Transmigrated With My Military Base!
2 The “Titan Hunters“
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Transmigrated With My Military Base!
Author :CautiousTitan
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2 The “Titan Hunters“

"Where the hell are we? This isn't Okinawa right?". Jennifer began to look around the base, noticing that the landscape of Okinawa was nowhere to be found. The only thing that seemed familiar was the Faraday Air Force Base, which seemed to not be damaged or in disarray. However, Orcs and Goblins were staring us in our faces. It was clear that they were not friendly.

"The better question is who the hell are they! Trespassers aren't allowed on Faraday grounds! Leave now or we will use lethal force!". Oscar pulled out his pistol and pointed it at the orc's head. The pistol was a custom FN Five-seven with his wife's name on the side. We were all given the same base pistol but we were given permission to personally customize it. Jennifer and I also took out our FN's, as we pointed it at the foreign targets.

"Seargent Titan! Do we have permission to shoot? Waiting on your orders, sir!", Jennifer said.

"I'll have to apologize to the other specialists. Looks like we are waking up early this morning!", I joked.

As I scanned the targets, we had 10 Goblins and 2 Orcs as our hostiles. The goblins were around 4.5 feet tall while the Orcs were 6.6 feet. It seemed that they were speaking a language that I was unfamiliar with, so negotiation was off the table. I've watched enough isekai while I was off duty to know what to do. The obvious answer was to use lethal force!

"I'll take the Orcs! Your orders are to quickly assassinate the goblins and give me backup when needed! Don't waste any bullets! We don't know if the sound will attract more hostiles! Quick and clean kills to the head, just like I trained you!", I stated.

As I began to sprint towards the Orcs, Oscar and Jennifer began sniping the Goblins with their custom pistols. One-by-one, the goblins were falling until around 6 of them were left. Once the Goblins recognized that the guns were like automatic arrows, they began moving frantically toward my Specialists. As the goblins tried to jump onto them, my specialists took out their M9 bayonets with their off-hand. They began to precisely but quickly stab the goblins in their head. While they were taking care of the goblins, I was going to defeat these Orcs with the pride of a Navy Seal!

I shot the Orcs in both of their knees before shooting them in their heads. Unsurprisingly, they were only dazed by the bullet to the head so I had the pleasure of using my martial arts. As I took out my M9 and jumped onto the back of one of the Orcs, it attempted to shake me off by going berserk.

"I think it's time for you to go to sleep buddy!", I said.

I finally got up to his shoulders and grabbed him by the neck. Using the Martial Arts that I learned as a Navy Seal, I successfully found the pressure points in his neck and made the Orc fall to his knees.

"The First to never mess with a Navy Seal!". I stabbed the Orc with the 7-inch blade and slowly pushed it all the way into his neck. As the Orc began to gradually lose consciousness, I jumped off and watched him fall to the ground. Finished with my first Orc, I quickly checked on Oscar and Jennifer. It seemed like they were finishing up the stragglers who were trying to get away from them.

"That's a shame! That's all you have? We were hoping for a bigger challenge than this! We still need a good workout!", Jennifer joked.

As the other Orc began to go Berserk with rage, it started to sprint towards me. Holding my pistol in my right and my knife in my left, I was ready to hunt myself another Orc! However, we saw a well-placed shot hit the Orc in the head before I could take it down. After looking behind me, it was no surprise who shot it. It was none other than the Mute Weapon Specialist, Duncan.

"Can you guys be any less noisy? Who shoots weapons at 4:40 am in the morning?", Jasmine said.

The rest of the 'Titan Hunters' were walking towards us in their training attire, as we quickly gave them a mission briefing of the situation. As for who made up 'Titan Hunters', it went something like this:


Titan Williams [Jack-Of-All-Trades]

Jennifer [Intel Specialist]

Oscar [Tech Specialist]

Duncan [Weapon Specialist]

Harrison [Explosives Specialist]

Ann [Medical Specialist]

Jasmine [Negotiation Specialist]

Sarah [Stealth Specialist]


"So what's the plan, Sergeant Titan? Until we find the Sergeant Major, you are the highest-ranking officer here", Ann said.

"We'll check the other barracks and wake up the soldiers near us! When Duncan used his sniper, I saw a few soldiers running out to see if we were being attacked. It seems like all the soldiers and personnel were brought to this world with us. Once we get a good group of soldiers, we can head over to the Comm Tower and alert the entire base of our situation. This civilization, as of right now, doesn't seem like it can protect against modern weaponry. Thus, our main goal is to get our Faraday soldiers organized and prepared for anything! Jasmine and Duncan are grouping with me! The rest of you should start getting the other soldiers awake and ready to fight! You have 15 minutes! You are Dismissed!", I firmly stated.

As the specialists began running to the multiple barracks around us, I walked and talked with Jasmine and Duncan.

"Jasmine. How likely is it that we can pursue peaceful operations here? Also, how fast do you think you could learn the language of this place?", I said.

"I can already speak 4 languages so I might as well become a pentalingual negotiator! However, we'll have to identify what the main language is in this place. I mean, we don't even know the name of where we are. When we get the troops organized, the best bet is to find a village as soon as possible", Jasmine said.

"Sounds good! Judging from the sounds I'm hearing, it looks like Oscar and Jennifer have gotten their assigned barracks awake by using cold water! Hahaha! What's our weapon situation, Duncan?", I said.

["Our weapons seem to be functioning normally. We should be fine if we start using our melee weapons more. We have Ammo presses and a means of making our own ammo. We just need to stock up on more components. I'll start making the Scorpyd Aculeus crossbow with the blueprints I stored"], Duncan sign-languaged.

"Even in a foreign world, you still prefer not to speak, huh? You're lucky I learned Sign Language as a Private. Also, did you really sleep in your Tactical mask again?", I asked.

["Dont hate on the mask, Seargent! It's a part of me now. I'm going to bring us our weapon bag so tell the other specialists I'll be back with our firearms"]. Duncan began jogging into our barracks and picking out his favorite firearms. As we waited for him, the rest of the specialists came back to us with the soldiers.

Behind the specialists were around 500 soldiers from the nearby barracks. Faraday Air Force Base was primarily an R \u0026 D base so the troops here were more skilled than usual. We had 13,000 people total, with 7k soldiers, 3k Civilians, and 3k Personnel. The quicker we alert Faraday of the situation, the lower the civilian casualties will be.

As Duncan brought our bag of weapons and gave one to each of us, we all began to smile.

Our favorite Weapon Smith had enough [Ravin R15 Predator] Crossbows for everyone.

Another Perk of being a Navy Seal, just like me.


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