Rebirth of a Movie Star
Chapter 53 – Inside and Outside of the Drama
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Rebirth of a Movie Star
Author :J112233
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Chapter 53 – Inside and Outside of the Drama

“What the bear! Did you just sneakily beat me just now!? I told you just to act, but you took it for real!? How come you’re such a small-hearted person, didn’t I just borrow your pair of pants ma!? I’ll wash it and return it to you, what’s the big deal? You still remember it all the way until now? How can you be such a stuffy person?”

“How, how am I? Just then weren’t you scared that Young Master Bo would see through it? I just lightly touched you that’s all! How is it a big deal?!”

“What the bear!! You say it’s okay so it’s okay is that it ah!? Why don’t we switch and you let me beat you huh!! Just now you your hand nearly punched me in the nose!! If I didn’t duck quickly, you would have broken my nose by now!! Look!! Look how swollen it is!! It’s swollen!! As green as a mountain ah!! Police officer Chen!!”

“You’re exaggerating. Just go back and use an egg to rub it. Why are you so noisy, like an old mother…”

“Like an old mother!? So what if I’m like an old mother! Didn’t your mom give birth to you! What the bear!! I hate people using the word “like an old mother” the most!! Your mom labored so bitterly to give birth to you, how can you use her to swear at other people ah! Does she owe you because she gave birth to you ah!? Ah! No, I know! Looking at you, you’re definitely what other people call a mommy’s boy. Mommy’s boy! It’s not easy ah, even when you swear at other people you have to call your mommy to help you is that right–”

“Okay okay okay! Stop! I’m wrong, it’s all my fault okay!? Are we still going to follow the car or not ah!? If you keep nagging, Young Master Nian’s car will disappear!”

“I don’t understand what the hell you police officers learn in the police school, someone like you…”

The person on the screen had the face that he had become familiar with for many years, however now there wasn’t a hint of culture or elegance. He completely had the image of a little delinquent. His mouth in the drama looked as though it could swear three days and three nights without stopping. It was extremely intense. And because of the action scenes he had been in before, the little delinquent on the screen’s shirt buttons were pulled open around his collar, revealing his collarbone and a small expanse of skin.

Kang Jian was eating a biscuit, but he froze suddenly. His mouth was dry and his gaze fixedly stared at that small amount of snowy white skin. At this time the sofa next to his right hand moved, as though someone had sat down, however Kang Jian didn’t move until the other person spoke.

“I called you multiple times already, did you not hear me?” Li Sha pushed Kang Jian slightly. “Didn’t you say you wanted to read a bedtime story to Xiao Jin? I already gave him a bath and he’s waiting in bed for you. Go quickly.”

“The episode is just about to finish. I’ll go when it’s done.”

After talking, Kang Jian’s eyes were still fixed on the screen unmoving. Li Sha frowned. She grabbed the remote control on the table and pressed the button.

[Pa!] The screen turned black!

The second before the screen went black, it just happened to be showing a close up shot of Bai Lang. It showed his beautiful nose and long eyelashes in crystal clear clarity. Thus interrupted, a ball of fire ignited in Kang Jian’s stomach. He turned his head and wanted to swear but when he saw Li Sha’s expression he suppressed himself.

Because Li Sha’s demeanor, which after marriage had slowly changed to that of arrogance, reminded Kang Jian that Li Min was standing behind her. Right now still wasn’t the right time to turn the tables on her.

Kang Jian slowly took a deep breath. He forced himself to breathe. He reached out to coax Li Sha. “You also need to think about me. Right now I’m working. Brother Chen told me to pay careful attention to his drama. After all my next movie is a crime drama.”

After he talked like this, Li Sha’s dissatisfied face become slightly better. However her eyes still carried with it a mocking light, “Oh I see. Watching it every day like you’ve lost your soul, if you didn’t tell me then I would have thought there was something strange inside the drama. Particularly that disgusting homosexual…..”

Kang Jian’s heart jumped at these words.

He knew that the story of him kissing a young male model while drunk had probably already spread to Li Sha’s ears.

Kang Jian immediately snapped to attention. First he lightly kissed Li Sha then embraced her. “In order to achieve victory, one must first understand the enemy, wife. I didn’t think it would only take two weeks of Chaos Street broadcasting for Bai Lang to regain his popularity. To be honest, I’m quite envious ah.”

Li Sha glanced at Kang Jian then puffed out her chest and said with a humph, “So what. He should be envious of your next movie. I’ll ask daddy to add a few more hours of commercials and promote it well for you. I don’t believe Bai Lang will be able to win over you.”

Since there wasn’t any concrete guarantee, when Kang Jian heard Li Sha’s words it sounded as though she was using Li Min’s connection to tell him he should be grateful to her. Kang Jian’s heart felt uncomfortable but on the surface he endured it. He messaged Li Sha’s waist and said, “Such a good wife. I know that you treat me well. To be able to marry you, I must have done something good in my past life.”

