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Rebirth of a Movie Star
Author :J112233
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Extra 4

When the bell rang at the end of class, there was a flurry of conversation and the sound of people packing up which filled the room.

Rong Zan was also packing up his books and pens. His movements were very speedy and efficient, as well as being quiet.

At this time Shi Ting turned around. First she looked at the seat directly behind her, then moved her glance to Rong Zan who was behind slightly to the right. She said in a gentle voice, “Next class is science, shouldn’t you wake Xiao Hai up early?”

{T/N: Actually says “experiment” class, I assume it’s science class. In this case I think the students have their normal classroom which they attend most pen and paper type classes, and then go to special classrooms for science, sport etc.}

Rong Zan glanced up at Shi Ting. He had deep set features as well as a pair of deep, narrow eyes. The appearance was exquisitely perfect, but because of his expression there was also a sense of coldness and hardness. “It’s still early.”

Shi Ting didn’t seem affected and smiled. She picked up her book and stood up. “You need to give him some time to wash his face ba. It also takes at least 5 minutes to walk to the science classroom.” The way she stood up and pushed back her chair was also gentle and elegant looking.

Rong Zan didn’t reply. He only nodded his head. “See you in the classroom.”

Shi Ting behaved as though she didn’t understand this dismissal. Instead she said gently, “Then I’ll go and mind the table next to the window. Let’s be in the same group next class. See you.”

“En.” Rong Zan agreed. Then he began to organize the things he needed to bring to the science class. After finishing Rong Zan opened Qiu XiaoHai’s bag and began to organize for him too. He made his movements slightly bigger this time.

Because of this movement, the Qiu XiaoHai who had been lying on the table sleeping without moving finally moved his mouth and slowly woke up.

After waking up, the first thing Qiu XiaoHai did was stretch lazily. He also yawned. At the same time Rong Zan reached for the thin jacket which had slid off Qiu XiaoHai’s shoulders and pulled it back up in a smooth, practiced motion. This was the jacket that Rong Zan had laid on him during class.

Qiu XiaoHai hadn’t completely woken up it. He rubbed his face. Rong Zan handed him the jacket. “Put it on.”

As though he was used to being commanded, Qiu XiaoHai took the clothes and messily stuck his arms into it.

Rong Zan picked up the things he had prepared and stood up. He helped smooth down Qiu XiaoHai’s flipped up collar. “Let’s go, next class is science.”

“Haaa—-” Qiu XiaoHai yawned again. “Finally a fun one….”

“Being able to sleep while standing, I have to give it to you.” Rong Zan helped support Qiu XiaoHai.

“One day I’ll definitely master it.” Qiu XiaoHai’s voice was thick. Then he added, “Oh, I need to go to the toilet.”

“There’s enough time.” Rong Zan’s brow slightly moved. “It’s on the way.”

Qiu XiaoHai looked around then grabbed the water bottle which was hanging on the back of his chair. “We should also bring our water bottles. Just then you didn’t drink any water right? You need to drink more ah. Drink more and go to the toilet more, it’s good for your body. My coach and Ah Bai both say that.” After talking he unscrewed the cap and drank a few gulps. Then he handed it to Rong Zan. “Drink some.”

Rong Zan took it with one hand. Without hesitation he drank a few mouthfuls.

Qiu XiaoHai stood to one side grinning and nodding his head. Thus Rong Zan drank a few more mouthfuls.

Drinking more was good. Then they could go to the toilet together later.


The “coach” mentioned by Qiu XiaoHai was his cycling coach.

This was something which had started because of the foreign movies that Bai Lang filmed previously.

It was a movie adaption from a book. The two part series was also split into two separate movies, and so the shooting time spanned nearly three years.

During this time, Bai Lang would spend nearly half the year overseas. Originally Bai Lang thought that because Qiu Qian had assigned him a private jet for his use, that the travel wouldn’t be too arduous. He planned to return home every two weeks, so this meant that the Qiu father and son would be able to obediently remain in China and attend school and work the way they were supposed to.

