour. However it was made out of simple gold. The reason for that was because bit was emitting a indestructible and scared might.

"Break For me now."

Suddenly, Yan Chen shot a fist out explosively. A stream of insane power surged forth. "Boom," it smashed into the Demon Gate.

Yan Chen's fist was powerful . However, when it smashed into Demon Gate, The Demon Gate showed no change at all. It did not even shook a little.

Upon seeing that, Yan Chen frowned slightly. With his current strength, even the Spirit Origin Realm expert will be cautious. Yet, the Demon Gate was able to withstand his fist. This meant the Demon Gate was stronger that he even imagined.


Right at the moment, The Demon Gate emitted an invincible stream of power.

A Black Ray of light shot out from the Demon Gate. The Black Ray began to grow larger. In the end it took a Humanoid form.

It's entire body was emitting Dark light, No one would dare to doubt the strength this body possessed.

As for that, Even Yan Chen did not confront it, This strength even Yan Chen would not dare to look down.


The Humanoid figure let a roar. Then, started to move forward. with each step, it's power surged up. it took the initiative to attack Yan Chen.

The Attack from the Humanoid figure was about to land on him. A large fist descended from the sky. it was less than twenty meters from him.

This Powerful impulse of the attack caused Yan Chen's clothes and long hair to flutter in air.


At the moment, Yan Chen shouted. Then clinched his fist and shot it upward.


In an instant, two large fists collided.

Upon impact, the large fist started to degenerate into pieces. Following that, the Humanoid figure was smashed to pieces.

However, the pieces of Humanoid figure started form gather. One by one they turned into another ten pieces of Humanoid figures.

Not only their quantity increased, even their power increased tremendously.


Yan Chen sent another wave of ten powerful fists, and the ten Humanoid figures scattered instantly. He did not give them time to attack.

After that, the more he attacked, more and more bodies of Humanoid figures began to appear in succession. their numbers started to increase. However, they were erased by Yan Chen instantly.


After Yan Chen eliminated another group of Humanoid figures, their number increased to Three hundred. This time around, they were not just standing infront of the Demon Gate. Instead, they appeared all around him, completely surrounding him.

" Senior, you're deliberately making things difficult for me" Yan Chen smiled lightly. Then he said, " Merely, this will be insufficient to stop me."

"Woosh, woosh, woosh~~"

Then, Yan Chen took the initiative to attack. He used Silent Destruction Fist to attack. With every punch, it would emitt overwhelming destructive power that caused the place to tremble. Even the Demon Gate started to shake.

"Roar, roar, roar, roar~~~".

Those Humanoid figures did not attack themselves, and they even set themselves in a formation to attack Yan Chen and attacked and defended in a coordinated manner.

Under these sorts of circumstances, even Yan Chen had to admit that these Humanoid figures were stronger.

Thus, one could imagine how difficult it was to deal with all the Humanoid figures.

"Senior, you're really amazing. The Humanoid figures you left behind are really amazing".

"However, I really want the inheritance, so I'll make them disappear from here".

Suddenly, Yan Chen's eyes flashed. The moment his eyes flashed, a boundless amount of crimson light appeared in a flash, enveloping the entire area.

It was Yan Chen's "Silent Destruction Fist", A High tier Mortal grade technique.

Suddenly, Yan Chen shouted, "Scatter for me!!"

"Rumble, rumble`~~~"

"Boom, boom~~~~"

Following that loud shout, the true might of the "Silent Destruction Fist" burst forth explosively. All the Humanoid figures were scattered in an instant.

Even though he had eliminated them, he did not dare to drop his guard a little.

After, all he had brought out the full ability of the "Silent Destruction Fist", which exhausted him severely.

If more Humanoid figures were to appear now, they would definitely be existences even more powerful than the previous Humanoid figures. Yan Chen... might not be able to handle it.


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