Rebirth of a Movie Star
Chapter 60 – Complete Defea
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Rebirth of a Movie Star
Author :J112233
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Chapter 60 – Complete Defea

Afterwards Li Sha filed for a divorce. As for the two people embroiled in a stormy affair out of wedlock, Lin ChenYuan and Kang Jian, what happened to them?

First Lin ChenYuan. The day that Li Sha had come to make a fuss he had turned around and stabbed Kang Jian in the back. The reason for that was completely because he was scared of offending Li Min. After the night at the club when he was violently treated by Kang Jian, Lin ChenYuan woke up from his beautiful illusion. He saw clearly that someone like Kang Jian definitely wasn’t really in love with him.

He knew that if the two people’s relationship became an issue later, there was no doubt that Kang Jian wouldn’t stand by him to support him. This could be seen clearly just from the fact that Kang Jian had earned 20 million but didn’t even want to buy a measly little apartment for him. After thinking about it for a long time, Lin ChenYuan’s heart went cold and he felt as though his suspicions were correct.

Thus from that day, Lin ChenYuan had in secret starting preparing some “special photos” of when he and Kang Jian were together. The most important thing was he needed to paint himself into the image of a victim, otherwise when things got exposed, he would end up in the pitiful state of being tricked by Kang Jian into giving up his body, and also at the same time offending and being the target of Li Min and Li Sha’s revenge. That definitely wasn’t worth it.

Thus Lin ChenYuan didn’t feel a little bit guilty about preparing a reverse attack. The day of Li Sha’s fuss, Lin ChenYuan had gone with the two security guards to the police station and filed an official statement accusing of Kang Jian of threatening and blackmail.

Kang Jian found this development so ridiculous he didn’t know if he should cry or laugh!!

This type of brainless story, was there really someone who would believe it!?

After Kang Jian watched Lin ChenYuan leave the security officers, he laughed coldly. He wasn’t really worried about himself. The fact that Lin ChenYuan would turn around to bite him, the important thing was he was scared of Li Min’s revenge. But saying he threatened him!? Blackmail!? Forced him!? Kang Jian didn’t believe Lin ChenYuan really had any real evidence! So, if he wanted to report then just let him report!! He definitely had the means to hire the best and most expensive lawyers to prove his innocence!!

It should be strange that Kang Jian was able to think so openly about this kind of thing, because right now Kang Jian really didn’t have any spare time to pay attention to it.

From the moment Li Sha had stormed into his apartment with a group of people, Kang Jian was kicked out by Li Sha and Li Min. All of the fame and reputation that he had worked so hard to accumulate were immediately eliminated by the reporter’s ugly news.

When Kang Jian’s words were broadcasted, the effect was that his painstakingly curated image of someone that appeared to be a player on the surface but was actually loyal inside, was completely destroyed and changed into that of an unseemly beast!! Or something even worse!! His career has an actor took a major hit.

Of course this was if Kang Jian still even had a path left as an actor. After Li Sha filed her divorce, Li Min put out the word that if anyone gave Kang Jian any work, then they should expect Harmony Entertainment’s revenge.

Even so Kang Jian was the one who said those vicious words himself, however afterwards he still more or less blamed Li Sha for her impulsiveness and inability to see the big picture!! This stupid woman, what couldn’t be said behind closed doors? He was just acting like a big man in front of Lin ChenYuan. Afterwards he might even have been willing to coax and pacify Li Sha! But now that it had gotten to this point, there wasn’t any chance of that. Kang Jian really hated Li Sha’s idiocy and impulsiveness.

Right now on the internet and various media channels, everyone was pointing the finger and accusing Kang Jian!

Anyone who heard about this matter would say:

Look at Kang Jian. He looks so cultured and clean, but in secret he’s a disgusting ingrate!

No wonder Lin ChenYuan finds him disgusting, and has no choice but to make his deeds known to prevent other people being harmed!!

This kind of human scum, he should be kicked out of the entertainment world forever and never see the light of day again…


And Kang Jian had no idea that these kind of words were exactly the same accusations and insults that Bai Lang suffered after being lied to and tricked by Kang Jian in his past life.

For this reason, when Bai Lang saw the opinions regarding Kang Jian these few days in the newspaper, his feelings were very complicated.

When Qiu Qian saw the situation, he grabbed the newspaper and chucked it to one side. He pulled over Bai Lang to embrace him. “He did this to himself. Really his ability to bring trouble to himself was beyond my expectation.”

Bai Lang leaned into Qiu Qian’s embrace and sighed. “It just feels so strange. In my past life, he probably also laughed at me like this.”

Qiu Qian really didn’t like to hear this kind of talk. He lifted Bai Lang’s chin and kissed him searingly. His tongue explored every sensitive part of Bai Lang’s mouth, all the way until Bai Lang couldn’t help but groan and begin to breathe rapidly. Only then did Qiu Qian let him go.