His actions made Li Sha feel itchy and her face also went red. “Stop sweet-talking me. Hurry up and go read to Xiao Jin. After the story… we…. we can also do lots of other things.” The last sentence was spoken by Li Sha with a seductive air.

On Kang Jian’s face there was a warm smile however his body was very cold.

After getting married, Kang Jian logically told himself that he had to treat this supporting mountain Li Sha well. Previously he had treated his marriage to Li Sha quite seriously. However it was unknown if after getting famous, it was natural that people’s hearts would become more ambitious. Or perhaps it was only that once something was forcibly repressed, the desire for it would go stronger. Kang Jian was originally bisexual, however right now he was slowly drifting more and more towards the “gay” side. Right now even when he touched Li Sha’s smooth and soft as cotton body, it was harder and harder to summon up any sexual desire.

So Kang Jian changed the subject to something he was more interested in. “How about what I discussed with you previously? Have you thought about it?”

Li Sha’s smile froze slightly. She said in a hesitant voice, “Do you mean about your trading company?”

Kang Jian controlled himself so he wouldn’t appear too eager. He casually nodded his head. “Of course. A while ago I went by Full Circle for a meeting. Their Vice General Manager didn’t reject working together straight away and even said he looks highly upon our company’s products. That’s when I knew my opportunity had come. If we can form a working relationship with the biggest online shopping platform right now, then we don’t need to worry about our profits in the future.”

Li Sha bit her lip. “But, we are outsiders in this kind of business. Now we need to borrow such a large amount of money, didn’t Daddy already tell us not to before–”

“Since you already said that your dad is an outsider in this business, then don’t you think the Vice General Manager’s words are more trustworthy?” Kang Jian couldn’t help interrupting. “Sha Sha, to be honest, I’ve always wanted to do something of my own to show your father. I want to prove to him that your faith in me isn’t wrong. I definitely can give you the most luxurious and most joyful life, and spoil you well. Regarding this, just trust me, okay?”

As he spoke, Kang Jian held Li Sha’s shoulders and looked deeply and emotionally into her eyes. Li Sha, who had been upset and suspicious that these days Kang Jian seemed to be growing colder towards her, was moved. “But Ah Jian, right now aren’t we very good already? You’re already famous and you have many jobs trying to fight over you. As long as you continue to work hard as an actor, and get an award or two, daddy will definitely acknowledge your ability.”

“Saying it like this, it turns out you also…” Kang Jian exposed a disappointed smile. “Alright. Don’t worry, actually this is my own problem. It’s my own fault that I can’t make you be more confident in me.” After speaking Kang Jian’s hands slid down. “That’s fine, let’s not speak of it anymore. I will go and read to Xiao Jin.”

Kang Jian turned away but Li Sha immediately stopped him. “Ah Jian…”

Kang Jian turned around and patted her hand. He said in a considerate manner, “Don’t stress. This matter, I will use the money I have on hand to do it slowly. There will finally be a day when you will be able to put your trust in me.”

Li Sha saw the tender helplessness in Kang Jian’s eyes. Her heart ached and she finally let out a sigh. “Okay, I’ll listen to you. Let’s use this house as collateral to obtain a loan. As for how much, you decide. I won’t interfere.

Fireworks appeared inside Kang Jian’s eyes however he didn’t agree immediately. “Sha Sha, are you sure?”

Li Sha nodded her head decisively. “En, no matter what, I’ll always support you!”

“Thank you, Sha Sha!!” Kang Jian hugged her tightly. “I, I definitely won’t let you down!”

Li Sha felt Kang Jian’s strong embrace. It was as though they had returned to the intimacy they had before getting married.

Kang Jian continued to massage Li Sha’s body. “Let’s just do it the two of us, husband and wife. We won’t tell your father at first so we can give him a big surprise later. He’ll definitely…”

Li Sha listened as her man painted her a bright and beautiful vision of the future. She closed her eyes.

Right now, in this moment, she was still a happy woman.


The question of how to make sure Qiu Qian had other business on the day they were to film the kissing scene, not only was it Bai Lang’s concern but even Director Qin was very worried.

Not long after the script was given out, Bai Lang received Director Qin’s phone call to ask him if he had any ideas. Director Qin asked it in a very round about way but Bai Lang cooperated and revealed Qiu Qian would be travelling interstate on business soon. Director Qin was overjoyed, and on the phone he reiterated that he would definitely schedule things well.

So on the day before the kissing scene, when the two people were lying in bed together in the evening, Bai Lang confirmed Qiu Qian’s schedule with him.

“You’re going to C city tomorrow? Will you make it home for dinner?”

“No. I have a business dinner. By the time I get home it will be midnight so don’t wait up for me.” Qiu Qian pulled up the blankets for the two people. “You’re going on set tomorrow? There’s nothing special right?”

