Rebirth of a Movie Star
Chapter 61 – Grand Finale
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Rebirth of a Movie Star
Author :J112233
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Chapter 61 – Grand Finale

Kang Jian, who was chased by the media and mocked by everyone, had been hiding for nearly half a month.

This previously bright and showy individual was right now not quite at the level of a stinky homeless beggar, however he wasn’t far off with heavy eyebags and a pitiful appearance. In order to hide from the reporters and the underground money lenders, he didn’t dare to go back for his luggage and car at the hotel. Every day he wouldn’t stay long in the same place. With this kind of despairing feelings and crushing anxiety, Kang Jian actually persisted for half a month and can be considered quite a good effort.

Of course Kang Jian didn’t know that his every moment was still being closely monitored by Qiu Qian’s people. And they would now and again notify the underground money lenders, causing them to often appear within Kang Jian’s sights in order to increase his fear and anxiety. This was to push him to look for his loved ones, so that they could get their money back.

However even though Kang Jian had been wandering around outside for quite some time, they didn’t see him go to look for anyone for help. However for a few days ago, he had started hiding out in a small alley near Total Entertainment’s big building, surreptitiously observing the place. And if one thought about who in Total Entertainment was the focus of Kang Jian’s thoughts? Then the answer could only be Bai Lang.

At this time Kang Jian completely realized Qiu Qian’s conjecture from before, however Qiu Qian didn’t feel any joy at being right. It only made him more determined to take care of Kang Jian and his thoughts, otherwise it would be leaving too despicable of a tail!

So Qiu Qian also didn’t want to waste any more effort. He planned to tell people just to grab Kang Jian and “take care of him” once and for all. However in this he was met with Bai Lang’s resistance. Right now Kang Jian was still the focus of the entire country’s attention and pursuit. Bai Lang didn’t want Qiu Qian to take such a risk over Kang Jian, and leave some kind of trail which others could use to hold over him in the future. It simply wasn’t worth it and wasn’t necessary.

It was rare that these two people would have a disagreement, but at this time Kang Jian was unable to hold on any longer. On a particular morning he rushed into Total Entertainment’s building and said bluntly that he wanted to meet with Bai Lang and talk to him. The receptionist of course rejected him but he simply sat down on the couch in the lobby and said he would wait until Bai Lang appeared. He said if he didn’t see Bai Lang then he wouldn’t leave.

Of course Total Entertainment had ways to make people leave. Asking a few security guards to throw him out was as easy as anything. However the news spread to Bai Lang’s ears. Thinking about it, Bai Lang thought that making things clear and finally airing out his thoughts was also a way of dealing with things finally. So he got into a car and headed towards Total Entertainment’s building. He agreed to meet with Kang Jian.

At this time Qiu Qian was at this shipping company partaking in a very important video conference. So the news was delayed by half an hour to reach him, and it was too late to stop it. Qiu Qian was so angry he knocked over a table, fired the female secretary who had prevented the news being sent into the meeting room, and then instructed for his car to speed towards Total Entertainment’s big building.

At the same time, Bai Lang was already in a meeting room inside Total Entertainment, and met with Kang Jian.


“Ah Lang! You definitely have to help me!”

When Kang Jian saw Bai Lang come in, he rushed over and threw himself at Bai Lang’s feet.

Beside Bai Lang was the tall and built Hong Hong. Hong Hong came forward and easily kicked Kang Jian aside.

Although Kang Jian was pushed aside however he didn’t get up. He continued to kneel there and with red eyes, he said fervently, “I know there’s been some misunderstanding between you and me, Ah Lang! You think I did something to wrong you!! No matter what, I’ll apologize first!! I’m really sorry!! Ah Lang!! Everything is my fault!! My fault!!”

“However I had a reason, Ah Lang!” Kang Jian’s face was filled with a heart-rendering pain. “I was jealous, jealous of the person who could stay by your side! Originally we were so close, so friendly. At that time, I, I already liked you so much! However I didn’t dare to tell you! I thought if I told you I would ruin our friendship!! During that time of anxiety and pain, I, I heard you and someone else…. At that time, I really couldn’t accept it in my heart!! That’s why I did those things! I, I really didn’t mean to hurt you!! I only wanted your attention!! Because I really didn’t want to accept it, Ah Lang….”

Kang Jian’s words was passionate and lyrical, however Bai Lang’s only response was an expressionless face. Even now, Kang Jian’s “apology” carried artifice and schemes. Bai Lang originally already didn’t feel any emotions now hearing this he only thought this person was too naive, he really thought these fake words and actions could make everything right?

Kang Jian was still immersed in his acting. His face was filled with regret and he pitifully inched towards Bai Lang on his knees.