Qiu Qian licked his lips a few times. “These days, I will get someone to keep a close eye on Kang Jian. You should also be more careful.”

“I haven’t had any kind of relationship with him for a long time,” Bai Lang’s breathing was still a little bit fast. “Also your schemes were so secret and deep, it doesn’t have any connection with me.”

Qiu Qian saw Bai Lang’s completely unshadowed and clear expression, then thought about the strange way Kang Jian had glanced at Bai Lang last time at the shopping mall. He thought perhaps he should give some kind of warning, but at the same time he didn’t want Kang Jian to occupy even the slightest part of Bai Lang’s heart. As the two feelings warred against each other, his brow knit for quite a long time.

Even Bai Lang discovered it. “What’s wrong?”

Qiu Qian didn’t reply. He pressed the person against his chest.

As he entwined deeply with Bai Lang afterwards, this type of both spoiling and worrying as well as possessive feelings only became more and more strong.


After Li Sha’s commotion, Kang Jian pretty much became a rat that everyone would insult upon seeing on the street. However the feelings in his heart was still quite stable.

Because Kang Jian felt that he still had a powerful upper hand. In his hands he still had the definitely would profit and would never fail investment contract for 50 million. Every year he would obtain almost 50% profit. In just a few days, the first amount should reach his account.

At that time there would be 2 million going into his account, the second month there would be 4 million and the third month 6 million… in other words, even if he didn’t work the next year it didn’t matter! Just this perfect investment was enough to reduce his suffering by 10 years.

So with this type of security, when meeting the insults of the media, Kang Jian was able to laugh coldly. In his heart he thought, let’s just see how long you can insult for? After this period passed, he completely he didn’t need his old job back. His new arena would be the business world. The person who had money was the big Lord! Kang Jian completely didn’t care and looked down on being a small star.

So right now Kang Jian could still use the 100,000 or so he had on hand to sleep in hotel rooms and give a good life (his things were either at Lin ChenYuan or Li Sha’s home, so he can be considered to be completely without possessions). He also went by a few lawyer’s offices, and obtained a few not-cheap lawyers to help him with the two lawsuits, Li Sha’s divorce settlement and Lin ChenYuan’s blackmail accusation.

Thus, just as Kang Jian was eagerly anticipating the first amount of profit coming into his account, Qiu Qian’s real big move landed.

That day the news headline said:

“Brilliant Real Estate has been raided by police!! All company funds frozen!!”

“Board of Directors involved in illegal money laundering!! All arrested late last night!!”


“Then where’s my money!? Where’s the profit I should be getting!?”

“Isn’t it supposed to be given out tomorrow!? What does it have to do with money laundering!?”

“If they committed crimes that’s their business!! My money was given to the company legitimately!!”

“I still have the contract isn’t that right!? So you need to give me my money ah!?”

“I don’t care!! Don’t tell me this crap!! I’m asking about my money!! Where’s my money–!?”

Kang Jian’s eyes were red. He grasped the phone and yelled loudly. But he hadn’t even finished yelling when the other person couldn’t be bothered with him anymore and hung up the phone.

When Kang Jian called again, there was only a busy signal. And from that day on it was eternally a busy signal.

At this time Kang Jian realized that his word was crumbling under his feet!!

His 50 million! 50 million of his money!!

All of it was in the company!! Now even the shadow of it couldn’t be seen!!

Cold sweat rolled down Kang Jian’s forehead. His feet and hands felt nerveless. But he forced himself to wear a hat and sunglasses and rushed towards to company, not willing to give up.

But when he got there, Kang Jian’s heart became even more cold.

Because right in front of the entrance of the company’s large building, there was a bunch of policeman scuffling with a some protesting people. Ten policemen were drawing a chain around the company’s front doors. And a few others were blocking the protesting people who wanted to rush forward. Another group of policemen were moving big boxes of documents out of the building.

The people gathered in front of the building were both angry and panicked. Some of them actually sat down on the ground and started crying and screaming

“These human scum!! Return my money to me ahhhhhh! These scam artists should die!! They are not human!!”

“What are you policeman doing!! Our money is inside there!! Let us go and get our money out ah!!”

“Yes ah!! That’s the money we earned with our sweat and blood!! It’s our family fortune ah!! How can we live like this ah!!”

“Even if I die I have to get my money back ah!!! What will I do in the future ah–!!”

Kang Jian’s heart beat quickly. He squeezed into the crowd of people who were watching the fuss and pushed his way to the front. He felt his knees getting weak. He saw a big auntie standing there watching and asked her, “This auntie, what, what’s happening over here, do you know?

