The Dance of The Marquis
2 Chapter 1.2: A Murder By The Sea: Samai
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The Dance of The Marquis
Author :DonatelloCreates
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2 Chapter 1.2: A Murder By The Sea: Samai

I pull my Clericatoire and flip through the pages, the pages of notes that I've written since my mother saw the mark on my palm and I was sent and left here to become an exalted servant of the Blood Goddess, I was sent here to study to become a Blood Cleric, learn all there is about their faith, the world and The Goddess, to become the most important part of the The Goddess' army. I lay near the fireplace that barely lit up my room. I keep flipping as I feel the heat from the fire warm my silver hair. I keep flipping until of I find the page I was looking for. 'The Bleeding Eye'-Spell for metaphysical sight. Perfect. I read through it, trying to make sure not to miss a thing. This was important, I needed to find him especially now, with the end of Summer fast approaching and the air getting warmer, people are their most vigilant and afraid. I grab my dagger, it had a large crossguard and pommel, with a thin grip and a thin blade, which gradually thinned even more to a needle-like point at the tip. I pressed the point into my Blood Mark and then dragging it along from one end to the other. "visula anim" I tilt my head back raise my palm above my eye and squeeze letting it drip into my eye, it instinctively starts to move rapidly, I did the same to the other. I focused on the memory of my brother, I waited for an image of him to become clear in my mind but all there was a red blur. I focused thinking of him. Nothing. I ran a hand along my wound, it started to heal with the blood in my eyes flowing back into my hand. What was the point? If it didn't work for the Archaima, then why would it work for me? I had to keep trying I couldn't give up.

I look at the clock to see that it's time for prayer. I leave my room, I move through the hallways at a brisk pace, the sound of stomping of my shoes bouncing against the walls while the movements of the other Blood Clerics were silent, their hoods were up and their heads were bowed. They kept to themselves, Blood Clerics only study and practice magic and try to grow closer to The Goddess, they all failed in their endeavours, The Goddess demands blood and only then you'll get her power, she ignores her children and lets them panic as Summer's end grows nearer, let's children be marked as the possession of the God of Ashes and Death. I go to up the stairs I'm sure that I would see a pretty view if it wasn't for the black clouds blocking out most of the light, although the land looked pretty when small streams of light appeared and then shrunk away and appeared elsewhere, still it wasn't what it should be, I had to pull myself out my thoughts and continued climbing the stairs.

"As the End of Summer approaches we must unite against the forces of death and darkness that start to rise, we must be on the hunt for The Ashen One, before that creature burns us all" The Archaima, our leader said, even in the low light, I could see that he was dying, our sight had to evolve to see through the dark. He spoke of honouring the Goddess, while I stared at the scars that ran down his forearms, from his Culling, which happened decades before I was born. Something does catch my attention though, "yesterday a Blood Warrior was killed after falling to his death, at the hands of that dark thing" I heard his voice rasp as he said that. It used to hurt when people spoke ill of my brother, my only friend. We had our prayer, we sliced at our mark to pay tithes and we left to our chambers to be alone. It dawned on me, my way back to Daxfoss may have been on the corpse of that soldier.

I wait in my chambers I look at the time, the burial should be starting. I leave this time trying to keep my footsteps quiet, being the sister of The Ashen One put me under a microscope, so now when the hallways were empty, I kept silent. I walked through the hallway when the clouds parted the light was now dim, the night was coming. I walked down the stairs and through reached a hallway of doors. I stand and consider my decision. If I failed then I have nothing to focus my magic, I needed a direct connection, the blood we share and his skin should do the trick if my hunch was right, right? I started to fill up with doubt, I press it down, I have to try and save him. I start to feel motivated again, but I'm still frozen. I will myself to move, I walk down the hallway, slowly and silently passing each door until I'm hit with a horrid stench. This was it. I turned the knob of the door and start to push it open, I freeze as soon as I start to hear a creak, I push it just so I could just about slide through. I see a corpse lying on a wooden table with its throat slit and its torso sliced open so its inner workings could be removed for the offering. I walk up to it, I slice into my hand calling a piece of my brother towards me. I wait. Why did I think this was going to work? Of course, nothing would happen. I wait. I'm going get caught have my throat slit and be offered up to The Goddess as a traitor. I wait. This was a stupid idea nothing is going to h- To my pleasant surprise, something from under the Blood Warrior's fingernail went into my hand. I start chanting as I slice into my mark and squeeze the blood into my eyes. I see Skotash, I start flying through the dark landscape and reached a place where the light started to ended except for one orange glow that was nestled within it. I knew where I needed to go.


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