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Ruthless: The multi-faced assassin
Author :Lovelypfp
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1 Prologue

Drip... Drip... Drip...

Reaper came into her consciousness to a drip... drip... drip sound. She tries to open her eyes but they feel heavy.She feels as if she is soaking wet so she tries to move her body but the excruciating pain that come over her stops her small movements. The pain is excruciating but she's used to it. In the past, she's been injured more than she can count. She stops trying to move and lies still for a bit to get a feel of her her surroundings...

She immediately recalls what happened...

Three weeks prior to the event she finds herself in now...

She got a much needed break so she decided to vacation in H, an island known for its exoticness. She has been to the island on more occasions than she can count but that's always for business, not pleasure. Thats why she decided to vacation there for pleasure this time around and try to lead a normal life, well as normal as it can be for her that is.

She rememberes that before leaving for H, she contacted her handler, who is also her friend and told her about her plans. He told her to have fun but not to go overboard, she remembers that she scoffed at her handler and hung up.

She packed light, two short shorts, some t-shirts and a couple of dresses, sandals and a couple of heels, some cash and her passport and she was on her way to H.

On her second day in H, she met him, Rei Hashimoto and they started talking. He seemed so down to earth that she instantly felt at ease in his company. She also met his two friends, Tanaka Sho and Ryu Takei, and they were also friendly.

She became friends with them, especially Rei and she spent her two weeks with them, sharing stories, getting to know each other (albeit not everything about herself) and she was truely happy for the first time.

In those two weeks, she led a normal life until her reality came knocking in the form of an untraceable email with the information of her target, thats when she woke up from her dream. She spent her last day with Rei knowing she will never see him again but at least it was bittersweet...

The target was a mafia's second in command, from R country. He unfortunately bit off more than he could chew, which is kidnapping country A' Vice president's daughter, so he became a target.

The information said he will arrive in A country the next day, disguised as an old man and the coordinates.

Her mission went well, she rescued the daughter, eliminated the second-in-command's minions. Just as she was about to eliminate the second-in-command mafia, she was given some private information from him.

He told her that she's also a target because she's become a threat to the organization that turned her into what she had become. She did not want to believe it.

but as they were still talking, the was a huge booooooooom sound. The last thing she remembers is falling and loosing consciousness...

which is why she is in this predicament...

"hello everyone,

There is going to be a time jump of 12+ months in chapter 1 but i promise to fill the plot holes as the story progress... Thank you all for your support. I welcome all reviews, good or otherwise...

Your littlest author.


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