True Martial God
3 You“re My Husband
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True Martial God
Author :SilverSwordDemon
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3 You“re My Husband


Yan Chen landed with his back on the ground.

He lifted himself and looked around to get a clue about the place and saw a silhouette standing about hundred foot from him, before he could get a clear glance at it moved away from him.

He felt a sense as if he had seen the silhouette somewhere and ran after the path where the silhouette had gone.

When he arrived he saw a gaint dragon emitting a strong demonic energy, which made him shudder before the door below the statue opened and the silhouette disappeared behind it.

He followed the silhouette into door before the door behind him closed, He started walk in the direction where the silhouette had disappeared.

Suddenly he felt a treat of danger , Before

poison arrows came flying towards him, his reflexes came into action as he dodged and saw the wall behind him was completely burnt, before releasing a foul smell.

"Demonic Poisonous Python" He was shocked before seeing a gaint python standing opposite to him.

It spat out at him, Yan Chen dodged it before using his "Silent Destruction fist" and hacked it into pieces, took its beast core and started absorbing the spiritual energy in it.

After absorbing it, he continued to move forward he meet some First Tier Beasts, before made light work of them, as he continued to move forward.

He passed through a door as the silhouette disappeared in thin air, he saw himself standing infront of a lake and Ice statue which were connected by the bridge.

When Yan Chen saw the Beautiful Figure sealed in Ice, he felt terrible pain in his head, He opened his eyes saw that the place he was in a battlefield before, a beautiful figure appeared before him and spoke.

[Yan Chen, I Love You If possible let's meet in our next life, I'll be waiting for you to find me and take me with you].

As she finished a sword was struck to her heart, before her figure began to dissipate in air, Yan Chen unconsciously moved his hand to reach her but he could feel empty space.

His body was enveloped in Darkness before he opened his eyes saw he was standing with the same lake, bridge and ice statue of the beautiful figure.

When he was about to move towards the Centre of the Lake, The Entire place around him started to shake as a Gaint Ape covered with white fur appeared before the Ice statue.


The Ape was a Eight tier beast which can rival a Martial Emperor Realm Cultivator.

Yan Chen was stumbled back due to pressure released by the Ape.

"Dirty Human dare to touch my mistress"The Silver Snowed Ape Roared as it said.


He was pressed down to the ground due to the pressure of the Ape , slowly tried to get up under the pressure of the Ape.

Seeing that the human was able to withstand it's pressure, it increased it's pressure on Yan Chen.

Yan Chen felt huge pressure on him, felt like his internal organs were squashed, blood was slowly dripping from his corner of mouth before splitting out mouthful of Blood.


He was blown away by the pressure, his body collided against the wall, his vision started blur, He kneeled in one leg, before heard a voice again in his mind.

[Don't give up]

Yan Chen covered in blood slowly felt like his body was surging with power his eyes became bloodshot he stood up before facing the Silver Snowed Ape.

The Silver Snowed Ape was startled and Felt it's soul taken away when it came contact with Yan Chen's eyes ,which were filled determination and stubbornness in his Eyes.

The Ape was Angered by his stubbornness and said: " Human Consider not matter what you use, In the end you will die.


As it Roared, it sent a powerful punch's Covered in Ice.

Yan Chen pupils shrunk as he saw the Attack's coming straight towards him.

He brought his both hands towards his face trying to defend the attack.

Seeing him trying to block the attack The Ape said while laughing:" Human do you think you have ability to block my attack".

When the attack was about to hit Yan Chen, A Figure Flashed Infront of Yan Chen before tearing the Attack's sent by Ape into dust.


The Ape who was laughing came to a halt when it saw it's attack was destroyed.

Yan Chen was startled when the attack sent by the Ape were stopped.

He saw a Black Figure infront of him.

The Ape Roared and said: " Who dares to block my Attack's".

When the dust drifted off, the Ape saw A Sword Simple Yet domineering Covered in Black Qi started to make some noises


Suddenly the Qi became chaotic, Without giving it to react the black figure disappeared before appearing infornt of the Ape before Striking it.


The Ape was sent flying before spilling out mouthful of Blood, before landing in the water.


The Sword Stood in-front of Yan Chen then landed in hands.

Yan Chen understood what it was implying him to do.

He walked near the ice statue and saw a girl sealed in ice.

Beautiful, Undeniably Beautiful!

But her eye's were closed with a smile on her face, like a fairy sleeping peacefully.

Yan Chen felt Pain in his heart before reaching out to touch the Ice saying: " Who are you?"

He continued" Why did I fell a pain in my heart when I saw you?".Tears Started to form in his eyes, Eventually started pouring out of his eyes.

He held the black sword and striked it towards the ice statue.

Suddenly the The Entire place began to shake and the ice statue began to melt.

Yan Chen was pushed back, saw that the Ice was Fully melted, but he could not see the figure.

Suddenly he heard Sweet Voice behind him

"Looking for Me Darling".

Yan Chen turned his body and saw a beautiful figure standing infront of him eventually staring at him.

The Girl was wearing a long white skirt with a purple belt tied around her waist. She had a perfect curved body. Her hair was silky smooth, falling down to her shoulder. She had a pair of bright eyes and her lips were perfect. But, What made her Undeniably Beautiful was her eyes which were crystal clear as water. She was absolutely Flawless.

"Finished staring". She said with a smile on her face, Before giving him a wink.

His face became red turning his face away from her.

"Wuuuu....Wuuuuu".The sword started making noises as if it was laughing at Yan Chen.

"Ok Stop it now".She said turned towards the Yan Chen eventually saying: "Do you know who am I?".

Yan Chen shook before saying: " I don't know, but I saw your death in my memories and my heart pained when I saw it".

She smiled said : " Because You're my Husband". Eventually Hugging him tightly.

Yan Chen was startled and pushed her away said: "Wait What hus... Husband?".

"Yes, You May have Forgotten your memories,But I am Your First wife Lan Xiao" She replied before giving him a slight kiss on his cheek.

"My memories"Yan Chen said with a shock

"Yes, But You don't worry about that you'll eventually will recover it in the future, Just cultivate harder and focus on becoming Strong".

"You said, You are my wife?".He said as looking at her face suspiciously.

Seeing Him acting suspiciously "Follow me".She said before walking towards a palace.

Yan Chen followed her into the palace before they disappeared.


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