Super Model
2 Childhood
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Super Model
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2 Childhood

=1 Year after Birth=

I am so bored... I never thought being a baby would be this boring. I am learning quite alot though. My Mom and Dad are quite rich it seems, we live in a mansion near the host. Although it seems we are planning to move to Hawaii for the warmer weather, that should be fun.

=5 Years after Birth=

I can finally talk and walk! I thought I was going crazy from not being able to talk. Just think about this... I was treated as a baby for close to 3 years and it only changed slightly when I started speaking and walking. Now my parents let me play around at home and buy me lots of toys... Yes I enjoy them do not judge me you reader.

=Present (13 years after Birth)=

"Luke be careful on your way to School!" My mom yells at me as I walk out the door and start walking to school as I scroll through my instagram account.

"19,000 followers... Not bad at all, These good looks are made to be shared with the world" I say out loud. I am now 5'2 which is a bit over the average height for my age. I have black hair, blue eyes, and a good tan from living in Hawaii for most of my life. I have a good build as I surf almost everyday and with my Cheat System I can eat as much as I like and never get fat! It is amazing! I am wearing a black V-neck T-shirt and some very thin sport shorts as it is super hot here everyday.

I put away my phone as I am about to enter school and with their silly rules they don't let us use the phone for anything other then calling or texting a parent. I do feel I should mention that this is a private school and nearly every student here comes from a wealthy family, me included. As I walk into the still moatly empty campus I walk towards some friends that are currently sitting around a lunch table and playing... poker?

"Aloha." I say as I near them.

(AN: Aloha is Hello in Hawaiian :D)

"Aloha Luke, you wanna play?" A dark haired boy around my age of 13 replied as he looks back at me with a smile.

"Well you are in a good mood Mark." I say as I hold in a laugh but some of it still manages to get out causing Mark to laugh a little as well.

"It seems to be my day today Luke, have not lost a single time yet" Mark says as he looks at thw other kids playing with him. Unfortunately Besides him and another browned haired kid call Kyle I do not kow any of them, they all look like trouble though...

"I think I'm good Mark, I wouldn't want to ruin your moody by winning right as school starts." As I was still saying that, the school bell rang and we all agreed to head to our own classes and then meet up after school at my house and then go hiking with Kyle and his parents.

"Later Mark, Kyle!" I yell as I walk off getting stares from multiple girls as my looks really do make me stand out in a crowd, I don't mind though. I get to my classand my boring day of school begins.

=After School=

"Luke hop in, I will give you and Mark a ride to my house, you can leave your stuff and get changed there" Kylee yells as I see his dad pulling up infront of me with Kyle already waving to me from the back seat and Mark digging through his backpack looking for something.

"Thanks Kyle, Thanks Uncle Jordan!" I reply as I hop into the backseat throwing my backpack right onto Mark making him yelp in surprise making both Kyle and I laugh.

We arrived at Kyle's house in around 5 minutes and Kyle's mom who is around 30 years of age like his dad is standing there waving at all of us.

"Hey Aunt Mia" Both me and Mark yell at the same time while Kyle yells Mom instead of Aunt Mia.

"Hi boys, your parents already dropped of your things and they are in Kyle's room go hurry and get changed and ready to leave!" She replies as she looks at the time on her phone. As soon as we hear her we run past into Kyle's house or should I say mansion, and quickly get changed.

We all come out around 5 minutes later waering maching outfits which consist of Running shoes, black sport shorts, white t-shirt, and a small camping backpack containing Water, our phones, a map, and a basic knife tool.

"Get in the car boys we don't want to be late!" Yells Uncle Jordan as we run to the car and all get seated.

"Where will we be hiking today Uncle Jordan?" Mark asks in wonder.

"Remember the private property near the South side of the island, I recently made friends with the owner and he said he owns part of that Mountain and we can go hiking on it if we wanted too, I of course accepted and we are now going to hike the mountain to the very top!" Uncle Jordan replies with a loud and excited voice!

"YES SIR!" We all scream in reply causing everyone to laugh as we pull out of Kyle's house and the car begins to drive towards the Southern end of the island.


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