“But right now I really, from the bottom of my heart, wish you and Boss Qiu well. Really! Choosing him really is the best choice you’ve ever made! Even, even if I…. I, really have let go of it and now I wish you well! Its only that, Ah Lang, other than that stupid thing from long ago, I really haven’t done anything wrong to you right!? So, seeing as we are old friends and classmates–”

At this time Bai Lang quietly interrupted Kang Jian. “I also think, I haven’t done anything to wrong you. I don’t owe you, I’m not responsible for you.” Last life this man had caused him to end up in that kind of circumstance… so in this life, “We have nothing to do with each other.”

Kang Jian froze. He didn’t seem to understand. Even though right now Bai Lang’s face only showed a distant coldness, it still caused Kang Jian to be not able to tear away his eyes.

However, Bai Lang’s next statement was both clear, cruel and final.

“So, I won’t help you. You should go now.” Bai Lang said clearly.

Kang Jian’s face went white. He opened his mouth as though he wanted to say something in protest, but when he saw Bai Lang’s calm and peaceful face, the words died in his throat and wouldn’t come out….

After a few seconds, Kang Jian really seemed to understand. He hung his head low and his eyes were filled with despair. Swaying from side to side, he got up from the floor.

Perhaps because he had been kneeling on the floor for too long but when Kang Jian got up, he actually fell down again, and toppled towards Bai Lang’s side.

When Hong Hong saw this, he naturally went over to block. He grabbed Kang Jian’s arm and wanted to pull him to stand further away. However at this time something similar to an aerosol spray appeared in Kang Jian’s left hand. He sprayed it right towards Hong Hong’s face!

Hong Hong made a short sound and used his hand to wipe his face. He staggered back a few steps and afterwards swayed left to right and then fell onto the ground!!

Bai Lang’s face changed. He rushed to Hong Hong’s side and helped support Hong Hong whose tears were flowing non-stop and was coughing madly. “Er Hong!? Are you okay!? What did you just do!?” The last question was directed at Kang Jian who had gotten up.

A strange smile was on Kang Jian’s face. He really looked deranged. “Nothing really. It’s just a normal insect repellant spray. However if it gets into their eyes and mouth, even the biggest man’s knees would go soft for a little while.”

Bai Lang’s face sunk. “What are you trying to do? Outside there’s lot of people, you think you can walk out of here unharmed?”

Kang Jian patted his pants and walked towards Bai Lang. “It’s no problem. No one will stop me. Because you will ensure my safety. Because this office of yours is very luxurious. There’s even a small green area outside, the sound proofing must be really good. So, I just want…”

Bai Lang grabbed Hong Hong and retreated. His complexion wasn’t good. “What do you want?”

Kang Jian’s perverse gaze roamed over Bai Lang’s body from top to toe. He licked his lips. “I just want you to submit to me once. It won’t take long, five minutes should be enough. Then I’ll take some photos. I don’t believe that you would let Qiu Qian know about what happened today?”

Because Kang Jian was advancing on him, Bai Lang had no choice but to let go of Hong Hong who slid to the floor. He retreated a few steps. “You want me to be like Lin ChenYuan and let you do what you want?”

Kang Jian was confident in the spray he had in his hands. So he didn’t prevent Bai Lang’s movements. “Well, after all according to the stories Qiu Qian gets jealous easily, he can’t tolerate a grain of sand in his eyes. So why don’t we try? Anyway right now I’m out of options, before I die I want to make one last attempt and also satisfy my own desire. No matter what, it’s worth it for me.”

Bai Lang’s heart went cold. His voice was a bit unsteady. “You, you think just using this spray, you can make me obey?”

“Just then you saw what happened. Such a big bodyguard, one spray and he turns into paper. But isn’t that good? It can help you relax a bit. Maybe you’ll even enjoy yourself and feel pleasure right?” Kang Jian’s words became more and more perverted.

“You bastard-” Bai Lang just opened his mouth to swear when Kang Jian suddenly came towards him.

At this time, the office door was kicked open with a loud [peng!] noise!!

It was Qiu Qian rushing inside!!

And when Qiu Qian rushed inside, the first thing he saw was Bai Lang viciously kicking Kang Jian’s head with a perfectly aimed roundhouse kick!

“Ahhh!” There was a pitiful cry. Kang Jian right face was violently kicked and his entire person landed on the ground!

At this time Hong Hong who was on the right suddenly jumped up!!

Without a second’s pause, he stomped on Kang Jian’s hand holding the spray!!

Kang Jian made a sound loud cry which echoed all around the spacious office!!

Bai Lang turned around and threw himself at Qiu Qian, he held the other person and laughed, “You came. It’s all good, everything’s taken care of now.”

Qiu Qian was frozen in the embrace. His facial expression kept changing.

