41 Epilogue I
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Author :giahunter21
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41 Epilogue I


THE RED and golden motif of the venue made the silver nude and fully embellished evening dress I chose looked spectacular on Arella's curves. The low V-back added to my dark fantasy after this evening affair. Then the floor-length skirt with side high slit showed her ever toned legs.


After grabbing a champagne flute, I had to look away. I couldn't have a constant hard-on while entertaining the guests. Clyve was in a conversation with French perfume critiques. Some American, French actresses and former perfume endorsers were also here tonight.

The highly awaited fragrance, Scent 'd Arella showcased at the center. The spoke person was an Academy Award-winning actress chosen by the perfumer herself. The high-end scent made the night bloom with flowery, sweet, and spicy, yet seductive effect.

I couldn't help but think her smell that made me crazy, and now we were launching it. I wanted it to share with all the fragrance enthusiasts all over the globe. I was so proud of Arella at the same time for concocting such great creation. She didn't just do a great job, but she made her dream come true.

The launching held earlier, then followed by the music played by the guest musician who also sang the ad for the perfume. What I liked about this campaign was the emphasis of love, passion, and dreams of women—it exactly reminded me of Arella.

Most of the critiques had positive reviews and that was a plus. The advertising department did an impressive job with campaign videos and was now playing on the 3D walls.

"This is great," Brett complimented.

"Yep. My girl who made this possible," I replied proudly.

"I wasn't impressed when she chose to be a chemist, but I was glad she stood for what she loved."

"Glad you didn't stop her. I believed what she was capable of, Rogue. That was why I never gave up on pushing her beyond her limit."

"I was worried after her divorce, but when she got her life back, I knew she would soar high. And I'm glad you came back, asshole."

I side-glanced him. "What did I say about respect, Rogue?"

A laugh erupted from him. "Couldn't help it. You being with my little sister. You who I'd avoided mentioning to her, yet, she ended up with you? It's ridiculous!" Brett stared right into my eyes. He was amused and happy. He then shook his head. "The fact that you have a daughter with her. Jesus! I'm still processing it until now. I love Ry-Ry though."

Shoving my hands into my pockets, I sighed in relief. I remained silent for a few moments, and thanked God! Just a few weeks ago, my life had turned upside down, yet I felt the contentment inside my chest right now.

I had a beautiful woman who loved me dearly. I had a profitable business. I met my child who I thought she never existed. My brother was doing great and seemed happy. I had a supportive best friend and a family who accepted me as their own. What else would I want in this world? Everything was perfect and more than what I ever dreamed of.

What else? A family?
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"I love your sister, Rogue. So much. That's to sum it up."

He snorted, "That's not so obvious." He then patted my back. "I'm happy for you, mate."

"You should be. And you should definitely pursue Alys." I smiled wickedly. Never had I ever thought he had a serious thing towards Arella's best friend, but if us was possible, nothing was impossible for them as well.

"Nah. She's like my baby sister."

I laughed, and Arella might hear it because she was now looking at me with a query. I just winked at her—her cheeks blossomed red.

She's adorably sexy!

"Like a sister? Are you sure about that?" I looked at him. To my surprise, Brett was blushing. He rubbed his face, and it turned redder.

"You're blushing."

"I don't blush, Linton."

"You don't lie right into my face. Not now. Not ever. You like her, and I could tell by your reaction right now that you'd been in lust with her. What's stopping you? Because of your sister? Nothing's gonna stop a Rogue's persuasiveness, right, mate?"

Brett remained silent as if thinking twice about what I said.

"Arella once mentioned to me that if you like her best friend, she would be happy to see you two together. And I think she mentioned that Alys always asked about you," I added.

His eyes slightly widened. "Really? I mean did she ask about me?"

My smile widened. "Huh! Gotcha."

"Fuck you!"

"So, admit it already that you like Alys. What's wrong with that? Look at me, Rogue. Been there, done that. Did it work out? It definitely did. Am I happy? To the moon. Unless you only want to screw her. Then that's a different story."