It was only that Qiu Qian wouldn’t agree and Qiu XiaoHai also wouldn’t agree. One of the picked up his laptop and said he could work from anywhere, and the other threw away his backpack and said he would definitely go wherever Ah Bai and daddy went.

Bai Lang tried to coax them for a long time, his primary concern with Qiu XiaoHai’s schooling, but eventually he was rejected by Qiu Qian who said that when he was young he often skipped school and that going to school had nothing to do with whether you would become successful later. So after rushing to pack up a few clothes, Qiu Qian and Qiu XiaoHai followed Bai Lang onto the plane, and directly headed towards the small wooden villa that they had long ago purchased near the filming set.

It had to be said that because the film set was in the countryside, the surrounding environment was very good. There were green fields, clear air, mountainous surrounds and even a large lake. The lakeside town was very peaceful and tranquil, the pace of life was slow. Even Bai Lang felt that this place might be better for Qiu XiaoHai to grow up in, rather than a crowded city.

So during the three years of filming, Bai Lang and the Qiu father and son mostly stayed overseas. During this time, because of the beautiful surrounds, the family of three was able to maintain their habit of cycling in the morning together very well. And as they continued cycling, as time passed, Qiu XiaoHai started getting very interested in cycling. In this country, it was also considered a series sport that was being promoted nationally.

So, his hobby turned into a professional interest. After that he participated in many competitions. After Qiu XiaoHai requested it, Qiu Qian hired a professional coach to train him and purchased expensive bike after expensive bike for him. No matter if the competition was big or small he would sign him up. When the series of movies finishing filming, it changed to the two adults following Qiu XiaoHai to run around.

Because of this, prior to senior high school, Qiu XiaoHai’s schooling was very casual. However this didn’t affect Qiu XiaoHai too much, because at the age of 12 he had already found the direction of his future life, which was to be a cool professional cyclist.

However each school he went to was like soy sauce. The fact that he had never properly completed any school term was something which gave Bai Lang a headache. So Bai Lang had a discussion with Qiu Qian and decided that prior to the best age in which would really enter the professional cycling world, Qiu XiaoHai needed to properly experience a period of school life. He needed to experience the joys and bitternesses that young people his age should have.

When they asked Qiu XiaoHai which school he wanted to go to, Qiu XiaoHai picked the senior high that Rong Zan attended.

Of course Bai Lang and Qiu Qian supported this. It was fortunate that Rong Zan’s private high school had a class schedule which had a lot of freedom, and there was a lot of choice as to curriculum. This meant that there wasn’t any special sporting positions? Then they would simply use money to create one. There wasn’t a cycling club or cycling coaches? Then they would help the school create one. That way, Qiu XiaoHai wouldn’t have to be thinking about cycling during class and be unable to rest.

Of course Rong Zan’s school didn’t do everything just for money. When he applied to enter the school, Qiu XiaoHai had won a string of international youth competitions. The brightness of the shining trophies was enough to make the teacher’s eyes go blind. So even though professional cycling wasn’t a sport that was widespread in China, however if they really trained an international sporting star, then that would also look good for the school.

So in this way, the uncouth Qiu XiaoHai was thrown the class Year 2 Class 1 which was filled with intellectual geniuses.

Aside from the times he was training, everyday he was surrounded by these intellectuals watching him while he slept.

Then what would happen when it came time for exams?

No problem since he was sitting next to a real genius. Rong Zan was extremely accurate when guessing the content of the exams. Also Qiu XiaoHai only needed to memorize about 30% of the content.

Because Qiu XiaoHai’s grades were also 30% comprised of his sporting marks, goddammit.


However, actually the special student Qiu XiaoHai and his intellectual classmates got along together quite well.

{T/N: I didn’t want to use the word “nerd” since it has negative connotations traditionally (although changing). Asian/Chinese people look highly upon education, so smart students are considered elite. So I thought “intellectual” would fit the bill better.}

After all among these group of competitive and close-knit students, having Qiu XiaoHai who has outside the circle, who was cool, easygoing and liked to laugh (the female students added: also handsome) was fantastic. Not only that but he was also great at making people laugh. Although sometimes when he slept in class he would snore, but after class he could help others weedle Rong Zan’s notes out. Since he was a benefit both for entertainment and studying purposes, more and more people like to crowd around Qiu XiaoHai.

