The Dance of The Marquis
24 Chapter 15.2: The Fate of a Nation: Provira
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The Dance of The Marquis
Author :DonatelloCreates
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24 Chapter 15.2: The Fate of a Nation: Provira

I waited for him to come meet by the cliff," anything new on Claudvius"

"Yes" he answers "he's pulling back his troops from Sevalia, I know that you didn't ask this but Davin doesn't intend on leaving," he said

"I know," I said as I watched the waves crash against the cliff face

"Do you need me to do anything?"

"No" I walk alongside the edge as I watch him leave. I go back inside to see Davin.

"You lied to me" I whisper loudly

"Well I thought to myself, one shipment of food is nice, but that won't last us, I decided to stick by my ally"

"I have a question for you" he probably expected me to be angry "you have the best military on the continent, how did bandits manage to invade your castle and then get out? Every single one of them" he panicked, he hid it, tried to at least, I took a step into his personal space, for intimidation, "probably just an anomaly, but they also tend to happen for a reason, something that shouldn't change being tampered with, you don't think that happened did you?" I smile

"I don't know what you're trying to imply"

"I'm not implying anything," I walk away. It wasn't the best strategy, giving him a hint of what I was planning next, but I wanted to make him afraid or maybe it was the best strategy making him panic, get him moving so he could trip and fall.

I waited by the port, I saw the Kasfi ship enter the dock, its flag of the five-legged scorpion on a field of red. I stand there and watch Aerilas VII, I think, "you requested me being here, to help get Davin killed" he smiled at the thought "what exactly is your plan and how am I involved?"

"You're going to back the status quo when it comes to who rule the nations and you're going to prove that Davin Dachou was responsible for your daughter's kidnapping and entrapment in Chrysia"

"How do you expect me to do that?" he didn't seem to have an overt reaction to this revelation. "you run nearly all travel and shipments you let Ristikos use your ships to pay off your debt to them"

"how did-"

"because I'm the Queen" I answer his question before he gets the chance to ask it "so are you in?"

"Of course"

I go to Claudvius, "hey Claudvius, we need to get a trial ready, for Davin and Maléna" I couldn't help but smile at the thought, they probably thought that they played us "I'll get everything ready" he smiled back "I'll be sure to reward you later" he smirked, when he walks away I couldn't help but roll my eyes. I eventually see Maléna struggle against the guards, Davin walks trying to claw and grasp at the little dignity he had. I decide to oversee Maléna's questioning, she seemed the most formidable threat. When I walk in The Chrysian Marquess couldn't help but give me a dirty look. The interrogator sat in front of the woman "why was a Chrysian ship on its way to Dachou?"

"To discuss an alliance"

"What sort of alliance?"

"To unite and try to dissolve the throne either that or take it from you"

"Why is The Marquess Elyeria Kasfi in The Golden City, in your castle?"

"I have ears everywhere, I heard about what happened to her, I couldn't bear the idea of a young girl, being sold and going through" I take a moment to admire how good she was at pretending to be a caring woman "well you hear the stories and see the bodies, so I outbid them"

"You confess to participating in human bidding"

"I assure you that Elyeria is safe" I knew that she would find a way to gain the jury's sympathy so I decide to enact my backup, I walk up to the interrogator's seat "move" he gets up and I sit down in front of her "you could be facing the death penalty, Maléna"

"I know, but-"

"Your head will be on a pike" I interrupted "they're records showing that you sent Bouvach millions"


"The day after she was taken it seems"

"You can't can't frighten me, girl, I've been Dancing for long time and-"

"You will be beheaded while your child may be going mad, unable to rule, your nation will descend into chaos and Ristikos will be gone"

"How do you know?"

"I've been Dancing for a long time," I smile and get up to leave

"Wait" she called to me, I couldn't help but smile everything was falling into place.

The guards bring him out. He has decided to abandon all attempts at dignity and struggled against those who are holding him. He's sat surrounded by the people. "Do you understand that you Marquis Davin Dachou are being charged with human trafficking?" Claudvius, tried to repress his smile as he sat slouched on his throne, he actually succeeded "Yes, but I'm innocent"

"Bring in the first witness!" A guard came in, one of the Bouvachian men "Were you there on the night of Elyeria's kidnapping?"

"No, your Highness"

"Why is that?"

"Because Davin didn't want us there, he wanted us all to relax"

"Us?" he pauses possibly to let the murmurs of the crowd grow "How many?"


"How many guards are usually present?"

"A Thousand"

"Were there any celebrations?"


"Why do you think that he let you go?"

"He wanted to be kind"

"Do you believe that?"


"What do you actually have that can prove these charges?" his representative asked us, he did have a point. "Inventory and Shipment records provided by The Meldavorni Marquis" Aerilas VII stepped onto the podium, he looked at Davin and smiled, then he scratched his greying beard "it says here that the day after my daughter was kidnapped, seven million Golden Suns was sent to the them, this clearly gives The Marquis motive" I could hear the murmurs clearly many though that Davin Dachou was guilty, "final witness" I smile waiting to see the look on his face when enters, she had a blank expression "I'm Marquess Maléna Ristikos"

"Do you swear to tell the whole truth?"

"Yes, by all the Gods," she said

"What information will you be contributing to the case?" Claudvius rested his arm on one the rests as he slouches on his throne "I will be testifying against Davin Dachou" gasps are heard from nearly everyone

"You bitch!" he jumps from his podium and tries to attack her, the guards hold him back, she looks at me, I raise an eyebrow, prompting her to carry on "How do you hear about Elyeria's situation?"

"I had ears everywhere and whispers follow certain paths and many of them lead to met"

"Why did you pay to free her?"

"I didn't want a girl away from her home to be hurt," she said

"Did you hear who had her?" Claudvius asked I prompt her again



"Davin Dachou" the gasps increased in volume, to the point where they seemed almost exaggerated. The jury had reached a decision, "all those who find the defendant guilty, raise your hand" thirteen out of the twenty jury members raised their hand "then it's settled Davin Dachou, you will face execution, for human trafficking" the guards take him away. Davin Dachou has fallen.

It was morning. The sun had risen, the songs of the birds were descending into silence and it was the day that I got to keep my throne. Maléna had run back to Chrysia and Davin was soon going to be on the chopping block. I walked out to see the crowd who has adored him and cheered for him as their throw things at him, mostly mud, I think. He's stood up in front of the crowd "any last words?" said Claudvius, he didn't bother hiding his smile

"Today you'll be killing a good man"

"Shut up and die dick head!" someone shouted at the crowd. He was pushed down to his knees, his head placed on the chopping block. The executioner walks up to him and then another "Claudvius what's happening?" one had a double handle saw. They saw his head off, his screams silenced the crowd and seemingly stilled them since I saw nothing get thrown, the weapon back and forth, slowly slicing through his neck "this is too much" I said, "the people will see you as a brute" I said

"Good" Davin's head fell to the ground, and rolled on the stage, stopping short of the edge.

One enemy had fallen, it was time for the next one to come down. I managed to get her away from the throne, but I had to make sure that she didn't come. I pull the vial which contained the blood I stole from her while she slept. I sat in the room, Claudvius wasn't here yet, but I acted with haste. I start the chant "Encantis Povaris Aima Va Necrasta" I pour her blood into the fire and watch it transform from orange to red "Encantis Povaris Aima Va Necrasta" I repeated and repeated, I felt my nose bleed I let them, I let the Goddess take what she was owed. The flame flits to metallic smelling smoke. The spell was done. She tried to take something from me now it was the time that I took something from her.


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