Rebirth of a Movie Star
Chapter 59 – Adultery Headline
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Rebirth of a Movie Star
Author :J112233
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Chapter 59 – Adultery Headline

“The Already Married Kang Jian Meets Late At Night With His Boyfriend!! Intimacy Exposed!!”

“Could It Be A Sham Marriage!? Kang Jian Has A Wife and Son But Also Has A Boyfriend?”

“The Passion Cannot Be Stopped! Exposure Of Kang Jian’s Three Years Of Homosexual Affairs After Getting Married!”

Not long after Qiu Qian made the phone call to “flip the cards”, at just the right time, Kang Jian and Lin ChenYuan entered the entertainment news headlines together.

This couldn’t only be considered Qiu Qian’s schemes. Ever since Kang Jian and Li Sha had a big argument, he would often go by Lin ChenYuan’s apartment. In addition to this he would also take Lin ChenYuan to various small and large bars and other types of venues. After a few times, it was undoubtedly taken notice by reporters. The only reason they had delayed so long and not exposed it earlier, was because Qiu Qian was suppressing it behind the scenes.

The reason Qiu Qian did this was because he was waiting for the most opportune timing. Right now there was no need to take out the materials gathered before Lin ChenYuan had had plastic surgery. There was already enough interesting and exposing things from afterwards. A lot were the scenes of passionate kissing after getting drunk. It was more than enough to push down the two big supporting mountains behind Kang Jian.

So from very early in the morning, Li Sha started crazily calling Kang Jian’s mobile non-stop!!

Right now Kang Jian was at Lin ChenYuan’s small apartment. He had already been living here for the past few days. He had just gotten out of bed and hadn’t even shaved. The mobile on the bedside table was vibrating like mad. Kang Jian had long ago put it on silent. The headlines on the news was too frightening. Kang Jian’s face was heavy and he couldn’t contain his panic. The just woken up and not even wearing a top Lin ChenYuan’s face was also quite ugly.

Looking at each crystal-clear, high-resolution photo printed in the newspaper, Lin ChenYuan’s young face clearly showed hesitation and withdrawal.

“Brother, Brother Kang, what should we do ah?” Lin ChenYuan’s head was a mess. “Maybe it’s better if you don’t stay at my place for the time being. Anyway, it’s just when drunk right? The photos in the newspaper, are all when we were drunk right? Brother Kang you can call a press conference and tell them not to make a big deal out of it…..”

“Why, are you scared?” Kang Jian looked with a dark gaze at the hesitant and hiding Lin ChenYuan.

Kang Jian suddenly thought about Bai Lang. When he had come out of the closet, he hadn’t shown any hestiation or worry. He wore the ring on his finger and didn’t show any shame. He was very firm and steady. And wasn’t Lin ChenYuan filled with worship and admiration towards him? Why was it now that everything was exposed, he looked as though he wanted to maintain a distance from him?

“Of, of course Brother Kang. Not just me,” Lin ChenYuan didn’t discover Kang Jian’s mood. He was immersed in his own feelings of panic. “Isn’t Li Min behind your wife? Li, Li Min is in charge of a big production company. We can’t afford to offend him. If he takes revenge, what should we do? We will be played to death by him ah. Actually, be-before I already told Brother Kang…. That, that I don’t really want anything. If Brother Kang wants to go back, I will definitely cooperate–”

When Kang Jian heard the name Li Min, it was like it had been stimulated. Also Li Sha’s calls wouldn’t stop. Each time the phone vibrated, it filled him with annoyance and irritation. He picked up his phone and violently turned it off. Then he slammed it against the bedside table.

This type of action seemed to feel Kang Jian with feelings of violence. He said aggressively, “What are you scared of? Right now I don’t need to depend on Li Min to eat! In just a little while, using the earnings from my company, I can invest in my own movie. Who is scared of who!? So what if I’m on the news. Isn’t it better?! I was just thinking about how to get divorced with Li Sha!”

When he thought about Li Min’s appearance of looking down on him, he knew that after his incident he definitely wouldn’t be able to get any benefit from Li Min. So why torture himself? Kang Jian suddenly felt like everything he said was very correct.

When Lin ChenYuan heard it he panicked. “What…!? Brother Kang you want to get divorced?”