Not to mention, beside Qiu XiaoHai there was always Rong Zan.

Every discovered that after getting to know Qiu XiaoHai, it also became easier to talk to Rong Zan.

For example, asking him to borrow his notes was something that the top student Rong Zan would have never agreed to before.

In the highly competitive environment of the school, every classmate was your competition. Notes were a valued resource, each person carefully kept theirs. So if it was to top student Rong Zan’s, then it was definitely something that would not easily be passed to others! In addition Rong Zan had always had a stern and proper image, and asking for notes seemed to be a sign of the crime of not working hard and taking shortcuts.

However on a particular day, three students surrounded Qiu XiaoHai chatting about him sleeping in class. After being complemented a lot, it was unknown who said that they envied him to death for possessing the golden notes, which was pretty much an exemption from the death penalty and with it he could sleep as much as he liked.

Qiu XiaoHai heard this then he turned around to look at Rong Zan. “Ah Zan, can I make a few copies to give them?”

While Qiu XiaoHai chatted, Rong Zan wouldn’t read but instead sit to one side silently “participating”. “Sure.”

The talking classmates all went quiet. Suddenly there was the “zeng” noise of them jumping out.


“Is it really okay!?”

“You’re talking about your notes!?”

Qiu XiaoHai got a shock. “What are you all getting worked up for!?”

“Are you an idiot! Those are the top student’s notes!! His notes!! It will affect your grades!!”

“Those notes have organised all the important points!! This means getting the highest marks!! This means other people will be able to catch up!!”

“Only you don’t know how fortunate you are!! You actually managed to look at Rong Zan’s notes and not score over 70!! No wonder you don’t know!!”

The people who had come over to chat were all Qiu XiaoHai’s good friends. So they spoke in a straightforward way.

Although they didn’t have any ill intent however Rong Zan who was listening felt a bit unhappy because these people were calling Qiu XiaoHai stupid.

He didn’t expect for Qiu XiaoHai to laugh heartily and wave his hands. “So the effect is just so so ma, even if you guys read the notes thoroughly, the number one will always been Ah Zan ah.”

The students glared at him but they couldn’t help but agree. “Seems to be… the case.”

The unhappiness in Rong Zan’s heart disappeared. He began to reply but at this time Qiu XiaoHai hooked his arm around Rong Zan’s neck. They were close enough to pat and rub each other. “Although, even if wasn’t number 1, Ah Zan is still the best oh. So don’t feel any pressure, no pressure.”

All of the other students felt.. how come these two sentences sounded a bit annoying.

Rong Zan rubbed Qiu XiaoHai back. “There is no “although”, number one is number one.”

Okay, that last sentence was just as annoying.


It’s just that all things had a good and a bad side.

Rong Zan and Qiu XiaoHai finally had the opportunity to attend the same school. One was the intellectual type and the other one was physical type. These two different good looking guys would appear together all the time in the school. Since they saw them so often, it was hard for the female classmates not to have thoughts in their hearts so they got disturbed quite often.

However because behind Qiu XiaoHai, there was a very famous gay couple, many of the girls began to get suspicious of the relationship between Qiu XiaoHai and Rong Zan. This matter concerned too many people’s happiness, thus on the second month of Qiu XiaoHai attending the school, he would often be invited out by female classmates for a private “chat”.

The first few times, the girls seemed to be aware that it wasn’t good to pick a time when the two people were together. Hence they would always pick an opportunity when Rong Zan was at student council meetings to find Qiu XiaoHai to chat. However after the first few times, perhaps because these opportunities were rare and hard to come by, the girls began asking Qiu XiaoHai outright in front of Rong Zan.

Thus, when he saw that Qiu XiaoHai would leave the classroom with the girls, and even prevent him from following, not returning until the next class… day by day, Rong Zan’s face became uglier and more dark.

