True Martial God
2 Waking up
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True Martial God
Author :SilverSwordDemon
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2 Waking up

Yan Chen Opened his eyelids with great difficulty, but found that his head felt unbearably painful. It was like his head was being spilt open while every inch of his body felt unnaturally burning hot. However, a cool sensation swept across his entire body while he wasn't paying attention, bringing him a relief. At the same time, He felt an immense wave of sleepiness descent upon him and unknowingly, Fell into a deep sleep.

He had no idea how long he remained in this state, but after a while, Yan Chen gradually woke up. He felt a ball of warmth flowing through and around his body.

The moment he opened his eyes, he found himself face to face with a square faced, old-aged man.

The old man, upon seeing Yan Chen awaken, immediately shouted at him.

"Don't think of anything, just focus on flow of Spiritual Qi in your body".

As Yan Chen heard this, He then began to direct the flow of Spiritual Qi into different parts of his body.

After a while, Yan Chen's pale face finally started to gain some colour, opening his eyes he looked at the old man.

"Many thanks to elder for saving me. If not, I would have been dead by now". Yan Chen stood up and respectfully bowed while he spoke.

He had no idea who this person standing in-front of him was, but he had rescued him. And, it was natural that he would feel extremely grateful towards his benefactor

"No need thank me boy".The Old Man Replied

At this point he looked around, trying to get a better idea of his surroundings, And found himself in a old wooden hut not too far from a river, All his wounds have been healed. The slightly cool sensation swept in his body made him more refreshed.

As for the side effects from the Skill that he had used a while back, The thing that he was most worried about was his internal injuries. he began to feel uncomfortable about It.

Seeing the Composure of the youth, the old man presented a smile as he replied.

"No need to worry about your internal injuries, it has all been cured".

When he heard all his internal injuries were, He sighed in relief.

"Ah, you do not seem to be alone" Yan Chen Unexpectedly said.

"I have a Granddaughter, Who went to bring some stuff, Eat up first, then we will talk about other things later"The Old man said with a smile.

The old man waved his hand, A package wrapped in a flowery cloth and landed infront of him, it was revealed that it was full of all kinds of Snacks and some spiritual fruits.

Indeed, Yan Chen was hungry for a long time. In a flash he devoured all the snacks, Upon he slowed down his eating speed.

"There's no need to rush young one". The old man said as he laughed.

Hearing This Yan Chen became embarassed.

Suddenly Some footsteps were heard Yan Chen turned and A Little girl about eight or nine-years old running towards them with a small package in her hand.

"Grandpa I have Brought the things you told me".She Said

She handed the package to the Old man and turned towards the Yan Chen and asked: " Big Brother are Your Injuries Healed".

Yan Chen smiled and said: "Yes With your grandfather's help I have been fully healed".

"Young one stay here and take a good rest for a few days, there are 4 tier beasts are around nearby us" The Old man said with worry in his face.

See this Yan Chen did not refuse so he naturally agreed.

The Little girl was Ye Xue, She took care of Yan Chen for the next few days.

Seeing them the old man remembered Some events of the past before shaking them off.

At One night Yan Chen Sat on a rock staring at the night sky covered with a sea of star's and he heard footsteps behind and saw the old man standing beside him.

Old man said: " Young one follow me I have something to discuss with you". Before walking into the hut.

Hearing this Yan Chen was suspicious and followed him.


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