Rebirth of a Movie Star
Chapter 55 – Ending
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Rebirth of a Movie Star
Author :J112233
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Chapter 55 – Ending

{T/N: This is not the end of the story, just the chapter title.}

It wasn’t a difficult thing to persuade a model which had no fame to get plastic surgery. All it took was a modelling job which had good exposure, with a casually thrown sentence of “If you get plastic surgery it will more aptly represent the image of the product” and any impatiently hoping to get famous little model would immediately get hooked.

This wasn’t really considered trickery and lies. After all the job opportunity was real. If he didn’t want to do it then he could totally reject it. In this world there wasn’t anyone who after receiving a good benefit, would sigh and say that they had been tricked. There also wasn’t much chance of the little model rejecting it. After all the fact that he was okay with having an affair with a married man meant he wasn’t someone that was very principled. Thus Hong Hong didn’t need much effort and time to take care of everything.

When it came to operation, they would still make sure it was done carefully and wouldn’t ruin his looks. The operation wasn’t a big one, just slightly adjusting his eyelids and the corners of his eyes, turning the little model into someone with big and electric peach blossom eyes. He was even more handsome, however his entire person no longer shared any resemblance with Bai Lang.

That would be enough. As for whether or not afterwards this little model called Lin ChenYuan would be forsaken by Kang Jian, well Qiu Qian didn’t care about that. The only thing that concerned Qiu Qian was the fact that he couldn’t stand Kang Jian using that kind of glance to look at Bai Lang, and then continue to use that sort of glance to look at and sleep with someone who looked like Bai Lang.

Then what if Kang Jian found another person who looked like Bai Lang? Did they have to continue making them have plastic surgery?

Qiu Qian’s reply was, he wouldn’t give Kang Jian this kind of chance.


“Boss Kang! You have really good eyes, such great foresight!” The car dearlership’s Boss Wu looked at Kang Jian with an admiring gaze. “I completely don’t even understanding how this heat film works but it sold so amazingly well. Now it’s completely sold out ah! Boss Kang haven’t you already earned back your investment and doubled it a few times in just one deal! Hahaha, just by helping you send inventory around, my eyes are already red.”

Kang Jian smoothed down his suit and suppressed the proud feeling in his heart. “No no, I was just lucky that I got good advice from friends and manage to catch on to this trend.”

“No no, don’t be so humble! Some people even if they know where opportunities lie, they don’t have the courage or the money! They wouldn’t dare to invest so bravely like you!! Boss Kang has such outstanding ability, you are definitely out of the ordinary.” Boss Wu was filled with admiration. “From what I can see, Boss Kang you’re in the wrong industry. You’re a genius at investment. It’s a shame you’re an actor, hahahaha.”

These effusive compliments made Kang Jian feel he was floating in the clouds. He coughed in a fake manner, “Okay okay, if you keep talking then I’m going to blush. This time I’ll trouble Boss Wu to help me send this inventory to G city’s Long Tong warehouse. I will pay you 30% of the cost first, then after it’s delivered I’ll give you the rest.”

“Ai ai ai, there’s no rush. Boss Kang’s business is so red-hot. I’m definitely not scared Boss Kang won’t be able to pay the bill. Haha, I don’t mind Boss Kang paying after everything has been delivered.” Boss Wu rejected it.

Kang Jian heard this and it was even more like music to his ears. He nodded in a satisfied manner then gave a few more instructions before finally leaving the car company’s warehouse. Then, he went to the third floor of an unremarkable looking building.

When he opened the door, Lin ChenYuan was wearing on loose T-shirt and kneading his legs on the sofa.

Being a male model had some basic requirements. Although Lin ChenYuan could be considered somewhat shorter than average, however the proportion of his lower body and upper body was very good. His legs were straight and still appeared quite long. Although he wasn’t able to meet the standards of the international arena, however within the domestic market he can be considered quite adequate.

When Lin ChenYuan heard someone open the door, he released his legs and smiled. His after-surgery peach blossom eyes curved, and it was very pretty and seductive. “You’re here.”

When he saw his smile, the bottom of Kang Jian’s heart felt dissatisfied so he turned his gaze towards Lin ChenYuan’s white and straight long legs, and that perky and hot looking ass. Even though this dumb idiot had run away to have plastic surgery without even telling him, and lost that pair of wonderful eyes, however he was still good at and familiar with how to satisfy Kang Jian’s desires. So Kang Jian was reluctant to let him go.

