Talisman Emperor
Chapter 2171 – Indifference
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Talisman Emperor
Author :Xiao Jinyu
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Chapter 2171 – Indifference

Chen Xi!Suiren Kuanglan was certain that he wasn’t mistaken, and he felt that he would be able to recognize Chen Xi even if Chen Xi had transformed into ashes!
How could that damnable Savior have returned alive?
Suiren Kuanglan was unable to accept it. That day at the campsite on Slaughter Highlands, he’d been terrified by Chen Xi’s words to the point of fleeing in public. How could he possibly forget such extraordinary humiliation?

In merely an instant, Suiren Kuanglan’s face had turned livid, savage, and ghastly to the extreme. That Savior actually dared to come back here!Does he think that the experts of our Divine Dao Protector Clans would be helpless against him just because those Dao Defiants didn’t kill him?
Chen Xi’s figure slowly became clear in the sky. He had his hands behind his back, his green clothes fluttered with the wind, and he seemed like he was strolling through his own backyard.

While his footsteps seemed to be neither fast nor slow, every single step he took made space bow before him, and his speed was swift to the extreme.

“Chen Xi! Stop right there!” Suiren Kuanglan wasn’t able to restrain himself anymore and shouted loudly when he saw that Chen Xi’s figure was about to vanish.

“What?” Chen Xi’s figure stopped slightly, and then he glanced indifferently at Suiren Kuanglan as if he were looking down upon an ant.

The indifference in his gaze caused Suiren Kuanglan to seem as if he’d been infuriated by it, and his face became gloomy while his flames of rage were about to overwhelm his reason.
You’re just a Savior, yet you still dare to act so arrogantly when you’ve returned to the campsite which the 13 Dao Servants reside at? You simply deserve death for your sins!
“What? Do I have to remind you? Get the fuck down here, prostrate yourself, and atone for your crimes!” Suiren Kuanglan berated in a grim voice, and he seemed to be completely fearless. As far as he was concerned, the enormous consciousnesses of the 13 Dao Servants covered the entire campsite, so Chen Xi wouldn’t dare attack him at all.

Conversely, Chen Xi was equivalent to have walked into a trap right now and wouldn’t dare continue acting arrogantly. Otherwise, just a single Dao Servant would be sufficient to instantly crush Chen Xi as easily as crushing an ant!

Unfortunately, Suiren Kuanglan still hadn’t realized that the current Chen Xi was completely different from before.

If he knew that Chen Xi had just annihilated the Time, Light, and Lightning Daolords, then he would probably be horrified to the point of fleeing once more. How could he possibly dare to act arrogantly like he was right now?

Chen Xi would naturally not tell him all of that because it was entirely unnecessary. He just glanced indifferently at Suiren Kuanglan who was courting death by making noise incessantly in front of him, and then he shook his head and left.

In the past, he might have attacked and annihilated Suiren Kuanglan.

But he was different now. Chen Xi was standing at a height which Suiren Kuanglan could never come into contact with throughout his entire lifetime, so Chen Xi naturally couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it.

Would a Roc that flew through the sky pay any attention to the provocation of an ant on the ground below?

It wouldn’t!

That was Chen Xi’s current state of mind.

“Stop right there! Stop!!” Suiren Kuanglan was overwhelmed with rage when he saw Chen Xi just walk off while completely disregarding him since the beginning, and his face warped. He charged over madly as if he intended to fight Chen Xi to the death.

Suiren Kuanglan’s actual thoughts were that of wonder. What the fuck is going on!? That Savior, Chen Xi, has shown himself, so why are the 13 Dao Servants acting indifferent towards all of this?
So, he’d decided to take a risk and take action to stop Chen Xi. He refused to believe that the 13 Dao Servants would just stand by idly and watch with indifference as a battle erupted between him and Chen Xi right now.

It was even to the extent that he felt he could seize this opportunity and bring death to Chen Xi by just speaking a few words to the Dao Servants!

