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Author :MagnificentProsper
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Upon the face of nature existed two brothers never separated from their parents but that reunion was taken from them; the tragic day would never leave the memories of the bright and charming Peterson duo. The day the supernatural struck. Why did it have to be in the summer? Why did it even happen? Why Us? They were on their way to camping in Grand Valley when a howl came from the back. The boys (Rory and Andy), tremendously happy to finally hear the sound in real life, wanting to see the animal that brought such agitation forever retained a nightmare instead. Still awaiting this wonder, a hand entered from the roof of the Jeep. In description; it had the strength, looks, claws and the body of a beast except it was a supernatural one. Its eyes were golden yellow and they glowed continuously but it had the face of a human. Paradoxically it was as if part of it struggled with the thought of killing the family and the other wanted to rip them apart. It was a hybrid (part wolf, part vampire) and I'm guessing it was its first night of transformation and so anything in its way would have the unfortunate fate of death as a gift. Finally it decided, and it led to the immediate death of the Peterson couple. It was a horrific event so much so that the parents were already torn to shreds. Even if there were any resurrection spells, this time Magic would have failed the test. While the brothers struggled for their lives, Rory being the eldest had to endure the agony, reaching for his Andy who was already half-way gone. Getting into the bashed Jeep, he headed for the nearest hospital; 'We can't die! Not yet, not yet', he said. To the right behind an Olive tree was Marcus (A Leader of a coven of the supernaturals). He watched in shock how Rory sustained his breath to survive the bite. But 'What relates to the supernatural must remain there; till death do us part', so Marcus had to intervene. A horrible night indeed, 'in fact no one was ever meant to be cursed with such a fate,' Marcus said. So he decided.
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To you and everyone reading this; the untold wrath of 'THE PETERSONS' begins. THOSE TWO DEMONS THAT CAN'T BE KILLED.


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