The Dance of The Marquis
18 Chapter 11.2: Crimson Flames: Provira
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The Dance of The Marquis
Author :DonatelloCreates
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18 Chapter 11.2: Crimson Flames: Provira

I saw it people were burning and screaming, they reached up for salvation but they got none. It was the right thing to do in this situation, but the idiot of a king I have for a husband provoked all those people and now the people will hate us even more. I needed to appease one of these Marquises. Dachou, they needed food, my family ties should be able to provide with more than enough. I have a letter sent to the Davin,

Dear Davin Dachou

I hear of your struggles, with feeding your people, I sympathise with you in your time of need and I wish to help, but for a price, end the petty squabble with my husband at once because helping me will help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently without causing the relationships between nations to become more strained than they already are.

Yours Truly Your Queen

I slip the letter under the door and walk away hoping that nobody saw me. I retreat to the garden, pink and blue flowers die, the first of the leaves have fallen off the trees and have yet to brown as Autumn soon approaches. I sit down on the bench overlooking the city. The Bouvachian Marquis sits next to me, "you want me to abandon my alliance with Maléna"

"in exchange" I keep my gaze ahead as to not arouse suspicion "you can feed your people, they probably are already starting to die, this way will be quick, easy and painless"

"have you consulted your family?"

"they'll do nearly anything that keeps me on my throne"

"meet me at the port with the papers in two hours," he said and walked off.

I leave the castle, I walk out to meet with my smuggler "I want to go to Esior, get food and then bring it Bouvach" he nods and immediately goes to the port, I walk there trying not to leave a coin trail behind me, by using a carriage. My legs were slightly tired. I reached the ports where the Marquis was waiting, "the papers are here, the smuggler is on his way here, all you have to do is sign" I give him the contracts "boy, fetch the quill and ink" he ran and after a minute he arrived with what I asked for, he signed and handed me the paper "your husband doesn't know about this does he?"

"no" I answer "he doesn't and he doesn't need to," I said and walked away.

I arrive back at the castle, "where were you?" Claudvius asked

"Went for a walk"

"To where?"

"Why are you asking me all these quest-?"

"Where did you go?" he steps closer to me, he stays silent, his hand is probably shaking "don't interrupt me again" I walk away, he grabs me and turns me around, wrapping his hand around my throat, I dig my nails into my hands, hold back, not yet. I push him away "don't touch me again" I walk away. Hold back. Hold back.


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