Kang Jian threw his key to one side and walked with big strides towards Lin ChenYuan. Within a few seconds he pushed the other person down into the couch. “So? You calculated the timing of my coming and wore this pair of short shorts to tempt me?”

Lin ChenYuan angled his look downwards and said archly, “Don’t you need to go home to accompany your wife to eat?”

Kang Jian reached out to cover Lin ChenYuan’s eyes, then kissed him heavily. He said in a hoarse voice, “First let me feed you until you’re full, baby.” After talking he impatiently changed the two people’s rooms, and frantically did his business.

During the process, Lin ChenYuan groaned with pain a few times, however he obediently endured it.

After all Kang Jian had told him that he loved him. He said that his marriage was like a grave, and that Lin ChenYuan was his savior.


Only when “Chaos Street” was nearing the end of his broadcasting was Bai Lang allowed to think about his next shop.

In order to cooperate with Chaos Street’s promotional activities, Bai Lang’s schedule was filled with programs and variety shows. The jam packed nature of his schedule made Qiu Qian frown. After turning down auditioning for “Who is Hosting Dinner”, Qiu Qian told Fang Hua to stop arranging jobs for Bai Lang for a short while.

After all Bai Lang’s primary doctor Fang YingQi had told him that because Bai Lang had been tired and stressed during the three years of Qiu Qian’s car accident, it had reduced a lot of the benefits he had carefully nurtured previously. If he now wanted to return to the acting world, then he needed to carefully take care of his body.

Thus whether his next job was a TV drama or a movie, Bai Lang would not consider anything that had the same level of action scenes as Chaos Street. If Qiu Qian was anxious, then Bai Lang also couldn’t relax so he didn’t want to torture himself.

But if he then added the requirment of not having any sex scenes, and even beter if there wasn’t any kissing scenes…

Fang Hua stuck her nose in the air and expressed that this kind of pickiness was really testing her ability.

However she was just complaining on the surface. It only took Fang Hua a few days to find a script for a movie which fulfilled all these requirements: “Ending”.

After roughly reading the script of “Ending”, Bai Lang was immediately able to tell that this wasn’t a movie that was being made for the purpose of box office earnings.

After all, just reading a rough outline of the plot was enough to abuse the heart. Probably no one would watch this movie for the purposes of just enjoyment or pleasure. Because the story of this movie was about a patient who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. There was a certainty of paralysis waiting for him in the future. After struggling for some time, the patient persuaded his family and loved ones to let him die via euthenasia.

Using this plot, the movie examined issues such as the price of living, the value of self-respect and the weight of warring emotions. In addition, this was a movie that had been adapted from a real-life story. After Bai Lang finished reading it, he held the script and sighed for a long time, scaring both the Qiu family father and son.

This type of heart abusing script was something found by Director Xu Wei, who was one of the few very famous female directors.

Xu Wei was good at expressing and holding up a mirror to show subtle and delicate emotions. Most of her works are poetic and emotional, showing warmth and strength. She was critically very acclaimed. Now she picked this kind of not easily likeable script, it made Bai Lang feel very curious. After asking Fang Hua for the phone number, he called Xu Wei and had a personal chat with her.

The unexpected answer he received was that Xu Wei’s mother also faced an experience like this before dying.

At that time she hadn’t agreed, however afterwards she was tortured by the thought of whether or not she should have agreed. She wanted to look for an answer. {T/N: Regarding euthenasia.}

After talking on the phone, Bai Lang agreed to take this role.

Even though in his past life, Bai Lang completely had no impression of this movie.


In the following few months, Bai Lang’s heart was completely focused on “Ending”.

This time, Bai Lang refused to allow Qiu Qian to come onto the set. His reasoning was this type of movie placed heavy emphasis on emotions. If Qiu Qian was on set, then Bai Lang would undoubtedly get distracted. So Bai Lang sternly rejected Qiu Qian’s “disturbance”. Even the small medical team that Qiu Qian had arranged to be on the set of “Chaos Street” was disallowed by Bai Lang.

