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Sword Art Online: Red's Path
Author :Setdinner321
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30 Date

A week quickly passed and the clearing team has successfully defeated the 24th floor boss.

Red and Asuna are currently walking inside Giltstein City, they are searching for a place to eat because Asuna invited Red out.


Red was talking with Liam and Chris when suddenly Asuna appeared beside him and tug his shirt.

She had her head down and spoke in a low voice "Ummmm, do you want to grab a bite? I heard that there's a famous restaurant at the Giltstein plaza."

Chris was the first to react and spoke in a load voice "Wooooooooooh! Asuna is inviting the boss on a date, how daring!"

Liam smacked Chris on the back of his head and dragged him out leaving Asuna and Red all alone.

Red glanced at the blushing Asuna and smiled while touching his nose "Sure, I think it will be fun to go out and try some food."

Asuna who was already sweating heavily immediately sighed in relief hearing Red agree, she then told him that they will leave in an hour and she dashed towards her room to change her clothes.

-End of Flasback-

Red is now walking beside Asuna who was wearing a red dress, seeing Asuna's dress Red decided to just wear a plain black sleeve with some beige pants.

When they were walking along the plaza many players were giving them strange looks and they could hear them whispering.

"Isn't that Red and Asuna?"

"Yeah, are they going out on a date? to think that they still have the time to play around while we are doing our best to survive on this game."

"It just shows that they don't care about the other players who are clearing the labyrinth and are just treating this like a normal game just because they are strong."

Red and Asuna simply ingored the hateful comments and continued their way towards the restaurant.

The two of them ordered some food and was now waiting for it to be served.

The atmosphere became awkward to Asuna so she initiate the conversation.

"Umm, Red can you tell me about yourself in the real world?"

Red had a thoughtful look when he heard Asuna's question and asked "What do you want to know?"

Asuna was happy that Red was cooperating with her question and said "How about your real name?"

Red smiled and replied "My name is Morningstar D. Red"

"Morningstar? you have a unique family name, so where are you from? are you staying in Japan or are you just visiting?" Asuna asked.

(T/N: I know that I told on chapter 1 and 2 that his family name is "Kazama" I will edit it later and change some things so you should check it out to be updated)

Red was now having some troubles answering her questions and scanned from the foreign memory.

"You're right I am not from Japan but I am currently staying here with my butler."

Asuna nodded and continued asking "How about your parents? aren't they staying with you?"

Red sweated hearing this because from the memory he got he knew that his "parents" from this world were alive but he couldn't recognize them.

"Nope, they are kinda hard to get in touch with because they are busy with their work and are always travelling to different countries."

Asuna saw that Red was uncomfortable when he talked about his parents so she quickly changed the topic and saw that the food was being delivered to their table so she said.

"That's too bad, well anyway the food is here so let's eat Chris told me that their steak is really good you should try some"

Red smiled seeing Asuna being enthusiastic and ate the steak that she ordered for him.

"Hmmmm, It really is good Chris really knows his stuff."

Asuna was glad that Red liked it, she then proceed to eat her steak as well.

While Red and Asuna were having a great time a group of players were now gathering infront of the floor boss' room.
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"Leader, all of our top players are here already we can now proceed"

Zeke who was staring at the door turned around and glanced at his team.

"Everyone! we the ALS will make history today by defeating the 25th floor boss, we will show them what the ALS is capable!"

"OOOOOOOOOOOOH!" Everyone shouted in unison.

"Then let's go! Open the gate!" Zeke commanded.

"Yes leader!" Two burly players stepped forward and pushed the gate open.


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