True Martial God
4 Ancient Demon Palace
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True Martial God
Author :SilverSwordDemon
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4 Ancient Demon Palace

After Yan Chen and Lan Xiao bodies disappeared from the lake, The space around collapsed a void opened and lone figure was seen in the void with a smile on its face and the void disappeared as if there was nothing.

Yan Chen and Lan Xiao were not aware of occurance at the lake they continued to move forward.

Shoo! Shoo!

Two figures moved forward, they were fast as lighting.

After an hour and half, Yan Chen saw a huge palace with a huge door covered by a surreal black light at the front with ancient texts on it.

"What is this Place?" Yan Curiously asked.

"Ancient Demon Palace" Lan Xiao replied pointing her finger at the name visible at top of the palace.

" Then, Why are we here?"He questioned her.

"It is said that this place has the inheritance left by the Ancient Demon God and also has something that belongs to you " she replied to him.

He understood what she meant and did not question her any further.

At the front they saw a surreal black light grew thicker and covered the huge door, as if it was hiding something.

Half an hour passed by in the blink of an eye.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Boom! Boom!

The surreal black light because thinner around huge door, the huge door opened slowly with a loud noise, the loud noise terrified Yan Chen.

Beside him Lan Xiao let out a deep breath and then said with a serious face: " We should enter now. But remember no matter what you see and what you face, keep calm and do not panic and you have to use your own power to move forward, I'll not be helping you".

Yan Chen looking at her serious face and nodded: "Alright".

As they were about enter they saw a pile of human skeletons scattered around.

"The rules of the Ancient Demon Palace is that only a cultivator with or below Origin Realm can enter. Even those Powerful Cultivators in Saint Realm cannot enter into the Ancient Demon Palace". Lan Xiao explained.

Yan Chen was surprised by the rules of this Ancient Demon Palace,he looked at the pile of human skeleton and thought: 'Only people in Origin Realm or below can enter, but how did she entered?'.

Seeing that what he was thinking, she said: "After I was seriously injured, I sealed myself in the Ice and eventually my cultivation realm dropped to Peak of Origin Realm".

Once they entered the door, they felt the space around them violently twisting, they could not sense or see anything around them, even though their eyes were opened every time. Then their bodies became lighter and moved faster than lighting with a inhumane speed.

They had no idea how long they have been here.

They appeared before a huge graveyard. Beside the place was covered by Death Qi around, there were some weird looking trees, and the place was dead silent.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

But just at that time, They discovered that white rays appeared all around them.

The sky became dark, when the lights appeared, they seemed abnormal and they were extremely strange.

"This is.."

The white light became stronger and stronger, and surrounded all the surroundings. But what stunned them was countless amounts of bones appeared above the surface of the ground.

They saw the whole graveyard which was empty a moment ago was filled with bones. They were boundless as the ocean.

Those bones were not only as clean white as jade, each and every bone was emitting a heavy aura.

They Felt a chocking feeling, especially Yan Chen,who was only at Forth Stage Qi Formation Realm, He felt like his body being squashed being pressured by countless auras as they were stacked upon one another. Their steps became heavy and dragged their bodies forward with difficulty.

"What the hell is this place?" looking at her Yan Chen asked who was sweating profusely.

"This.....This must be the Thousand Saints Graveyard from the legends!" Lan Xiao replied in a strange manner.

"Thousand Saints Graveyard" Yan Chen was surprised, he never heard this name before.

" Yes, It is said this place contains the bones of Saints who were from Ancient Times, When this bones fused with people with bones of people who possessed low talent , They would evolve into a Saint Level Powerhouse " Lan Xiao replied with a tense expression.

" What... evolve to Saint Level Powerhouse" He swallowed mouthful of saliva when heard that, before looking at the bones.

'By Means these bones were extraordinary, which means it can make mom powerful when fused with her' Yan Chen mind was racing with ideas, When he heard Lan Xiao voice.

"Don't think of anything stupid, till date no one were successful in taking a single bone from here" As she continued

"Even if they were successful acquiring it from here, they were buried alive in here" She said in a stern voice.

Suddenly the place began to shake

Boom! Boom!

The Bones started to move towards them, Yan Chen started to panic.The more he thought about it, the more he got frightened. The more he thought about it, chills were sent down his spine.

"Don't Panic, the more you panic the less chance of survival, keep calm" Lan Xiao shouted at him.

Suddenly, Their eyes lit up. they discovered that there was silhouette from afar calmly walking within the pile of bones.

They could vaguely see that it was an old man. the old man was was wearing a black robe, and the robe was simple and plane. As the old man lifted his right hand, the bones which were charging at them started to retreat, before they completely disappeared into the ground.

The old man's face had smile on his face and slowly walked in Yan Chen's direction.

But the thing that shocked Yan Chen was, this was the same old man who treated him when he was injured after fighting the Fire Wolf.

The Old man's skin was like a jade and a faint glow was emanating on his entire body. That type of aura was like a Saint descending from the heavens.

Lan Xiao's body became stiff like a stone, When the aura came in contact with her body.

The Old man appeared before Yan Chen in a flash and said: " Young one, We meet again".


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