The Dance of The Marquis
28 Chapter 18.2: The Bleeding Thorns and The Strangled Angel: Provira
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The Dance of The Marquis
Author :DonatelloCreates
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28 Chapter 18.2: The Bleeding Thorns and The Strangled Angel: Provira

I heard about the impending announcement, Claudvius didn't have the ability to push past his pettiness. "Claudvius, I know about the announcement,"


"I know you're going to side with the Kasfi house, please don't do it, they're not going to win,"

"You don't know that"

"Yes, I do, even with the death of Davin, you just hurt Bouvach they're going to want to hurt you, they're going to side with the one that you're not backing, giving them a high advantage, side with Ristikos contribute little of the army and take their gold and use it for your gain"

"No, this could be their plan, use me and then betray once I don't benefit them anymore" he walked away. I knew that he wasn't going to listen. I wish that he could get it into his head that I was trying to help, I was the reason that he still had a throne. I tried to find him to try and convince him, then I realise that there was little to no chance of convincing him, I'd have to find a way to go behind his back I was used to keeping secrets from him, there were times where he was extremely stubborn and others where he's easily manipulated. I go to my chambers and look inside the closet, looking for something to way for the meeting. Claudvius enters, "I'm not hearing anything more about your desire to side with Ristikos"

"Why is that? You almost never seem to listen to me" I adopt a sad tone, to make him feel guilty "I don't need to, I'm the King" he said, reminding me that his ego had no bounds and there were no heights it could not reach "you seem to have forgotten that I'm the reason that you are still King, you also seem to have forgotten I'm the Queen," I seem to hit a nerve, I remember that he didn't take kindly to being put in his place, he raised a hand to strike, I catch it before it could move an inch closer to me, I squeeze his crotch, I hear his cry get stifled in his throat "you live because I allow it, you walk these castle halls with my blessing" I squeeze tighter "you even think about raising a hand to me, I advise you also think about Maléna's end" I release my grip smile and walk to the Throne Room.

I sit on my throne, waiting for the barons and courtiers to arrive. They fill in the room, Claudvius walks up and sits next to me "I have decided who I will endorse in the coming war" I looked at him, he kept his gaze on the crowd "I'll be supporting the Kasfi family, they have proven their loyalty to the Throne, so they shall be rewarded," he looked at me. I tell myself to hold back, knowing that bursting into a rage won't help my situation. I decide to just channel it into something else.

I decide to go through with my backup plan. I get a letter sent to him. After a week I travel to the luxury inn. I go to the room and find myself on the balcony. "Greeting, Your Highness" he bowed "What did you ask me for?"

"It was in the letter, marriage"

"What do you expect to gain from it?"

"With my plans, I need the favour of the people," I said "So instead of evacuating Sevalians to Kentrikos, I would like to bring them to Chrysia,"

"What do I gain?" he asked

"You get to be King," I said, "do you accept the offer?"

"Yes, how do you plan on doing that?"

"You don't need to worry about that, I'll contact you again once I've succeeded" I smile at him and walk away.

I get back to my chambers. I change into my nightgown. I feel arms wrap around me, "this your way of apologising, I assume" I said pretending to be interested, he was right where I wanted him. I kiss him back and we move to the bed, I'm top of him, as I call upon my familiar, I feel it tear through the skin of my lower back and slowly slither up. I tilt my head to the side, he kisses my neck, I feel his beard tickle my skin, right where I want him. The snake reaches my shoulder, he notices before he could move, I hold his head back and his mouth open to give my creature access. I watched the serpent in the little illumination provided by the candles as it slithered down his throat, he was probably choking on vomit that couldn't find a way out of his throat. When the snake was completely in mouth, I hold him down as he thrashes as hand over his mouth, his nose bleeds then his ears, then his eyes. I grab my dagger with my free hand I start to chant "Vesseli Povaris va Aima" I said channelling the power I gained from his sacrifice into the dagger. I felt tingles travel through my body into the dagger, the vessel for my power if I ever need it. I hide the dagger and get up from the bed, I tuck Claudvius in and place him in his normal sleeping position. I lay down next him. I wake up in the morning, "Come on Claudvius, wake up" I said, slightly loud enough for anybody that might be listening, "Claudvius?" I felt the serpent already resting inside of me, I turn his body to see that he had foamed at the mouth. I scream "somebody help!" I scurry to the corner and huddle myself up, a guard comes in and gets a medic. Delilah and I were in the waiting room, Claudvius was being looked at, "you don't seem worried" Delilah said

"I know"

"I know that you're up to something," she said

"I know you saw me, in the Council Room, you have nothing to prove it with though" I smiled at her. The medic walked in "I'm sorry to say that Claudvius is dead" I cried to sell the act, I storm off to my chamber. I laugh hysterically, everything was falling into place and it felt amazing.

I sit on my throne with the empty one next to me. "What is the meaning of this?" one of the barons asked "I have an announcement to make, The Throne will be supporting House Ristikos, they will be sending a ship to Sevalia to evacuate any survivors" murmurs grow amongst the crowd "The Sevalians that are here will be sent to Chrysia to avoid any families being separated" those in the Throne Room leave all except for me and Vios. "Come sit, you're going to do a lot of it soon, might as well get comfortable" I smile at him, he climbs up the steps and sits on the throne.


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