The Dance of The Marquis
7 Chapter 5.1: Black Fire and Waning Blood: Daxfoss
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The Dance of The Marquis
Author :DonatelloCreates
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7 Chapter 5.1: Black Fire and Waning Blood: Daxfoss

I attempt to start a fire, it was cold the sun barely able to pass through the fire sand sky, it broke

for too little time the light appeared on the ground in a kaleidoscope-like way, I remember seeing one, I was at the border with my father, we had to take quick glances as our eyes adjusted to the sunlight, my father bought me one there were more colours on it than I got to see all in one place or in some much clarity, they had a lot more vibrancy than the dead listlessness I got to see. I think that was the first time I saw pink. I try not to think about those times, the times where my family didn't;t try to send to me The Citadel. Times before I had to leave the only person that cared about behind. I stare at the sky after resting my hands. I stare up at the sky The Black Forest was known for having little light. The ash in other areas was a dark grey-black here it was just dark, the sky in some places like someone just painted it black. I lay there and plan, all the pickpocketing and cold nights all for the Archaima to make me have to give up my dreams. I'm huddled up trying to warm my self up, I survived worse this wasn't new. I remember the man I killed I couldn't forget it. I wouldn't let myself forget. This rabbit hole of my mind that I fell wasn't unfamiliar. I usually questioned the meaning of it all why did the Goddess need my sacrifice to hold down the Ash God in the Sea, what my dreams meant, if I should just give up and let it end.

I decided to make another attempt at creating a fire, I started the process, I smelt smoke, I was close I saw a kindling that turned in a small fire. I blow on it lightly hoping to make it spread to grow but it didn't. I hold my hand closer, I let the heat build in my hand it felt cold still, then all the heat rushed into my arm at once I winced away holding my hand and blowing on it, in an attempt to soothe the pain. The pain fades from a sharp sting to a pulsing one. I breathe, it kept pulsing, it stopped hurting, it tingled I felt an energy rippling through me, I pull down the wrist of my jacket my diamond mark glowed orange, my hand felt drawn to something, I look back at the weak fire, my hand felt a pull as if they were attracting each other. The wind was blowing towards my left but the flame was skewing towards me, I slowly move my wrist towards the fire it burst and it seemed to disappear, I wanted to scream now I had to try and sleep in the cold until the white light that was on the ground. I hold my hands towards the flame, it was warm I could barely see it. The black fire. I fall asleep warm, I could barely see my mark it was its normal black again instead of its amber yellow. I wondered why this has happened, why it never happened before. Why now?

I hear a snap of a twig I stand up and turn around something of pure dark flitted across my vision "show yourself" I say it does, it holds its face to the white light the black fire emitted. I look at it, it looked like a her, it had pale blue skin, black eyes that even the light was pulled into them. "you're chosen aren't you?" her voice was old and raspy whereas her skin was smooth and unblemished, I knelt down to be level with her, her horns were black, she backed away slightly I reached out to her, she came closer, even when looking human, she behaved like an animal feral. I couldn't help but look at her hair and touch it, the hair had a slight sheen but it felt rough and coarse, it felt like rubbing salt between your fingers. "yes" I said. I wanted to ask her who or what sent her here, but I knew the Ash God. She was close to human but not quite so, his ashen children, I remember hearing legends the creatures that were the failed creations of the God, they fought against the Goddess and lost cast into the sea of darkness with their father. "why are you here?" I asked

"to warn you" she stared at the flame "something is coming, she is coming"

"who's she?" I asked, then I realised, she is coming. The Blood Goddess is coming "it is-" the creature cried out "she knows!" she screams and then she's gone.


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