Through Unknowns
55 Male Supremacy
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Through Unknowns
Author :XiaoMai
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55 Male Supremacy

As soon as Chang Xiuying entered another world, she felt as if something was taken from her. But she never bothered with it as she looked at the place right in front of her. It just made her think more that she is in a different world.

Destroyed buildings, more like ruins, gathered. It also seemed devoid of people as she couldn't find even a trace of human life. She looked back, expecting her comrades to be with her, but when she realized they weren't here, she tried going back. However, it didn't let her go back. It repelled her hand as she was flung away to a ruined house.

"What… in the world?" She muttered as she stood up from the rubbles.

Suddenly, there was a guttural growl near her. She then felt humans watching that deformed monster as they strategize on how to take it on. Chang Xiuying only stayed hidden and watched.

Once they got out, their group only consisted of males. There weren't any---ah, there was a female that seemed to act as a bait. She fearlessly stood in front of the monster. When she got its attention, she immediately ran towards the direction of the male hunters. Of course, the monster ran after her without knowing the danger behind.

The woman moved as if she aggro monsters several times. She knew how to constantly take its attention until she reached where the others were. The males readied their weapons then attacked once the monster was within their range. They shouted as their leader gave instructions.

However… Chang Xiuying couldn't understand their language.

Anyway, they formed a circle as they entrapped the monster and then started attacking one by one in the monster's blind spot. Whenever it faces against a human to attack, he would be attacked from behind as the one against the monster would either block or attack. Moreover, it was deeply wounded. Those people must have been strong. The woman might be strong too but she never partook the fight and just watched at the sideline.

The men continued until the monster's stamina depleted then collapsed in exhaustion. It took about around an hour. They gave the finishing blow as the buff man slashed at the monster's neck. They let the monster drain its blood as the woman started giving water and food to the hunters with her head hung low. They accepted it then they pointed at the monster. The woman looked at the man and the monster before nodding. It seemed that she was ordered to bring the monster back to their base.

Chang Xiuying watched and then followed them. She also noticed how the girl could lift the monster and the heavy bag she was carrying. She touched her chin as she wondered why the woman would only let those guys do that to her.

In any case, she continued following them until they reached a city that was almost a kilometer away from where they were. Wooden walls embraced the city to protect their stronghold from the monsters. There were a few humans walking in the place that seemed like a market. Moreover… Chang Xiuying could only see males around. Where were the female species?

She remembered the place for now then went back to where one of the Gates was. However, there were monsters coming into the Gate.

Wait… if only monsters could enter, does that mean she was also a monster? If not, then how could she be able to enter? It remained a mystery for her. Oh right, when she tried going back, she was rejected, so she couldn't be a monster.

When the monster invasion finished, she tried once again to see if she could pass through. Before she knew, she was flung away to the very same ruined house. She sighed then stood up once again. This time, she just wandered the place until she found a small house with a wooden fence and wires all around the area. There were bells in each wire as if it was an alarm for an incoming attack.

Chang Xiuying plucked one wire then waited. She was only testing if there was someone but in the end… she was attacked with an arrow that dug its way into a tree trunk.

"Wait! I am an ally!"


"Language acquisition… completed."


"Who are you? If you come any closer, I'll attack again!"

"Huh?" Chang Xiuying looked at her wrist where a tattoo was embedded on her skin as it flickered.

"Uh… I am not an enemy! I came from the other side of the Gate."

Somehow it got translated to the unknown person as it replied, "Gate? You mean… the portal that suddenly appeared in this place? That explained why I can't understand you without that translation device. Okay, you can come closer now."

"Thanks… who are you?"

"I'm Noella. We are in the same species, so I'll treat you better than those maggots."

"I'm Chang Xiuying. I was unable to return from where I came from and wandered aimlessly here. I just happened to pass by and decided to see if there would be someone here. I'm sorry, did I somehow disturb you?"

"Everything's fine. For now, come in. I'll show you my home."

"Are you all alone?" Chang Xiuying asked while she avoided the wires as she marched through Noella's base.

"I have a child with me,"she said.

"I've been wondering… why are all the females here so restricted?"

"We… are deemed useless here. Even though women are the ones who gave birth to those men, they still wouldn't respect us. A lot of women don't have the confidence to fight those maggots since we have a huge gap of abilities between us. Even if a woman emerged stronger than the men, with their mindset, they wouldn't be able to fight. How about you? How is the matter about women in the other side of the portal?"

"Unlike here, women are respected and treated equally."

"What a huge discripancy. If only I could speak your language and then migrate to your place, my child would be able to grow in a good environment."

"Is your child a female?"

"No. It's a male."

"You must've ran away the moment you know you conceived."

Noella stopped in her tracks and asked, "How… did you know?"

"It's just a guess, really. I wouldn't know the mentality of people here if they knew their child is a male. That was part of the word 'maggots' to you. So, I guessed that you wouldn't want him."

"I see now. Truthfully, I would leave him behind if I knew my child is a male. But… he is my only child..."

"Then raise him how to respect females and have the power to back it."

Noella smiled at Chang Xiuying. "You're right. I'll raise him better, without the influence of those maggots."

"So, you're saying… that as soon as you gave birth to a male, they would take him and raise him without motherly love?"

"Those doesn't exist here. And yes, they would take them away from us."


"We're here," Noella said as she opened her house and a cute child's squeal greeted them.

"He's cute..." Chang Xiuying said as she crouched down, observing the child who was walking with the help of a device.

"It's hard to raise him into a good man… even now, I don't know what to do."

"I'm not raised with love either, so I don't know what it feels like. But I know what I can do."

"What is it?"

"Spoil your child with care as long as he is a baby."

"... I don't know."

Chang Xiuying grabbed the baby gently and then placed him in her embrace. She then looked at Noella and said, "Don't tell me… that you weren't ready before you conceived him..."

"I was raped. Don't worry though, it's a common occurence here. Besides… even if I want to abort the baby, I don't have enough money. That's why I lived through the days like this."

"That's still wrong… you should have fought."

"Remember what I told you? We can't… we are made not to."

Chang Xiuying looked at the giggling baby as she played with him. Noella's gaze was focused on her child as if she fell in love with him the second he gave those toothless smile. She let a few tears ran out of her eyes as she approached Chang Xiuying in little steps.

"I… I never knew that babies could smile like that..."

"Does that mean you never properly looked at your child. They are the most innocent puffball in our world. Although there are some cases that they were abused too."

"Can… can I hold him?"

Chang Xiuying laughed and the baby squealed after her.

"Why are you asking me? He is your baby," she said as she handed him over to Noelle. "So, what is his name?"

"I still haven't gave him one..."

"You should give him one now."

"Can you name him? I want his name to be otherworldly."

"Hmmm… how about Nathaniel? It is also the same first letter as your name."

Noella smiled. "My name was just randomly chosen and weren't really deeply thought of. But thank you for giving my child a name."

"No problem. How about cooking? Do you cook?"


"I see… I'll cook for you two then."


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