The Dance of The Marquis
19 Chapter 11.3: Crimson Flames: Claudvius
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The Dance of The Marquis
Author :DonatelloCreates
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19 Chapter 11.3: Crimson Flames: Claudvius

She walked away, she was never like that, why didn't she just answer my question, Davin arrived soon after. Were they together? Was she sleeping with him? I knew I couldn't trust him, now I know I can't trust him with her. I crawl into bed next to her, I move in for a cuddle, but pushes me away. I guess I have no choice other than making it up to her. I manage to fall asleep. I wake up to find that Provira is gone. I had to push her to the back of my mind, knowing that I had a choice to make do I attack knowing that'd make everyone hate me or go adhere to their demands where my people will still hate me.

I arrive at the meeting room Maléna and Davin aren't here, I was glad of that I don't them trying to tell me how I save my nation. "what is it that you plan on doing?" Lyle asked

"I'm going to starve them, once they release their prisoners and surrender then we send them food"

"but thousands will die, the survivors if your plan works will-"

"are you questioning me?" I look at Delilah

"no" she looks down on the table, with both hands intertwined and resting on the wooden surface, the more food we send the more Esiori soldiers are lost "I'll stop the ship from sailing to Esior"

"How's crime?"

"It has dropped drastically," Lyle said still nervous

"you don't sound happy about that" I look at Lyle and then Delilah her face was in her hands

"because it was through no action of your own or your men that there has been a drop in crime"

"what do you mean?" I felt dumbfounded

"it was the Bouvachian Marquis and his army that helped reduce the crime, they're the only thing keeping the citizens from killing us after what happened," Lyle said,

"How do you know this?"

"All of the arrests in the past week have been made by the Bouvachian soldiers" the Valier looks directly at me now "there are whispers of replacement, going around," I walk out of the meeting

I hear people cheering, I walk out to the balcony, I couldn't help but be filled with happiness, my people loved me, they cared. I turn the corner to the balcony and I see two figures standing there waving to the people, my people, they waved at them and they cheered. I wanted to hurt them for stealing the loyalty of the people from me, I was the King, I was in control, now my wife was nowhere to be found, my people were being taken by heretics and my throne is being taken due to the pettiness of overpowered people who don't know their place. I was not losing my throne. I would kill them. I find myself stepping closer to them, someone places a hand on my shoulder, "don't" it was Provira "not yet," she said


"I have a plan, all I need to do is get Aerilas the" she paused trying to remember which Aerilas he was "something, on my side then we could put the plan into motion and then" she seemed like she was trying to find her words "they won't be a problem anymore" she winked and then walked away.


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