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Transmigrated With My Military Base!
Author :CautiousTitan
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1 Pilo

"Wake up, Titan! We need to work out! If we want to get first dibs on the equipment, we need to go now!", Jennifer stated.

Instead of lightly waking me up like a sweet and feminine female, Jennifer began to aggressively shake me awake. Despite knowing her for two years now, I still couldn't believe someone this cute was so aggressive. Jennifer was one of the 7 specialist soldiers that I command under the name 'Titan Hunters'. She was undoubtedly a well endowed and cute soldier. She had brown hair, blue eyes, and was currently 20 years old. Back when I was 20 and a rising prodigy in the army, Privates Jennifer and Oscar were my first subordinates. It was strange for someone to have subordinates after 2 years in the army but I was already good enough to be a Corporal. My Strategic planning, Combat prowess, and Marksmanship were praised by the Sergeant Major. Since I was the clear prodigy in the army, he decided to make an exception and let me command my own team of two promising privates. At first, they were shocked by the idea of a 20-year-old being a Corporal but once I beat them in shootouts, they respected me from then on. As for this morning, even if I wanted to act like I was asleep, it was impossible at this point.

"It's 4 am in the morning, Jennifer! We still have another hour until we wake up as a unit! Go bother Oscar already", I said sleepily.

"Too late for that, Sergeant. Jennifer has already harassed me to join her. She was nice enough to splash cold water in my face while I was dreaming about my wife. We might as well go and get it over with. Unless you want some of the cold water in this cup...", Oscar said.

"I get it! I'm up! I'm up! Let's just get this workout over with already! Once we all get ready, we'll meet in the indoor gym. You have 20 minutes soldiers!", I stated.

As Jennifer and Oscar happily said 'Yes Sir!', I walked over to the bathroom to start my morning routine. Even though it was 4 am in the morning, Okinawa sounded less noisy than usual. We would usually hear some type of ship or seagull by now since we were so close to the ocean. What also made it strange was that the sky seemed to be a different hue than before, despite it still being pitch black outside. I shrugged it off and went to the bathroom to take a 5-minute shower. The shower started to slowly wake me up from my drowsiness, as I prepared for our training session.

As I put on my daily Sergeant attire and brushed my teeth, I just couldn't ignore the amount of silence on the base. Even though the entire base was scheduled to wake up in an hour, Fighter Jets and Ships should still be passing by in the morning. I didn't want to keep my soldiers waiting so I hurriedly put on my attire.

After I got my attire ready, I walked over to our indoor gym. Since I was a great Sergeant in the army, my barracks had a unique indoor gym among other amenities. We were able to secure our own, separate barracks by using my influence as a Navy Seal to persuade the Faraday Housing Committee. Replacing what would house additional troops were Comms, Armories, Kitchens, Garages, etc. This allowed 'Titan Hunters' to complete their operations as fast as possible without much interference. Once Faraday saw the results, they made it a permanent change and added a few other features. However, Oscar and Jennifer were already in the training room arguing.

"I know what I saw, Jennifer! A fairy was sleeping on the bench press! Do you really think a 20-year-old specialist would want to admit that they've seen a fairy? We've known each other for 2 years! Why would I lie about this?", Oscar argued.

"Obviously your mind is still asleep, Oscar! Fairies don't exist! You probably just need more cold water on your face. The water was obviously not cold enough! You need to remember that we are Specialists! Do you really think a joke like that would work on me?", Jennifer said.

"What are you guys arguing about this early in the morning? How am I supposed to go back to sleep if I have a headache?", I said.

"Oscar believes he saw a Fairy resting on the bench press but has nothing to support his claims!", Jennifer stated.

"I might not have proof but I can still outshoot you on my worst day! Isn't it about time we-"

Their conversation was cut short by a loud roar that seemed to come from the skies. Thinking it was some type of enemy warhead or surprise attack, we all sprinted outside of our barracks. What we were expecting couldn't compare to what we saw.

A trio of silver dragons was flying over our base.

With all this strange evidence, It was clear that this wasn't Okinawa anymore. The two moons were red and gray. The sky had groups of stars that didn't match any constellations. The sight of the sea was replaced by foreign mountains, forests, and unknown landmarks.

Thus, it was safe to say we weren't in Okinawa anymore. Hell. We might even be in a different world entirely.

Luckily, guns work no matter what world you go to.

Especially since we were face to face with Orcs and goblins.


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