The Dance of The Marquis
27 Chapter 18.1: The Bleeding Thorns and The Strangled Angel: Claudvius
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The Dance of The Marquis
Author :DonatelloCreates
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27 Chapter 18.1: The Bleeding Thorns and The Strangled Angel: Claudvius

"The tension between Meldavorne and Chrysia is at its highest" Delilah said

"How come?" I had other problems to deal with, why is it my responsibility to settle the petty squabbles of two nations? "Maléna is dead, she was most likely poisoned based on how she died, it gets worse" of course it did "Marquess Elyeria Kasfi was arrested for her murder". I couldn't help but be glad of the fact that Maléna was dead, two of my enemies were killed, my throne was safe, "your decision will be final, you have to choose who you're going to back, in a few hours you're going to announce it to the barons and the world troops will be sent over. The war was now at its peak, the war was uncertain, Kasfi was small but had the strongest weapons and magic, they have a small army. Ristikos has a larger army of the two, but they had standard weapons, the boost to their army wasn't a certain asset due to the death of the Bouvachian Marquis and the power vacuum in Bouvach. The outcome of the war was uncertain, I needed to pick the winner or I could lose a good ally, I had tried to make a decision. "Remember the decision is final" Delilah walked away.

I walk into the Council Room, "how is Sevalia after I pulled the troops?" I asked still worried for my nation "there are few settlements that are holding out, but the nation is nearly taken over completely," I was starting to lose everything, I felt my enemies start to close in on me. "The rebellions?"

"They're still there, probably never going away but they are less violent and the people who opposed your rule are mostly scattered," he said. My enemies were backing away. Something was going my way, the rebellions in my nation were dying down "can we send troops back?"

"Yes, but it might not make any different most of Sevalia was taken over by the cult, we might not have a large enough army and we might not have enough money for that, the donations from Chrysia weren't coming in anymore, taxes are rising but that's not enough"

"Send them anyway"


"I don't care" he silences himself and bows his head, I was going to get everything that was mine.


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