True Martial God
1 Yan Chen
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True Martial God
Author :SilverSwordDemon
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1 Yan Chen

The Misty Cloud Empire was a small empire in Tianwu Continent Unlike their neighbouring empires,It had a pure and untouched ,with beautiful sceneries of nature that can stir the Souls.

Dusk fell upon a Small Village located in the southern territory of the empire as the fiery sun set in the west.

On the hillside, A child about Fifteen years old was sitting on a small mountain, His eyes closed, and a faint amount of Spiritual Qi circled within his body and suddenly vanished.

He opened his eyes and muttered to himself: "Another Failure".

At this moment, a tender, childlike voice cried out "Big Brother, mom is looking for you".

He turned over his shoulder and saw a lovely little ten-year old girl, with big round eyes and her hair braided into two long braids coming up the hill. This little girl was Yan Chen's younger sister, Yan Min.

He smiled and pinched Yan Min's little cheeks saying: " Let's go then".

Yan Min pouted the said sulkily: "Brother, I have told you, no Pinching my cheeks!".

As the siblings got down the hill, they heard a noise of a beast. They turned and saw a First tier Beast Fire Wolf coming straight towards them.

Without hesitation Yan Chen pulled Yan Min's hand and started to run.

But The Fire Wolf Was Very Fast because it was First tier Beast Which had the strength At the peak of Qi Formation Realm.

When He saw it speed and had no way to run He turned his head and said: " Yan Min run from here, As I'll Hold it for a while".

When Yan Min heard this and said: " No I am not leaving you alone".

Yan Chen knew it was hard to convince her so he whistled as a Wolf came running towards them and he said: " Take her to home".

As he said, The Wolf grabbed Yan Min's small body and Started to run.

Yan Chen said: "Stupid Wolf Your Opponent is Me"

The Fire Wolf Became enraged By his Words and Started to Attack him.

He meet it's attack head-on With a punch and both were sent Five step backwards.

Suddenly It Increased It's Speed And Started attacking him ,with this he no advantage and his upper clothes were scattered and Naked Wounds were Visible.

It Started to Attack again but Yan Chen Condensed all his Spiritual Qi And Threw a punch towards it.

The Fire Wolf was thrown backwards without giving it to stabilize itself he Threw Another Punch towards it's head, The Head of the Fire wolf was Shattered into small fragments.

Yan Chen Felt his Body heavier And spat out mouthful of Blood and his vision blurred as he fell on ground unconscious.


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