Then his mouth hung open. That was when I found the person we were just talking about. She was wearing an off-shoulder white dress. The very own, Alys.

"Might wanna close your damn mouth, Rogue."

He looked smitten. Christ!

"Now move." I patted his back and walked towards my woman who was with Alys.

"Hey. What was that all about?" Arella asked. She was glowing. Her eyes sparkled, and I couldn't be much prouder of myself that it was definitely because of me.

"We're talking about her." I pointed to Alys. And her face instantly burned. With brow arched, she asked, "Me?"

"Positive. Now go and talk to Brett because I need to be out of here with Reigh. We have a long-hour ride."

I joined Reigh's video chat with Byrne, and that was my only chance to talk to my girl, Rynna. I loved her so much. No doubt it was our blood connection that was stronger than any other bond. She kept on asking when will be the Harry Styles Concert. Unfortunately, Anna's doctor advised her not to travel for a while, so we had to wait.

"Where are we going?" Arella asked as I dragged her away from Alys.

"Tell you later." I snaked my arm around her possessively and ignored Alys calling Arella's name from our back.

"Skipper, we can't just ditch the party," she warned.

"We're done here, love."


"Fine. If you're so persistent. To correct my mistake."

"To church?" Her answer made me chuckle.

"What made you think of that?"

She shrugged. "I don't know. People go to church to confess and ask for forgiveness."

We reached the parking lot, and she didn't talk anymore. I looked at her after taking the car key from the valet. "All right, love?"


"Good. You look gorgeous by the way." I strolled my eyes down to her body one more time that I couldn't get enough off.

We made love and fuck every night, but after the end of my busy work, I still craved her. And the best part was we had the same anticipation of synergy.

"Try saying you're damn sexy, Arella." She rolled her eyes, getting inside the car with a wicked smile on her face.

"You are beyond sexy, love."

"Can I ask you something?"

"Shoot." I revved out of the parking lot to the road.

"Remember when we met at the supermarket?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Did you follow me there?"

I laughed softly. Guilty. "What made you ask that, love?"

She'd been asking many things lately. She asked me once if I went to a sex club. She didn't pry when I asked her if it showed on my skills. She just blushed like a tomato.

"Skip?" Arella slapped my thigh. "Answer me."

"Love, I'm driving."

"Is that a yes?"


"No? Or just no."

"What will get from this, Reigh?"

"Fine. Don't answer."

I sighed. "Fine. I'll answer."

She shifted in her seat.

"Yes, I followed you. I stalked your social media accounts that had not been updated, so it wasn't that helpful. I couldn't just ask your brother about you, could I? I don't know your husband, and I didn't even open your wedding invitation."

"Why did you do that?"

"You know the answer."

"I want more than that."


"I just wanna know."

"Love, I know you, and I know you have something on your sleeves. Now tell me, and I will tell you honestly."

"I just like our love story, Skip." She giggled, but I wasn't entirely convinced.

"Ah. There's something more than that."

"Ugh. You told me you love me for seven years. Don't you think I should know how did you love me from thousands of miles away?"

I glanced at her, then focused back on the road. "Arella, love doesn't measure distance, it just grows. It gives us a reason to love harder. So, if I stay in London, and you stay here, you won't love me anymore?"

"When two people meant for each other, no distance is too far, no time too long, and no other love can break them apart."

"Exactly. When your brother sent me an invitation to your marriage, I thought I'd died. Then the day of your wedding, I called your brother that I'm heartbroken. I actually just broke up with my ex a week earlier, but my heart was broken because of you."

Arella sniffed, making my head snapped to her side.

"You asked me, I answered, and now you cry?" I held her hand, squeezing it.

"It's just, thank you for loving me." She pressed my hand into her lips.

"I'd loved you more no matter what."

* * *

ARELLA must be damn tired during the launching party. I understood, all eyes focused on the new perfumer. She was the center of attention tonight, but she did a great job answering the questions from the media and entertained the guests.

She slept throughout the ride. I played her playlist on our way that put her on slumber.

I parked the car in front of our destination. Nothing changed to this place even after seven years.


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