The Dance of The Marquis
17 Chapter 11.1: Crimson Flames: Claudvius
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The Dance of The Marquis
Author :DonatelloCreates
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17 Chapter 11.1: Crimson Flames: Claudvius

People were running up the stairs of the castles, the footsteps were coming closer towards us, I hear the shouts of angry people. Why were they angry? I was fixing their problem for them, they were worrying about overcrowding so I killed prisoners, I even decided not to kill all of them, I let like ten live, this wouldn't have happened if I just chose Kasfi. I found Provira and Maléna, "I knew something like this would happen" she looked around panicked "I should've known earlier, I could've stopped you," she said.

"I'll go and fight you guys can run" the Bouvachian Marquis ran into the thick of it. He was trying to make me look weak, I should go, no I need to protect My Queen and The Marquess "go, I can look after the Marquess" she said, I look back at the Marquis he was fighting with my men. I turn around and see that The Marquess and My Queen are running down the hall and then they were gone. I grab a sword, I freeze, the soldiers were fighting bravely and I was frozen. I stand there watching them fight. I run. I look at the window, more and more people are flooding in and I didn't know what to do. Fire. I run to the painting of me and push it aside. I push the faux wall to for it open, like a door to the secret passageway. I walk down the stairs, sounds of the fighting fading away. I reach the hidden armoury, I look at the kegs of blood fire fuel. I pulled a keg out and grab a match, I find a handle I pull to the side, it cried out, as it was dragged against the stone floor. There was now a gap in the castle I lit the match, I pull the cork out of the keg, I pull the keg towards the gap, I drop the match into the keg I kicked the keg out, it fell onto those who would disobey. Red fire burst from the wood and in and engulfed them in crimson flames, they cried out for help, cried out for me. I saw hands now charred and black reach up to me, I smile that was their lesson, it killed some of them but none at the gates. I open up another window, I light a match, push to keg towards the door, drop the match into the keg, I kick out of the window and then the crimson flames burst from the barrel and killed them nobody was coming, I hear the shouts of the people below me, "Bloodfire!!" they shouted and they ran.The flames still burned and they spread. I ran back up the stairs and went through the passageway. Provira hugged me. "you're safe, I didn't see you with the Marquis, I thought" she was tearing up "where were you?"

"look outside" I smile, happy that my Queen got to see my work like the people below me.


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