The big auntie had been watching for quite a while and was quite clear about what’s happening. “Isn’t it just a scam artist company? Now there’s plenty of these ah. I heard from my neighbour Old Wang ages ago, how can there be such a good thing in life? Just casually throw some money and it will earn more money? Look, he didn’t listen to my advice, and now the police have raided the place. They won’t let anyone touch the things inside. In my opinion he won’t ever get his money back. Ai, thinking about it is just desserts. The people who would fall for this can be described with one word – greedy.”

Kang Jian’s whole person froze.

Won’t – won’t get it back? Won’t ever be able to get it back!!??

Then what about his mortgage? What about the interest from the underground money lender…. Every month the repayment was 5million!! What could he do!! If he calculated the money he had on hand, now that he had spent quite a lot of it he only had 10 or 20,000 left…. Was it even enough to cover his week’s stay in the hotel!? What, what should he do!?

Just as Kang Jian was panicking, the big auntie realized that there was no response to her words. Displeased, she turned around to look and after a few seconds she said, “Aiyo! This young fellow, you look a lot like that scum guy on the news, what’s his name, something Jian?! Recently it must have been tough on you, haha, looking like that disgusting guy. Have you been mocked by others!?”

When the big auntie said this, the people watching all turned around to look. All the fire in their eyes were directed at Kang Jian. Kang Jian couldn’t help retreating a few steps however was blocked by the people standing behind him. He anxiously shook his head. “No, I’m not, you’ve got the wrong person….”

The people who would gather to watch this kind of thing weren’t kind people. Their eyes immediately became more fiery. “Ai ai, are you really him!? Look, his complexion got so bad, he’s definitely feeling embarrassed! Look, isn’t he running away now!?”

When people said this everyone got curious and swarmed over, pointing and talking.

“Really ah! Look at his hat and sunglasses, scum face and scum head. Could it really be him ah!?”

“Right ah, if it isn’t him why would he act so suspicious!? Why don’t you take off his hat and have a look!?”

“Ha, if it’s really him then isn’t it a case of heaven having eyes!? He scammed a girl’s feelings, and now his own money got scammed!!”

“Hahaha! That’s really true!! Revenge is sweet ba!! These type of scum should be treated in this manner ah!”

Being forced by this group of aggressive people made Kang Jian feel both panicked and anxious. Right now he was about to lose it. Each and every one of these civilians looked like evil ghosts coming to chase a debt. This made Kang Jian lose his logic. He felt like he was crazy. He picked a random direction and completely barreled into the people in an effort to get away!!

“Hei! Why are you running into people ah!!”

“It’s painful ah!! Are you crazy la!!”

“He’s definitely feeling panicked!! Grab him ah!!”

“Yes yes yes!! Grab him!! He’s definitely that human scum ba!!”

In the scuffling of the crowd, Kang Jian’s hat and sunglasses were really grabbed off. There was a chorus of “It’s really Kang Jian ah!!” “I didn’t expect it ah!!” Kang Jian didn’t have energy to fight back, he only knew that he had to get away from this place!!

However this wasn’t the most frightening thing that happened to Kang Jian that day.

Once he finally fled and ran back to his hotel, in the lobby he saw Brother Kun from the underground money manor and a few of his subordinates. They were standing at the front desk asking questions from the receptionist.

This scene really made Kang Jian’s legs go weak!!

He quickly backed out of the lobby. He didn’t care if he had already been discovered by Brother Kun. He could only turn around and flee like crazy!!

Kang Jian had heard about the methods of the underground money lender in order to get their money back. They would break fingers, make you into a drug mule, force into prostitution, everything was possible!! Back then Kang Jian had thought that the 20 million profit he would get every month would definitely be enough to support an interest of 5 million so he was willing to take the risk, but now… now….

How, how did it become like this!?

As he fled, Kang Jian’s heart was both panicked and angry!!

As he ran aimlessly, the intense exercise many Kang Jian’s lungs hurt and breathing difficult. His heartbeat was so rapid it felt as though it was going to beat out of his chest. His legs went weak and Kang Jian finally rushed into a small alley.

He didn’t look where he was going and actually flipped over a trash can nearby. The dirty water from the trash can splashed over his clothes.

Right now Kang Jian couldn’t really breathe. He could only hold onto the wall for support and continuously cough.

However the alley wasn’t surprised by Kang Jian’s intrusion.

This place was one of the poorer, backwards places in A city.

The apartments in the alley were small and cramped, people lived in living rooms and left their doors open in order to increase their space. Lots of people put their tables and other furniture into the alleyway to take up the space of the alley. It looked like a village, messy and cramped. And there was no sound proofing for the TV, the noise was loud enough to disrupt two or three neighbours.

At this time, a TV playing outside was broadcasting some music and then a line from an advertisement.

“Between heaven and earth, Rong Air treats its customers first–”

Kang Jian suddenly raised his head.

In the screen, Bai Lang was wearing the uniform of a flight steward. He was smiling in an extremely intimate and friendly way.

He was as clean and as beautiful as always.

Ah Lang….

Yes, only he could save him now.


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