“Of course! Right now why do I need to pay attention to them!? If I was scared of them then I wouldn’t be here today!!” Thinking about the 50 million he had invested, and the beautiful situation of always profiting and never losing… Kang Jian let go of his last bit of reservations. He puffed out his chest and said yelled loudly, “That woman, she’s trash just like her father! Their eyes are growing out of the top of their heads and they still think they can look down on people with their dog eyes!! They pretend to be one way on the surface, but inside they look down on me!! They think I don’t know!! From my birth, to my ability, to even the freaking type of restaurant I choose, they are always standing around and judging me!!”

Kang Jia’s voice got louder and louder as though he was trying to convince himself. “From the way I see it, what she wants is just an obedient dog! If not because of their job, who would be able to develop an interest in that kind of woman!? I’ve had enough, I don’t want to endure any longer! Do they think because of this I’ll go back to kneel and beg their forgiveness!? Ha!! Wait and see! Who cares if I’m homosexual!? Aren’t Qiu Qian and Bai Lang living well! Right now coming out of the closet isn’t—”

Kang Jian hadn’t finished talking when there was a loud [peng!!] sound.

From the old steel security door outside the living room, there was the sound of loud banging!!

Kang Jian and Lin ChenYuan were both given a fright. They hadn’t had time to react when there was the sound of the lock being opened.

Two seconds later, the thin door was suddenly violently kicked open!!

When the door was kicked open, the first person who barged in with an ugly face was Li Sha. And behind her were two building security officers!!

The worst thing was, behind the security officers were actually more than ten reporters!!

The reporters were all carrying cameras and lights. They swarmed into the apartment’s tiny living room, and [ka-cha-ka-cha] furiously started taking photos!!

Kang Jian’s face immediately changed greatly as he thought about whether or not his words just then might have been heard. Li Sha expression looked insane as though she had completely lost logic and reason. Her entire person jumped on Kang Jian’s body and began clawing and screaming. “Kang Jian!! You human scum!! Trash!! Disgusting and shameless!! Ungrateful ingrate!! Has a dog eaten your liver and heart!! You’re the trash here! Trash!! Who is the one that has dog eyes and looks down on people!?”

“You, what are you doing!! Let go me!!” Kang Jian was clawed and scratched by Li Sha until his face was very painful and pitiful. His heart was also frightened. Judging by this, it seems that Li Sha had heard his words from before. In his panic and anxiety, Kang Jian couldn’t help using more force and pushed Li Sha onto the ground.

The anger that Li Sha felt after being pushed aside made her grab anything she could find on hand, and like a mad woman she began fling them at Kang Jian.

“So disgusting!! Disgusting!! I must have been blind to have liked you!! You said I wanted a dog, you really are just like a dog!! If you think you’re so good and don’t want others to look down on you, then stop asking my dad to help find you opportunities!! You used my dad’s connections to get famous and now you turn around and say we’re trash!! Fuck your mom!! You’re rotten into your bones!! Do you think I’m vegetarian!? You dare talk this way about me!! Let me tell you!! You just wait!! Me and my dad will definitely torture you to death!! We will definitely make sure you die!! From now on!! You just wait and see!!” Li Sha had been through a rebellious phase in her life before. Right now when she was being aggressive, she completely didn’t lose to a Taiwanese gangster girl.

“Stop that!! Stop throwing things!!” Kang Jian was pummelled by his phone, nail clipper, keys, tissue box, remote control and all sorts of random objects. He couldn’t help but yell , “You crazy woman!! Stop that!! You guys quickly stop her ah!! Are you stupid ah!”

The strange thing was the security guards that came seemed to be only responsible for opening the door. When they saw the noisy scene in front of them, they just stood to one side and didn’t stop it. The reporters that followed were all watching with joy, of course they couldn’t bear to say anything to stop the main characters.

Lin ChenYuan, who was shellshocked, suddenly came back to himself. He realized right now he wasn’t wearing anything on top and already had had a lot of photos taken. He yelled lowly with panic. He wanted to get up and run to the toilet to hide but when he got up he found that his legs had gone soft and he suddenly fell down again.

However this movement seemed to remind Li Sha that there was still another person. With a terrible expression she pointed her finger at Lin ChenYuan. “And you! You just wait you slut!! Kang Jian’s matter, I’m holding you responsible too!! No one can make a fool of me!! I definitely won’t let you guys live well!!”