Qiu Qian very much respected Bai Lang’s decisions in the course of his job. Otherwise when it came to “Chaos Street”, all he needed to do was to say one sentence and the script would have been changed, and he wouldn’t have had to sit angrily by himself in the dressing room. So when Bai Lang promised that he would report to Fang YingQi at a fixed time every week, and that would definitely pay attention to his own health, Qiu Qian agreed to all of Bai Lang’s requests.

However, Qiu Qian very quickly found that Bai Lang became skinnier. Every time he finished work, his mood was not high and could even said to be low. Qiu Qian asked a few times but Bai Lang would only say that after filming this kind of movie, he would need time to adjust his emotions. However there was nothing wrong with his body.

However Qiu Qian still felt things didn’t feel right. Secretly he asked Fang YingQi. Fang YingQi first stated that there was definitely nothing wrong with Bai Lang’s heart. After asking about Bai Lang’s job a little, he thought for a while then introduced a psychiatrist to consult with Qiu Qian. His meaning was, he wasn’t quite sure whether it was Bai Lang who needed help, or if the real person who required aid was the overly anxious Qiu Qian.

{T/N: Unrelated but something which distracts me in a lot of stories is that people seem to mix up psychiatrist and psychologist. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor with a medical degree and further education/specialisation in psychiatry. A psychologist is NOT a medical doctor, their job is to help people via behavioural modification. If in the story the character can prescribe drugs and makes diagnoses, they are a psychiatrist. It is not the translator’s fault since I believe Google Translate translates it as “psychologist” but 90% of the time as I read the story, it’s clear that the character is actually a psychiatrist. Probably author also does not know the difference. This is one of my pet peeves. LOL sorry rant over.}

However this psychiatrist was really very helpful. After talking one the phone with Qiu Qian few times, he smiled and made a suggestion which was that Qiu Qian should take Bai Lang out to exercise every day. This would probably take care of everything.

Although Qiu Qian felt a bit suspicious however the next morning he still dragged this family of three out of their warm blankets and took them outside for a stroll.

After leaving the gate of their freestanding villa, approximately ten minutes away there was a long river embankment.

The first couple of days even Qiu Qian thought this was quite tortuous. The late autumn weather was cool and Qiu XiaoHai’s nose was frozen until it became runny. However after walking around a few circles, although the people that came back from the river would have flushed faces, their spirits were very bright and cheerful. Now when he looked at Bai Lang, the dark air which clouded his eyebrows really seemed to have dissipated a lot. After that, Qiu Qian even got his hand on three bicycles. After one week this family of three got into the habit of doing a few laps around the riverbank and breathing in the mountain air.

This type of support really allowed Bai Lang to be able to withstand the significantly heavy pressures associated with filming.

Two months later, the day “Ending” finished filming, Bai Lang came home very early. He made dinner and waited for the Qiu family father and son to come home. At this time Bai Lang suddenly realized that he hadn’t cooked personally for a long time.

Qiu XiaoHai was the first one to come home. When he opened the door, he saw the room was filled with the fragrant smell of spring onion pancakes. He joyfully ran into the kitchen and yelled that he wanted to eat. Next was Qiu Qian. Bai Lang’s mood from earlier had made Qiu Qian put aside a lot of his work and now he had a regular habit of returning home early for dinner. This was because the next day they had to get up early to go exercise.

When Qiu Qian opened the door, he was met with the sight of Bai Lang holding a bowl of soup. His face was smiling as he told him to go wash up then come have dinner.

As soon as Qiu Qian saw it he knew the hard time had passed. He threw away the documents in his hands, pressed close and kissed him a few times.

In return he got Bai Lang’s words, “Thank you.”

Qiu Qian replied, “Thank you my ass. As long as you’re well, that’s all that matters.”


Although the journey was very difficult, however the sacrifice that Bai Lang had made for “Ending” wasn’t without its rewards.

Two months later when “Ending” premiered in the cinemas, even Qiu Qian cried. When the credits rolled his nose was running non-stop.

It was unknown who started it but when the lights came back up, someone stood up from their chair and started to clap.

One person, two, then three people. Following that more and more people got up and started to clap enthusiastically.

And all of their eyes were red.

At this time there wasn’t any words of compliment or congratulations. All the audience could do was clap seriously.

The clapping became louder and louder, taking over the entire venue. It didn’t stop for a long time.

It was a type of instinctive action. It came from a deep place within everyone which words could not describe.


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