“En, there isn’t.” Bai Lang suddenly felt unexpectedly guilty for no reason. “Tomorrow I’ll prepare some hangover soup for you.”

“Why, are you worried about me?” Qiu Qian was very happy and held Bai Lang in his arms.

Bai Lang looked at Qiu Qian then obediently admitted to it. “Of course.”

Pleasure rose in Qiu Qian’s eyes. He didn’t say anything more and embraced the other person and started kissing him.

The intimately familiar scent and heat flowed into Bai Lang’s nose. The entangling and provoking movements caused Bai Lang to close his eyes as his desire rose. His heart and breathing sped up. As usual, Qiu Qian’s hand became naughty and Bai Lang felt even more breathless. He was already accustomed to it, however he wanted to feel and fall even more deeply, so did something that was rare for him and proactively reached his hand into Qiu Qian’s shirt.

Naturally Qiu Qian could not resist this temptation. He made a low sound in his throat then violently and passionately pressed this person into the bed. Bai Lang also cooperated and spread his four limbs, his eyes were wet and mesmerized. It was as though in this whole world, he could only see this one person.

The next day, Qiu Qian got up very early and left the house in a very good mood. However his afternoon event was unexpectedly cancelled. He flew back to A city then went by the set to pick up his person. When he saw a woman embracing Bai Lang and kissing him passionately, Qiu Qian couldn’t help it and suddenly kicked over a trash can next to him.

[Ka-La—!!] There was a loud noise!!

The audience, who until then had been fixated on the man and woman inside the camera’s frame, all jumped with fright.

Then all of the swear words that were hanging off the corners of their lips were suddenly changed into sharp and indrawn breaths.

Qiu Qian’s face was extremely dark. He stared at the Bai Lang who turned around to look.

The slightly widened eyes, shock and slight look of guilt… Qiu Qian narrowed his eyes. Very good, this was definitely pre-planned.

“You guys continue,” Qiu Qian clenched his teeth. Then he strode with big steps towards Bai Lang’s dressing room.

Then there was a loud [peng!] sound of the door slamming which made the ground shake. It made everyone present so scared their hearts thumped loudly.

Even Qin Gang was clutching the director’s board and stunned speechless. Right now it was clearly just an ordinary filming situation. A professional actor definitely should cooperate in this kind of scene. However when it came to these two people, Qin Gang unexpectedly felt as though it was him that had done something wrong.

Bai Lang sighed, breaking the anxious and stifling atmosphere. “Let’s continue.”

Qin Gang immediately reacted. He gathered himself together and coughed a few times. He said sternly, “Okay! Let’s finish this scene quickly!”

Everyone gave a mental thumbs up and in their eyes two flames appeared. Yes, they had to finish quickly!

…. Otherwise Big Boss Qiu’s anger might incinerate them all ah.

Only the unfortunate hidden female lead trembled from tip to toe. She felt so much pressure she almost couldn’t stand straight.

Be-be-be-because, being stared at like this, she she she she definitely would NG ah!!!!


One hour later, the female lead was weakly supported off the stage by others. Thank the heavens and thank the earth, this scene was finally completed. Under Director Qin’s orders, the crew members cleaned up the set at breakneck speed. At this time, under all the “hurry up” gazes by others, Bai Lang was pushed quickly into his dressing room.

When he came in, Qiu Qian was sitting in an unreserved manner on the sofa. His head leaned against the back of the seat and his eyes were closed as though he was resting.

Of course his facial color was still not good.

Bai Lang also didn’t know what he should say. He only patted Qiu Qian’s legs. “It’s finished. Let’s go home.”

Qiu Qian opened his eyes and narrowed them. “You should have told me first.”

Bai Lang wisely did not remind him at this time that this only something that an actor normally did in the course of their work. He only replied, “En. I’m sorry.”

Qiu Qian’s face was extremely bullied. “If you told me then I definitely wouldn’t have come and made myself a nuisance”

This answer made Bai Lang pause. He smiled, “Thank you.”

“Thank you my ass. Come here.” Qiu Qian’s manner of speaking wasn’t good.

Bai Lang obediently sat down. The position he chose was on Qiu Qian’s legs.

This made Qiu Qian’s color improve slightly. Then he grasped Bai Lang’s chin, tilted his head and wanted to kiss him.

However Bai Lang pulled away. “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”

“You need to be disinfected.” Qiu Qian’s voice was dangerous.

Bai Lang reached out and blocked Qiu Qian’s mouth. “No, it will transfer onto your lips.”

Qiu Qian raised his eyebrow.

Bai Lang said quietly, “I don’t like it.”


When the two people finally emerged from the dressing room, the audience was shocked to see that Qiu Qian’s good mood seemed to have completely returned.

Qin Gang secretly gave Bai Lang a big thumbs up. He also pretended he didn’t see Bai Lang’s slightly swollen lips.


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