Needless to say, Suiren Kuanglan’s thoughts were absolutely correct, and it was a very rational method to use the strength of the Dao Servants. If it were at any other ordinary time, the 13 Dao Servants wouldn’t hesitate at all to kill a heretic like Chen Xi in order to protect an unparalleled figure from a high level clan amongst the Divine Dao Protector Clans.

But now….

The situation was completely different!

Unfortunately, Suiren Kuanglan wasn’t aware how laughable and absurd his actions were.

When he was just about to get close to Chen Xi, he saw Chen Xi suddenly stop moving, and then he was delighted in his heart. This fellow has clearly been terrified and doesn’t dare continue fleeing!
However, Suiren Kuanglan didn’t attack directly out of fear for Chen Xi’s combat strength.

He was waiting.

Chen Xi didn’t take any further action after he stopped there, and it seemed like he'd been terrified to the point of being stunned on the spot. Suiren Kuanglan couldn’t help but feel a wisp of excitement from this scene. As expected, this fellow has noticed that danger is approaching and has been scared stiff!
In merely a short moment, a low and aged voice suddenly resounded from the distant sky. “Savior, I never expected that it was actually you who did it.”

That voice was filled with a supremely dignified aura, and it was like a decree of the heavens. It caused Suiren Kuanglan’s heart to constrict, and he felt an unprecedented pressure press down upon him to the point he was on the verge of kneeling.

But right after that, a wave of wild joy surged into his heart. It’s a Lord Dao Servant! A Dao Servant has really acted against him! How can that bastard, Chen Xi, possibly survive now?

Right when all of these thoughts arose in Suiren Kuanglan’s mind, a mighty figure had appeared out of thin air in the distance. That figure seemed as if he was condensed from shadows and seemed to be ethereal. Moreover, he emanated a supreme imposing aura of control over all Daos and power of judgment over all living beings.


At this moment, Suiren Kuanglan had actually been pressured to the point that his knees became weak, and he knelt down in midair. However, he didn’t care at all, and he revealed an excited and sincere expression instead as he cried. “Lord Dao Servant, that kid, Chen Xi, had committed all sorts of wicked deeds and cruelly killed numerous Fellow Daoists. His methods are despicable and bloody, and his crimes deserve death! Lord Dao Servant, please act immediately. Crush such a villain and bring peace back to the world!”

These words were really spoken with a resolute, decisive, fervent, and passionate tone, and it carried extraordinary rage and righteous indignation.

But to Suiren Kuanglan’s astonishment, while the heavens and the earth were deathly silent and only his voice was surging through the surroundings, he didn’t obtain any reply.

Chen Xi who stood there on the spot in the distance paid no attention to him.

The 1st Dao Servant, the Heavenly Wrath Daolord, who stood even further in the distance seemed to have not noticed his existence as well.

Suiren Kuanglan couldn’t help but feel bewildered, and then he consoled himself. The Dao Servants are extraordinary figures, so he has definitely heard me and won't stand by idly.
“Yes, they were killed by me.” Chen Xi who’d remained silent until now suddenly raised his head and looked up into the sky. His gaze swept over to the 1st Dao Servant while his expression remained indifferent as before.

“It really was this kid?”

“Wait! How could a Savior like him possibly accomplish that?”

“It’s already a fact. Perhaps that kid obtained some sort of extraordinary and supreme fortuitous encounter, or perhaps… he possesses the Sword of Samsara.”

“It really is possible if he possesses the Sword of Samsara, but it’s far from sufficient.”

“There’s no need to care about all of that. The truth will definitely be revealed once we crush that kid!”