“No no!!” Lin ChenYuan’s face went pale. He shook his head vigorously as he tried to absolve himself. “I, I was forced Miss Li Sha! The reason I’m with Kang Jian, is only because he forced me against my will! He, he even took photos to threaten me!! He said I have to obediently listen to him, otherwise he will expose my photos to the public!! I, I was forced!! Also, previously he hit me before ah! Really, I have photo evidence!! I’m totally not with him of my own free will!! Miss Li Sha!!”

Kang Jian turned his head to glare at Lin ChenYuan in disbelief. He said in disappointment, “What the hell are you going on about!! When have I ever threatened you!?”

When they heard the situation turn 180 degrees, the reporters couldn’t help getting excited.

“Is this real!? Mr Lin!! Did Kang Jian force you!?”

“This will become a criminal offence of intimidation and duress!! Mr Lin, in all of the photos on the news were you being forced and not acting of your own free will?”

“Can we take a look at that photo evidence you were talking about before!? Right now there are security present, do you want to report to the police!?”

“Also how did Kang Jian beat you up!? Does he hit you often!? How many times has he hit you!? He…”

The scene completely became a mess! Li Sha got even more angry. Once again she jumped on Kang Jian and used her nails to tear at his face!

The two security guards at this time finally took action. They first separated the two people, then during the brawl they accidentally ran into some of the camera equipment or reporters, in addition the reporters were all fighting among themselves to get the best shots. More than ten people were crowded in the tiny living room of the apartment, and the ensuing scuffle actually took a very long time!

So early in the morning, Lin ChenYuan’s small apartment became the most exciting live stream location in the entire country.


The next day, all major publications printed the headline of Li Sha filing for a divorce, and also for the requisite alimony as well as child support. The speed was very fast.

The reason was that the words Kang Jian had spoken when Li Sha was at the door, even though it was muffled by the security door, however after being recorded and broadcasted not one word was missed. It was subtitled clearly and broadcasted to the entire country. Under this type of humiliating circumstances, of course it was not possible for Li Sha to maintain the marriage.

The fact that things evolved to this point, of course half of the reason was also Li Sha’s “impulsiveness”.

If not for the fact that that morning Li Sha had created a huge fuss leading everyone to Lin ChenYuan’s apartment to catch them in the act, then things might have been able to go the way Li nChenYuan had said, just have a press conference to clarify things. The big things could be turned into small things. After all it was just a drunk scene ma, it wasn’t as though Kang Jian had never had such incidents before.

However Li Sha had been spoiled by the Li husband and wife to the heavens. When she saw the headline and the photos, she couldn’t endure even one second. Especially since after the time Kang Jian had slammed the door and walked out on her, he often didn’t come home at night. So Li Sha had had a couple more terrible arguments with him and Kang Jian became more and more aggressive which had made the originally slightly guilty feeling Li Sha have a belly full of anger. But the origin of the arguments was to do with Li Min and Li Sha had actually endured it and didn’t go home to report to her family, however she didn’t expect that after that she’d then be met with this kind of “headline”.

So when she saw it, Li Sha completely went crazy. She also thought that she had finally discovered why Kang Jian had been acting strange this whole time! It was because of Lin ChenYuan this little slut!! After calling Kang Jian like crazy without anyone picking up, she had mobilized her group of friends and contacts and obtained Lin ChenYuan’s address. She immediately ran out of the door and made a killing spree towards him.

At that time, the reporters had long surrounded Li Sha and Kang Jian’s apartment waiting for the situation to develop. Of course the angry and furious Li Sha didn’t care about anything. She took the reporters with her and it was unknown who was the clever person who gave the idea to call security to open the door. Thus the security was added in, and they all made a beeline to Lin ChenYuan’s apartment.

And when she got there, even Li Sha didn’t think that the first thing she heard was Kang Jian’s exciting “confession” about her!

Thus, after making this big fuss, Li Sha was slapped in the face by Li Min and given the words “stupid idot!!” She couldn’t even refute it.

And the Li Min couple, because of their daughter’s ugly news, was laughed at in secret by everyone in the company for a long time. And it wasn’t like they were completely blameless. After all the fact that they had raised Li Sha to be this reckless, spoiled and impulsive, wasn’t it their parental responsibility and mistake?


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