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Transmigrated With My Military Base!
Author :CautiousTitan
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3 Faraday AFB

The Comms Tower was a 20-minute walk from us so we began our mission to take back Faraday. Our custom barracks had our famous high-tech electric APC named "Dark Apollo" but we didn't know if the situation required it. Luckily, the Air Force Base was an R\u0026D base so most of the vehicles were Electric. We got most of our power from the Solar Panels, which seemed to be working so far. We also get a portion of our power from the Minature Fusion Reactor, which was being developed in-house by our scientists. Since the base wasn't a wasteland, I guessed that the underground labs and the reactor were fine. The military was smart enough to build the most High-Tech base in Japan, as 40% of our scientists were Japanese. They made a variety of 'Quality of Life' improvements for us, including the installation of Japanese Bidets into all restrooms.

We also signed a Military contract with Tesla to install one of the largest Battery Farms in the military. That's most likely why the power was still working, despite us leaving the Okinawa Power Grid. The Fusion Reactor and the Solar Panels should keep the base running as usual, since the base was made to withstand being cut off from the Power Grid. However, we'll have to secure the battery farm and start fortifying it to avoid any blackouts from enemy interference. After all, we still didn't know if the locals were friendly to foreign intruders.

From the looks of it, it seems that the base isn't under attack from a single, unified force. We saw a variety of animals, monsters, and mobs while we walked towards the Comms Tower. It seems that the entire base was transported here all at once, wiping out any habitats in the process. Luckily, the base was placed into the middle of a grassland. We had mountains behind the base but was surrounded by forest in every other direction. I guessed that the forest was cleared when we arrived but anything was on the table at the moment.

With 15 minutes left until we reached the Comms Tower, I thought back to how I was able to join Faraday...


[3 Months Earlier]

"This is pretty nice! I'm surprised the army let us use their private jet! It doesn't even have a pilot!", Oscar said.

We were currently on an Unmanned Private Jet that was taking us to Faraday AFB in Okinawa. 2 weeks ago, we were given the notice that we were being promoted and transferred to Faraday AFB. Apparently, it was the most High-Tech Military Base in the US Army since most of our innovations came from there. Our assignment was to protect the interests of Faraday and commence the field testing of promising prototypes in our operations. Only the best soldiers were assigned to the base, as the assignment came with more benefits than usual. Oscar, Jennifer, and the other 5 Specialists who were assigned under me were recently promoted from Specialist to their respective talents. In the case of Jennifer and Oscar, they were promoted to Intel and Tech Specialist respectively.

"The jet was made by Tamai Shiro at Faraday, right? Didn't he win a Nobel in 2026 for curing cancer?", Jennifer said.

"No, he cured it and won in 2027. He won a Nobel in 2025 after creating Medical Nanobots 2 years prior. I believe the same scientist is stationed at this base", I said.

"Speaking of Faraday AFB, how does it feel to be promoted to Sergeant! We are getting 5 new Promising specialists, right? I heard one of them used to work with you as a Navy Seal! Is it true Seargent?", Jennifer said eagerly.

"Don't get your hopes up. Duncan was appointed as the Weapons Expert on the missions but he didn't talk much. He would probably be ranked higher if he had leadership abilities and spoke more. He's a strange one but highly effective. I'm glad the Seargent Major at Faraday chose him", I said.

When we finally arrived, the AFB seemed to be close to the coast and half the size Kadena. In 2020, Japan forcibly relocated Kadena AFB to a more sparsely populated area. However, in 2024, the US Military and Japan decided to place a 5,000 acre R\u0026D base in Okinawa. The US Army promised to have 40% or more of the scientists come from Japan, as they brought the best soldiers to the base to protect them. It was in the best interest of Japan and the US to keep working together towards a better future.

When the Jet finally landed, the doors automatically opened for us. As we carried our Duffel Bags and suitcases off the plane, the Seargent Major and 5 other soldiers were waiting for us. The Seargent Major looked to be 40 years old but still muscular. He was bald but he had a masculine beard. He was currently smiling at us, as the other soldiers behind him began to salute us.

"Welcome to Faraday AFB Seargent Titan! These are your new Specialists!..."


We had 10 minutes before we arrived at the Comms Tower, as we quietly began to snipe any hostiles that were in our path. I told 50 of the soldiers to stay with us, while I told the rest to split up and head to the other barracks around the base. I also told them to head over to the residences that housed the scientists and civilians. While we were going to get the Comms Tower running, they were going to alert as many people as they could before then.

"Our team will snipe any hostiles in our path! Your job is to retrieve the crossbow bolts and finish the enemy! No bullets! Use the knives and Martial Arts to silence them! Treat this as a covert operation!", I stated firmly.

As we began to jog to the Comms Tower, we encountered Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, Wolves, Giant Spiders, Giant Snakes, and various other things that would never be found on earth. As we started to make our assault through these hostiles, it was clear that the Crossbows were effective at silencing them. However, the retrieval of the bolts were essential since the crossbows only came with 10 bolts each. As we fired the bolts against the various hostiles in our path, the soldiers would begin charging towards the enemy to finish them. While some of the creatures were killed with a well-placed bolt, other creatures required more force to take down. These were most likely the Orcs, trolls, or any other armored beast.

After spending 15 minutes fighting our way to the Comms Tower, we were finally at the entrance. The Comms Tower, built in a similar style to an Air Traffic control center, was currently in front of us. As we walked in through the double doors, we saw an unexpected face wrestling with a goblin.

It was the Head Scientist from Japan, the Japanese Inventor Tamai Shiro.

He was also known as the 'White Dragon'.


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