One evening, Rong Zan specifically followed Qiu XiaoHai back to his house. As soon as he entered Qiu XiaoHai’s room he couldn’t help himself and straight out asked:

“What did those girls want to talk to you about today? Do you know her?”

Qiu XiaoHai took off his uniform shirt casually and then went through his closet looking for a T-shirt. “Nothing much. They were just asking me whether or not I have someone I like, and whether or not you have someone that you like.”

Rong Zan didn’t expect that the question would be so provoking. He asked in a troubled manner, “Then what did you say?”

Qiu XiaoHai’s head was still buried in his closet. He didn’t look around. “Told them the truth ah.”

Rong Zan glared at Qiu XiaoHai’s naked upper back. “…. you, you know about mine?”

“The glory of the debating society” / “The Olympiad prodigy” / “School Chief” / “Major School Intellectual” / “Ice Prince” etc etc, Rong Zan who had all of these titles didn’t dare to ask Qiu XiaoHai who he liked. He only dared to ask about himself.

Qiu XiaoHai turned around. His expression looked confused. “How can I not know? Didn’t we agree on being together a long time ago?”

Rong Zan froze. “We agreed?”

Qiu XiaoHai also seemed surprised. His mouth opened and closed, then he said slowly, “We.. didn’t we agree that when we were 16 we would start dating…. Did, did you forget?”

In his life, Rong Zan never again experienced this sensation of being smacked hard across the head again….

So right now all Rong Zan could do was freeze.

Qiu XiaoHai saw it and a look of shock and suspicion appeared on his face. Then he looked extremely cut. He immediately turned around and stammered while facing the closet, “If, if you forgot then it doesn’t matter… then, then, then I’ll–”

Qiu XiaoHai had no words for a moment. Suddenly he felt himself being wrenched back around forcefully!

Then before he could react, there was already something hot pressed against his lips.

This was Rong Zan and Qiu XiaoHai’s first kiss.

It was a bit forceful, a bit violent, also it hurt a bit and the duration was quite short.

After Rong Zan kissed him heavily, he said gravely, “Yes, let’s date.”

Qiu XiaoHai was shocked by the kiss. But he didn’t forget his previous words. “Right now we’re already 16. So, so, you really did forget–”

Rong Zan actually had no impression of it at all. However he wouldn’t let Qiu XiaoHai have a chance to detect this.

He turned his head and used the same method to block Qiu XiaoHai’s mouth again.

This time, a soft and hot exchange exploded on the two people’s lips.

It was both fresh and exciting, a feeling of wanting to treasure something but at the same time wanting to plunder it. It was unknown who started, but their tongues began to enterwine in their mouths. The two people’s bodies were filled heat and humidity, their tongues pressed and entangled together, and excitement and passion coursed through their bodies. Also Qiu XiaoHai wasn’t wearing a T-shirt, his athletic body was embraced by Rong Zan and even further stimulated a sexual desire. All of this rose up into Rong Zan’s head. He could only embrace this person more tightly, kiss him more heavily….

However at this time, there was a “ka!” sound.

Someone actually opened Qiu XiaoHai’s bedroom door!

The sound wasn’t loud but since the closet was right next to the door, it was very clear.

Rong Zan and Qiu XiaoHai sprang apart in shock. They must have both felt guilty because they jumped apart from each other quickly.

They saw Bai Lang standing in the doorway in shock. Then his gaze glanced over Qiu Xiaohai’s naked upper body and he coughed. “Remember, about that, you have to wait until you’re 20!”

Then there was another “ka!” sound as the door closed.


A long, long time later, Rong Zan finally realized that it was Bai Lang who very early on set the requirements for Qiu XiaoHai.

He could start dating after 16, he could do *that* after 20, and he couldn’t consider marriage until he was 25.

Qiu XiaoHai obediently agreed. Then he turned around to look at Rong Zan to remind him, “Ah Bai said dating has to wait until 16, don’t forget.”

Rong Zan actually did remember this incident.

What he didn’t know was that when Qiu XiaoHai was talking about this, he had never considered any other person.


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