The Dance of The Marquis
14 Chapter 9.2: Family Reunion: Daxfoss
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The Dance of The Marquis
Author :DonatelloCreates
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14 Chapter 9.2: Family Reunion: Daxfoss

I question the events that had recently transpired. Why did the creature come to me now? The end of summer is nearing and if she is what I think she is then she would want the Ash God to rise up. What purpose do I serve? That was the question that my mind always brought me back to the one that always left me with confusion, I couldn't be a host, I heard that people who are being inhabited by a spirit usually experience whispers in their head and then blackouts, I haven't blacked out in my entire life, not yet at least. I lay on the ground, without my undersized blanket on top of me, the temperature is starting to rise. I'm not cold anymore, the fire sand that usually rolled over each other in the sky was falling, more light was breaking through the clouds, it was getting brighter, I could see the forest in a little more detail every day, the wood was black, the dead grass beneath me felt grain as I fiddled with it. I felt the sting return, it started to burn, there was a voice in my head telling me something, it wasn't warning me to run, but to find it, over the years of the voice in my head, helping me I grew to trust it, I wouldn't have a choice anyway since I didn't want to feel the pain of disobeying it anymore. I ran in one direction and I felt the pain intensify, I ran the other and felt ease, only very slight. I keep running feel the pain in my arm fade away. I keep running until I see a girl in a red dress, who had a tight grip on a dagger, I back away, I took a good look at her face, she seemed familiar like I should know her, then it all clicked together. My sister, she was in front of me, the one who I had to abandon to protect, she was right there in front of me. She's still, completely frozen, I remember all the loneliness and cold. The guard, the kind one, Samai. The guard, the kind one, Samai. The list of all the people that I've hurt, ran through my mind like a dull song with no tune, melody or rhythm that just repeated at most times of solitude. Samai, was in my head, repeating, it was the loudest and sharpest piece of the song. I remember climbing through the window I knew she couldn't reach when she was that young, she was much taller now, her silver hair was a lot longer, it reached past her shoulders down to her belly. Her hands were bloodstained. I didn't know how long we stood there. She moves towards me and we embrace, I start laughing, this was the first time, tears of happiness started to fog my vision. We both laughed to together, I pull away and look at her just to make this was real, I'd have dreams of this but my sister was always in the form of her young self the one that I left behind.

I remember walking through the darkness, my sister's call to help her through the window, so she could come with me. I wanted desperately to go and bring her with me, but it was too dangerous, I loved her too much to put her through that, all I could be hope that she left here and went some place nice, better than here, that's what I focused on her getting to be happy that was the only thing that kept me from regretting my decision, but instead, she had stood before me in the red attire of a Blood Cleric, with one gripping a dagger and the other covered sliced and bloodied.


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