To Suiren Kuanglan’s shock and astonishment, numerous extremely mighty figures had appeared successively in the distant horizon once Chen Xi had just finished speaking. Surprisingly, all of them were Dao Servants, and coupled with the 1st Dao Servant who was the first to show himself, there were an entire 10 Dao Servants present here!
What’s going on?Why have they mobilized such forces just to deal with a single Savior like Chen Xi?Aren’t they thinking too highly of Chen Xi by using 10 Dao Servants against him!?
Suiren Kuanglan suddenly felt that his mind seemed to be unable to process all of this. The situation before him allowed him to acutely notice that something was off, but he was unable to determine what exactly it was.

However, the situation before his eyes allowed him to be filled with confidence. No matter what, since 10 Lord Dao Servants have made an appearance, it’s sufficient to prevent Chen Xi from escaping. Perhaps even those seniors of Oracle Mountain would be helpless even if they came here personally to save him!
“Lord Dao Servants, this kid really is a heretic. He relied on a cultivation at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm to cause the deaths of numerous Fellow Daoists from our Divine Dao Protector Clans. Perhaps the secrets he possesses can be discovered once he’s killed!” Suiren Kuanglan restrained the excitement in his heart and kowtowed as he spoke once more, and his voice was even more fervent, passionate, and louder.

From the beginning until the end, he remained kneeling and seemed to be extremely sincere.

At this moment, he even couldn’t help but imagine the tragic scene that would play out when Chen Xi was crushed, and a wisp of a complacent and savage smile couldn’t help but arise on the corners of his mouth.

He even muttered in his heart. Chen Xi, even if I’m not a match for you, but… since you’ve offended me, then you’re bound to face death!
“How noisy!” Suddenly, a dignified voice resounded like a thunderclap by Suiren Kuanglan’s ears, and it shook him to the point his entire body shivered incessantly.

After that, he raised his head with a dazed expression. Noisy? Who is the Lord Dao Servant calling noisy?
After that, a wave of piercing pain surged through his entire body as an extremely terrifying consciousness locked onto him. This caused him to be astounded. What’s going on?Chen Xi is clear far away in the distance, so why has a Dao Servant’s consciousness locked onto me?Could it be that….

Suiren Kuanglan didn’t even have the time to recover from his shock when he felt like a bolt of lightning had struck his soul, and it suddenly exploded into pieces. A strand of indescribably violent pain surged throughout his body, and it made Suiren Kuanglan unable to help but let out an extremely miserable and shrill cry while his entire body twitched uncontrollably.

He finally understood that those Dao Servants were saying that he was noisy….

This caused Suiren Kuanglan to be unable to help but look towards the side. Right at this moment, Chen Xi had turned his head to glance at Suiren Kuanglan as well, and Chen Xi’s indifferent gaze carried a trace of pity.
Suiren Kuanglan was dazed, and then his vision went blank as he lost consciousness.

Even at the moment before his death, he hadn’t been able to figure out why all of this had happened….

Perhaps even Suiren Kuanglan hadn’t imagined that while he hadn’t died at the hands of his enemy, Chen Xi, it was the Dao Servants who he entrusted his hopes to that had killed him in the end. Wasn’t this a huge irony?

Suiren Kuanglan was dead, and his corpse fell to the ground like a broken sandbag while a wisp of bewilderment still remained in his pupils.

Unfortunately, no one here spared another glance at him

In Chen Xi’s opinion, Suiren Kuanglan’s death didn’t matter to him at all, and it wasn’t able to cause even the slightest ripple in his heart.

As for the Dao Servants, Suiren Kuanglan was like a noisy and annoying clown, and killing him didn’t matter to them at all.

This was the treatment that Suiren Kuanglan received upon his death. No pity, no sorrow, and not even the slightest ripple.

Before he participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors, he was one of the most renowned peak Ninth Star Region Lords amongst all the Divine Dao Protector Clans, and he was a direct line descendant of the high level Suiren Clan. He was peerlessly dazzling, and he was an unparalleled figure who had the best chance to advance into the Daolord Realm!

Yet now, he’d transformed into a corpse in the end, and it was one that no one showed any interest or paid any attention to.
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