The entire way he had listened to the live feed from Bai Lang’s diamond watch. When he reached the elevator the situation had become critical! He was almost panicked to death!! But these two people actually had the audacity to play this kind of scheme!!

“You!? You, you– bastard!!”

Qiu Qian’s breathing was rapid. He seemed to not know what to say.

Bai Lang also felt a bit helpless. But he terms of safety he really wasn’t worried. He was even wearing the bulletproof vest that Hong Hong had given him.

Even though prior to being let into the office, Kang Jian had been felt up from head to toe by Xiao Li to ensure he wasn’t carrying a gun.

As more and more people swarmed inside to take care of things, Bai Lang pulled Qiu Qian and directly used his mouth to block and appease him.

The response he got was a vicious and passionate kiss and embrace, as though the other person was trying to confirm he really was still okay.

Even though it was a bit painful, Bai Lang was still glad from the bottom of his heart.


After that Kang Jian was quickly arrested and prosecuted from his crimes of assault and intimidation.

All the way until he was sent into prison, he didn’t have any chances to leave even one step.

Even Lin ChenYuan’s previous accusations, under Qiu Qian’s influence, actually managed to successfully add a few years to Kang Jian’s sentence.

Because of this Li Sha’s divorce was successfully approved in just under a few months. Li Sha was successful in obtaining all rights to their child and was also entitled to child support. Of course Kang Jian right now was penniless, so this judgement could only be considered a piece of paper.

It was only that Li Sha’s apartment had been mortgaged by Kang Jian for 6 million. This money needed to be repaid to the bank. So Li Sha had no choice but to move back home with her son. At this time Li Sha’s pride also took a big hit. Every time she left the house she would be laughed at and mocked by others, so for a long time she hid inside the home and dutifully raised her son. In the future, she also became more quiet and peaceful.

As for Kang Jian, even in jail he wasn’t able to live peacefully. He still owed the underground money lender over 20 million. When the money lenders heard that Kang Jian had been incarcerated, they were very excited. After all they had many brothers on the inside. And all their brothers needed fresh meat to entertain them. Kang Jian’s face and skin approximately should be able to help him repay some debt ba.

As for what happened in jail after, even Qiu Qian didn’t have the time or inkling to get involved in it.

After all, even just focusing on maintaining the peace and quiet of his family of three, to Qiu Qian it wasn’t an easy thing.

Lots of small things kept popping up.

For example, Rong Air’s advertisement became too popular and now they wanted to invite Bai Lang to film a second one, so should Bai Lang accept or not? Or, Qiu Qian had accepted a professional business interview, but how come the reporter kept asking about his family circumstances? Also, when it came to this years “Golden Emperor” awards, should Qiu XiaoHai appear with the two of them on the red carpet or not…..


One month later.

On a gorgeous and regal stage, amidst loud clapping, the host Gao Kang’s voice sounded clearly.

“The next award is Golden Emperor’s best male actor category!”

There was an exciting drumroll, and the anticipation in the venue reached its climactic height.

“The nominations this year are….”

“Every Second Counts’ Luo KeYu!”

“Square Inch’s Liang Qi!”

“Great Qi Empire’s Huang XuamMing!

“And…. Ending’s Bai Lang!”

“The award goes to….”

Everyone held their breaths. The host ripped open the envelope in his hands.

“Mr Bai, this time remember to run towards the stage!” These comical words made everyone present laugh and whistle, and also yell loudly.

“Ending’s Bai Lang!! Congratulations–!!”

At this time the entire venue erupted into thunderous applause.

The next second all the cameras were focused on the scene of Qiu Qian and Qiu XiaoHai hugging and embracing Bai Lang tightly!

It was a live broadcast so this scene was at the same time transmitted to every corner of the country!!

Qiu Qian laughed brightly. He used his arm to hug Bai Lang and pat his shoulders. He also turned his head and kissed him on the cheek lightly.

Qiu XiaoHai was grinning from ear to ear. He used his little arms to hug Bai Lang’s waist, and also followed to pat his Ah Bai.

When Bai Lang finished these hugs, he was ushered by the audience onto the stage.

When he got there and received the award trophy, the venue quietened down and Bai Lang was supposed to give his acceptance speech. Except right now, Bai Lang’s head was completely blank.

All the way until Bai Lang once again saw Qiu Qian below the stage. Then he raised his microphone and said in a hoarse voice,

“My ending, was also the beginning of everything.”

“From the bottom of my heart I want to express my thanks.”

“I will always treasure everything, all the way until the last day of my life.”

[End Main Text]

T/N: Still 6 extras left to go! The next one is about Bai Lang filming the Rong Air commercial, then a few about Qiu XiaoHai and Rong Zan, one about Bai Lang’s family and the last one shows the wedding of Qiu Qian and Bai Lang.


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