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Reborn as Naruto's Twin Brother
Author :Shaikh_Tohaa
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114 Run...


Land of Wind…

Deep in the Desert…

After making the coordination Kirito went towards Madara who is in the forehead of the Susanoo and the moment he arrived before it, the Susanoo using its giant sword slashed towards Kirito who is smaller than a finger of his Susanoo without wasting a single moment of hesitation.

Although this is the first time for Kirito to fight against something as big and powerful as Susanoo, however at the same time he also knows the biggest weakness of the Susanoo which is the whole body of the Susanoo is made of Chakra and Kirito is able to absorb unlimited chakra using his dojutsu so when the blade of the Susanoo is almost a few meters away from him without hesitation he puts his hand towards the giant sword which is about to hit him and calls out "Sealing formation: INFINITE INHALE (Mugen ni suikomu)... "

After calling out the name of his attack he pressed his hands with the Susanoo blades, then stated absorbing the Susanoo's chakra, and not long after the process began Kirito completely absorbed the whole chakra of that was holding the Susanoo and made it vanish in thin air leaving only the enormous footprints on the ground as a sign of its presence there

While the Susanoo vanish because Kirito absorbed it Madara who was in its forehead started falling towards the ground but not caring about the free-falling he even tried to attack Kirito by making a few hand seal and shouted with 2 more clones by his side upon the ending of his hand seal making "Fire style: Great Fire Annihilation. "

"Blink. " although Madara sent a huge wave of fire towards Kirito's direction instead of countering the fire or absorbing it Kirito decided to directly teleport behind Madara with a no seal teleportation jutsu.

As Madara and his clones are still sending waves of fire to the place where Kirito was a few moments ago however Kirito who has already teleported behind Madara avoiding the fire completely said in a low tone "World Cutter." and a sword which has a golden color and covered with a silver seal surrounding the whole sword just like his body covered by chakra cloak after activation of his dojutsu.

Immediately after the manifestation of the sword Kirito swung his sword towards Madara and these clones engulfing all 3 of them with ease and end them without giving then any resistance.

After he finished Madara he turned to where Sadaharu and Sasuke are fighting just to find Sadaharu bound by some trees straggling to even move while Sasuke getting pushed back by Saito without even getting the chance to counter-attack.

[Author Repeats: This Madara lost so easily because he was the Madara from before Hashirama and he fought and didn't have wood release and Rinnigan as well as without his intelligence he wasn't able to give proper response neither was he able to use a counter like an intelligent person. ]

As Saito is forcing Sasuke to no ends and Sadaharu is unable to move even after using his destroyers power because no matter how much Chakra he releases from his body Hashirama's wood will absorb it all making him powerless although Saito and Sasuke both need his help, however, Kirito also believe that they will be able to resist their opponent a few more minutes but if he is unable to do something about the one who is controlling Saito they will not be able to win or in the worst-case scenario he doesn't want to think about it.

"That damn...he is still gathering chakra to recover from his earlier fight. " cursing under his breath with a low tone while looking at Urashiki's direction Kirito started moving with blinding speed even for Tobirama however with the help of "Flying Thunder God" jutsu he arrived right in front of Urashiki and attacked "Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu. "

Although Kirito didn't expect Tobirama's sudden intervention he still continued proceeding towards Urashiki ignoring the incoming water Dragon completely and directly going through the water Dragon he absorbed the whole Chaka from it which destroyed the jutsu and while passing by Tobirama who just finished lunching the water Dragon and still holding a hand on his mouth said lightly while touching his head for a moment "Fire Style: Dark Flame Explosion. "


The moment Kirito passed by Tobirama his head explode with and a black flame with golden edge started spreading from there and not long after it completely destroyed his body.

Now that 4 of the 5 summons are finished the only enemies left are Senju Hashirama and his Saito Sensei then finally the one controlling his sensei Urashiki who is floating above them while recovering from all of the battles Wounds as well as going through some kind of evolution.

"Finally I got you. " Kirito said preparing to finish Urashiki with a strong attack when he saw someone attacking him from the right side from the corner of his eyes and because of his dojutsu he is sure the person is none other than Saito as he called out "Sensei. "

Saito who was about to finish Sasuke ricived command from Urashiki to save him and commanding Hashirama to bind Sasuke with his wood went to attack Kirito by sending him flying with a strong kick in the abdomen with no mercy.

"I really don't want to do this Sensei. " Kirito said while getting out if the sand which he was sent flying.

"Kid run you don't have a chance all by yourself. " from inside he heard the same woman calling him again.

Although he knows he doesn't have a chance against Saito he still refused to run away in fear and cried out "Shut up and let me concentrate? "

"If you want to win you will need my help… "


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